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121 Titiek Sandhora - Indonesia
122 Teti Kadi - Indonesia
123 Angela Brown - Singapore
124 Puspa Dewi - Indonesia
125 Diana Papilaya - Indonesia
126 Maudy Ayunda - Indonesia

Such a gorgeous singer

127 Gallina - Ukraine
128 Joel Gabatan - Philippines

Prince of pop of the philippines... Haha just kidding laugh out loud

129 Toc Tien - Vietnam

Her voice is so beautiful, she is beautiful, her personality is great as well! One of the best singers in the Vietnamese music industry! She is from Vietnam but scored a scholarship to America for Medicinal studies! She deserves the best! Love you Toc Tien

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130 Alyah - Malaysia

- Her song "Kisah Hati' wins theBest Song Award in Planet Music Award in Singapore, last December
- With her stylish personality, her sweet voice and deliver the song very well especially on Ballad song.

131 Mayumi Itsuwa - Japan
132 Maria Calista - Indonesia
133 Atiek CB - Indonesia
134 Ita Purnamasari (Indonesia)
135 Bae Suzy - South Korea

She has wonderful voice from South Korea...

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136 Sivia Azizah - Indonesia

Everybody can talk, but the real thing is in the fact.. Sivia is the fact...

Sivia is best singer.. Her voice is given by god from paradise..

@azizahsivia @SiviaBlink very beautiful voice. You can search her videos at YouTube and you can prove our words

I always waiting her performance everywhere
She has angel voice
She is the real diva #LuarVIAsa

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137 Anja Aguilar - Philippines

Anja Aguilar is the newest Viva princess following the footsteps of pop stars Sarah Geronimo and Rachelle Ann Go. Grand champion of ABS-CBN's singing contest Little Big Star, Anja is now set to conquer the entertainment world by being ASAP 2012's talent.

Anja's is a real beauty... Her singing & acting is AWESOME! Hahahah

Angellie Urquico A.K.A. "Anja Aguilar" (Anya) The New Star of Viva is Born. A girl who will entertain us with her extra-ordinary singing and dancing power and will show us her Acting prowess.

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138 Lani Misalucha - Philippines

Her voice is the ninth wonder of the world!, she can sing RNB, ballads, rock, opera classical, jazz, broadway, etc. the only singer who can mimic Barbra, Whitney, Celine, Mariah, shakira, jlo, and even Britney! And a whole lot more. She can dance like them to! Lani misalucha day was declared in America! The lone Asian to headline a show in Vegas, watch her videos, concerts, and you'll feel like your watching 10 different artist in one show! Lani can sustain notes for more than 2 minutes and hit a whistle register that only a few can. All the singers who are included in the list would probably say she is better than them in terms of vocal ability and versatility once they see her perform. Whitney asked for her to sing as guest to her concert! Mariah declined to sing with her, josh Grobanhand picked her to sing in his concert,

The singers in this list would probably say she's better than all of them SEARCH HER VIDEOS ON YOU TUBE AND FIND OUT!

She's a real DIVA, has a world class voice... Amazing voice. Lani is The next Whitney Houston. I think no one singer in the world have The Voice like her. She is The Best Singer in the world. I really love Lani Misalucha.

100? Come on! She is better than others! She sings not only in asia but also in US, in Las Vegas in particular..

139 Stephanie Sun - Singapore
140 Cha SooKyung - Korea

- Cha so Kyung is one of Korean female singers the most talented, but also one of the singer the most underrated.

- She's the only Korean Singer who can use the "whistle register" and control with such ease. (she's the only one Who can reach the G6-G#6 (for the Korean singer)

- She's one of the most talented singer of Asia, I will even say.

She's the only Korean Singer & Asian Singer Who can reach the C7.

Her Vocal Rang is of more 4octaves, her whistle register is the best of Korea & one of best of Asia.

She's the Korean Mariah Carey.

- She's one of the most talented singer of Asia, same if she's totally underrated.

She's THE BEST of the best.
Her whistle is so unique. I love er voice but she's such underrated singer.

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