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121 Rafika Duri - Indonesia
122 Ghea Idol - Indonesia

Known for the first time after got 3rd Place in Indonesian Idol season 3, after the winner Ikhsan from Medan North Sumatera and Dirly from Manado North Sulawesi. She has unique tender sexy voice as well

She has an unique voice and wonderful singer in every single song. She is one of the best that Indonesia have

Together with Dirly runner up Indonesian Idol singing the hits song as duo.

123 Widi Mulia - Indonesia
124 Maribeth Pascua - Philippines

The Best Singer in 2000 Asean Song Festival in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. She was born from mix marriage Father of Filipino and mother coming from Japan.

Down to earth person with powerful voice.

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125 Teti Kadi - Indonesia
126 Angela Brown - Singapore
127 Diana Papilaya - Indonesia
128 Joel Gabatan - Philippines

Prince of pop of the philippines... Haha just kidding laugh out loud

129 Elvi Sukaesih - Indonesia
130 Dewi Sandra - Indonesia

Mix European, British and Indonesia called Indo who involve actively in Indonesia music industry

131 Lusy Rahmawaty - Indonesia

She is one of diva in Indonesia. She begin her career at 93 with her group, ab three. In 2000, she separated with ab three and begin her solo career. She is very good singer and hot mommy for her children. Nchy, it's her dear name. Nchy, you can do it.

She's on of female singer in Indonesia. She is multitalented singer, she can singing, dancing, create a song, and she is the best mother for her childs. Lusy, we love you so much.

132 Dewi Yull - Indonesia
133 Ashily - South Korea
134 Titiek Sandhora - Indonesia
135 Gallina - Ukraine
136 Jamala - Ukraine Jamala - Ukraine
137 Mayumi Itsuwa - Japan
138 Maria Calista - Indonesia
139 Atiek CB - Indonesia
140 Nikki Gil - Philippines
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