Rainie Yang - Taiwan


She is my super idol.
She is a hard-working girl.
She is not only a singer but also a good actress.
She act in a lot of taiwan T.V. serial and won an award named "GOLEDN BELL AWARD" in 2009.
Her voice is pure and clean I think it can makes me calm down.
She is a nice girl, I have met her for several times.
She always smile at us, like the sunshine, make us feel warm.
I love her so I vote to her.
I hope you can go to listen some of her songs or watch some of her serials after you read my opinion.
I firmly believe that Rainie is the best choice.
Thank U.
(... I'm just a chinese girl... If my English grammar or spelling have some problem please forgive me... )

Rainie Yang can be regarded as the best all round artiste in Asia., no doubt about that. This is her 12th yr in the industry... She first started out as a singer.. N later on she developed into a all rounder... Despite many obstacles, she persevere on to realise her childhood dream- to be a singer. She loves to sing for people. She lives her job n hanged on to this passion for 11 years. She has great vocals. She sings with strong emotions.. Although she's not technically the best but I believe a good singer has to sing with emotions in order to touch the hearts of the supporters.. That's what makes her a successful singer. Her latest album Longing for is a big hit in Asia, highly ranked at top mandarin pop charts! Adding on, she definitely has the reputation n vocals to be one of the Olympic performance guests. She has the spirit of a sportsman! A never -say-die attitude! She deserve to be part of the team! Rainie the best in Asia!

Having lots of billboard #1 songs: Ai Mei, Qing Zhu, Ren Yi Men, Yu Ai, Yang Wang & etc;
Acting in many famous Taiwanese dramas: Devil Besides You, Miss No Good, Hi My Sweetheart, Drunken to Love You & etc.
I bet most of the Chinese in Asian know her, she has beautiful eyes, pretty in any hairstyles, cute in whatever she did, great vocal (one of the best vocal in Chinese, her live performances are great), yet down to earth that fans love her so much!
If she is not deserve to be the best singer, who else?

Rainie Yang is a wonderful singer who comes from Taiwan. She is not only a good singer but also a good actress! And she work very hard. We all love her! And she is one of the most famous stars in Asia.

She sings well and drama well, she have a good voice
also she have a great influence in Taiwan Hong kong and mainland china.
A popular singer.

She is a lovely sweet, bang doll head, hair hoop long hair, jellyfish head, Venus modelling, Bohemian silk head shape, change shape, let rainie has been a countless number of girls the copy objects of singing acting chair, have no don't of pure, the music is Asia almighty days after 12 years of luxuriant metamorphosis, became the first Chinese have a position after double the female star

Love her voice, love her perseverance, London need her, we all need her.
Let's enjoy her perfect performance!
We will wait for her on the London stage.
From a Chinese girl

An all rounder, good at singing dancing and acting, never gave up, very hardworking, one of the rare good quality artists that you can find, has influence all over the world, especially in Asia.

She is a wonderful girl. I think she is one of the best female singers of Asia. She has issued 6 albums and never give up.

She acts, dances and sings very well, we are always deeply touched and inspired by her outputs. Besides, she not only has a pretty appearance but also has a great personality (caring, hard-working, intelligent, pleasant and responsible). She's one of the best artist in Asia and I do believe she can be recognized internationally!

She is all rounder. She can act very and sing very well and dance very well

Rainie! I'll support you forever! She is a great singer and one of the Asia Top idols, She also has got great personality, I think she totally deserves to be one of the Asian artist to stand in front of the whole world and present her great talent to millions of people!

She is a talented singer, one of the best vocalist in Asia! I love her singing and dancing!
She can sing very well in live, even if the song isn't her song. I love her more than anyone else!

She is my idol. I love her very much. Not only her beauty but also her spirits Though she never been acknowledge properly before, she never say give up;though she was misunderstanding by people before, she never say give up. Facing difficulties, she will stick. Now, in many people opinion, she is perfect. She is a good example, we can learn many things form her.

Rainie Yang is my lovely female idol in Asia. She is all rounder. Her performances always whole-heatedly to the spectators and her attitude is so modesty. Although in earlier year some unpleasant things happened to her, she not give up and use her ability to prove that she can manage it and better than ever! She is my favorite SWEET HEART!

She is one of the best actresses and singers in Asia. We can see that she has got huge improvement in these years from her every album and drama. And she is very popular not only in Taiwan and also in HK, China, Korea, Singapore, Japan and so on. She takes care of her fans very much, so we will call her "mammy", we are like her children to respect and love her.

She is a very good singer artist in Asia with lot of fans. And she did really well in all of her work. I love her because she teach so much thing like we all need to be brave and hard work.

She isn't just a singer though, she also has amazing acting and hosting skills. She never say give up, she encourages some of her fans.

She is a hard-working girl, her sing and dance very well, she is lovely, she is also very filial, She is the best one of my heart!She should be recognize as one of the best female artist in Asia. I'm sure she won't let us down. Count on her!

She is one of the best actresses, T.V. hosts and singers, her hard-working finally makes her famous around many places, like Singapore, Japan, Thailand and so on. Looking forward to see her performance in London.

I love her.. I am really hope she will sing songs in the olympic games. She is an amazing girl, smart and she can sing very well. I hope you all guys will vote her. I love Rainie Yang very much

She is a famous idol in Asia. She has great performance in both singing and acting. Millons of people are her fans and she has huge influence in Asia.

She's one of the most popular Asian female singers, and her character and personality is all so good that she can be a strong representitive figure for this global event!

She is very popular, and she works so hard. We all saw her effort. She is very filial. She is from Taiwan, the beautiful island. She has been working as a singer and a actress for twelve years,she is all rounder, too much Chinese love her very much. I also love her. We hope you can think of her, because she is unusual.

She is rainie. She not only a singer, she also a actor, she ever a host. She is a notional star. Rainie:i am pride of you! You are best. You are the best one is my heart!