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Sunidhi Chauhan is an Indian playback singer. Born in Delhi, she began performing in local gatherings at the age of four and made her career debut at the age of 13, with the film Shastra.


I like sunidhi, I like her songs and I love her much. She is versatile singer. She is rock and so on. She is dynamic. She is a good performer. All kind song she can sing. She is so sweet. She is stylist. Sunidhi is the best singer in the world. She is all time best singer. She has good personality. She is very genius. She is best. She is outstanding.

She is one of most versatile singer in India. Have sung for all the genres in Indian Music Industry.. Including Item Numbers, Slow Romantic, fast Romantic, Sufi Music, Sad Music, Inspirational and others.. So for me.. SHE IS the BEST FEMALE SINGER )

East or West SUNIDHI IS THE BEST..! The most versatile and talented singer.. She should be in number 1 position..!

The most amazing fact is she has never got a training... Her voice is just a pure and original god gift just a fantastic and sweet singer at a very young age and you can yourself see her capability that she's competing with singers double of her age.. And got 19th so soon

She has a various talent,.. Specific voice,.. And she a good performer too,.. She is good in classical and any other types of music,.. Non other than Sunidhi is the best female singer,..

Best playback singer of India and the best singer in the worlds. She truly rocks and she is the best singer. I love her songs such as ainvay ainvay, sheela and udi

Sunidhi chauhan is the versatile singer of not only India but of the world she has proved with her recent collaboration with Enrique Iglesias for Heartbeat song.

Sunidhi Chauhan place is number 1 without any doubt.

She is awesome! Currently one of the most famous ^^ successful Bollywood playback singer. Claimed many awards. Without any second thought, She deserves to be in the top 10 list!

Sunidhi is the only singer whose voice can suit any genre of songs after lata mangeshkar, asha bhosle and chitra..

Her voice is the most versatile among Indian female singers..

The greatest singer of all times. Sunidhi is the best and most versatile singer of Asia. A powerful husky voice that can't be compared. The most talented singer to date she sould definitely be on NUMBER 1=]

She is the queen of singing, she can sing anything and everything. She can sing in diffirent languages

She worth a rank at the top. She is very versatile too and when it comes up for a high energy song no one matches her performance. She goes like a BUGATTI zooommm...

Sunidhi is the best singer in western, Indian, sufi, folk & many more. She has intnl colaboration also with Enrique

Suinidhi chauhan is much better than that donkey idiot singer sheets ghoshal and she should be much higher than shreya ghoshal as sunidhis ranking is 21 and Shreya ghoshals ranking is 22 [India]. We love you suinidhi and we hate you shreya ghoshal.