Jackie Evancho

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Jacqueline Marie "Jackie" Evancho is an American classical crossover singer who gained wide recognition at an early age and, since 2009, has issued an EP and five albums, including a platinum and gold album and three Billboard 200 top 10 debuts .


I believe I have a very good ear for truthfulness in a performers delivery and where inside it comes from and from day one... Jackie Evancho has given me no reason to doubt my feeling... really sensing that she is the real deal.. SHE LOVES to sing even... I believe.. if no one except her angels are listening to her vocals. She is unique in her abilities above most others in breath control and depth and perfect pitch and learning the pieces many would consider well beyond her age to even attempt... BUT most of all it is her humble and glorious spirit to make each song her own and so lovingly crafted that we listeners are swept up into her other worldly realm high above the cares of the world when needed or deeply moved by the woes of the heart and world... then returned to the theater seat where we began with a bit of her spirit of life and love that will leave us changed people in the best of ways... I do like all her styles... some songs in each better than others of course, and I ...more

This is not a fair comparison: a young girl with merely three years on the scene, compared with people who have had decades in some cases, building up their fan bases. Nevertheless, if one is to work out a mathematical formula that would take into account her youth (from very young child to early teen), her early album successes, her world concerts tours, and the millions of fans around the world that can't wait to see and hear her in person, the deep felt emotions she has awakened in so many people, with her voice and exceptional beauty, both internal and external, the percentage figures would put her way ahead of anyone on this list.

Beautiful voice, beautiful personality. I've never been moved by anyone's voice save hers.

I've seen legendary hall of fame singers in concert from many different types of music genres that were really great. But I've never been so totally awed by a singer as when I saw Jackie Evancho live. Some of the songs she sings I would never listen to from the original singers, but this girl makes them sound so good you can't help but be mesmerized by her.

What is the Jackie Effect? Many of us on her Facebook fan groups talk about it. We agree that when we hear her sing, we get choked up in the throat, usually teary-eyed, frequently are so mesmerized that we forget to breathe--especially when she holds a note for practically impossible lengths of time. When she is finished, we tend to involuntarily shake our heads in utter disbelief at what we just experienced. THAT is the Jackie Effect. I've been listening to, and watching, concert singers since the 1950's. Her concerts have had a greater effect on me than all other performers combined. No bull. Just a simple fact.

Jackie is a universal performing genius. Should her accompaniment be a single keyboard, a trumpet, a piano & violin or a full orchestra, her performance is always perfect, with captivating emotion and a never heard heavenly voice. Moreover, she controls her concerts in an incredible sweet manner! You have the feeling she could feed conductor, musicians and audience from her little hands! A really unearthly phenomenon!

Jackie Evancho has the most beautiful voice I've ever heard. She has the ability to bring people to tears with her singing, ESPECIALLY LIVE IN CONCERT.

Jackie has had best-selling albums as both a tween and a teen. Her live performances are astonishing, delightful and sometimes surprising. - BobG

Jackie Evancho is the only singer that I have ever heard that can sing love from her hart to the harts of her fans. She is representing both her family and her country with manors, grace, beauty, and her ability to be humble. In my opinion Jackie is a national treasure who shares love and peace threw beautiful music. God bless all Paul Van.

Jackie has the most beautiful rich voice. And she can really hit the high notes effortlessly. At 17 she is so multi-talented. She sings both classical crossover and pop, plays piano without formal lessons and violin. She sings both the lead music but her backup tracks too. And she is now composing her own songs. Her new albums, when released, start at the top of the charts. Definitely should be the # 1 singer.

I've seen or heard pretty much all the other singers mentioned on here over decades of music listening, but nothing like this. You'd expect her to at least be good from all the hype on sites this. She is simply spectacular.

Why is anyone even questioning that this young lady is the best female singer that ever graced a stage? Listening to her takes me straight to musical heaven. In my 66 years I have never heard a voice that even comes close to this young Angel.

Jackie is like a machine programmed at birth to do what she does. I have heard her sing live many times and have seen her in concert 3 times, and I have never once heard a significant mistake. But no machine could pour emotion into a performance the way Jackie does once she starts singing. Watch the expression on her face change at the start of a song. Clenched fists, flayling arms. She makes no attempt to be scripted and polished between songs. Jackie will steadily build her fan base and gradually move into diverse types of music until someone look ups and is 'shocked' at her accomplishments.

I liked other musicians before, bought some albums. But never felt a strong enough desire to go to their concerts. Until Jackie that is! I'm 51 now. My first concert ever was hers a couple years ago. I wouldn't miss them. I've been to 4 now. She is such a special young lady! She hits these perfect notes, that I wish would not end. Just so very beautiful!

Jackie is relatively a newcomer comparing to other performers on this list, but there is no performer to compare her with, her emotion and stage presence sets her apart from other performers. Simply amazing

A gift from heaven. As Americans lets enjoy her and be mesmerized by her voice and her presence. A true superstar has been born and lets enjoy her greatness in the future. Thank you to her family for raising a treasure and sharing her to the greatest country in the world.

All great music, charm, stage-presence, and no distractions necessary to "supplement" her performances. With a live real orchestra, and a sound engineer who knows what "dynamic range" is all about, no earplugs are necessary, either. You won't miss the smallest nuance.

A Jackie Evancho concert is pure magic.

140+ comments tells it all. She is amazing. From 10 - 17+ never heaqrd anything like this young lady. Venturing into POP lately but always be a Classic. If you never gave her a listen, do yourself a favor and try a little Jackie...It will CHANGE you

No booty-dancing, flashy lights, special effects, or other distractions. Just a special young lady with a gorgeous voice singing music from the heart in front of a real orchestra with conductor. That's all this listener needs.

Jackie has improved with each year since that AGT audition, her stage presence has become as polished as anyone in the business, her behaviour of and on the stage has shown her to be a thoroughly pleasant, well balanced, loyal and courageous young woman. She has become a very attractive person inside and out, and lastly her voice is as good as any crossover singer on the planet, She has more warmth of tone than even the Katherine Jenkins.

Gonna travel hours and hours to see Jackie in concert twice in November. I know fans who travel not just hours, but days to see her.

Should be #1.. Anyone not voting Jackie needs to attend a concert - guaranteed they will be looking for a way to change their vote..

She is absolutely fantastic in concert. She'll steal your heart before the end of the first number, then hold it next to hers for the remainder of the show. Stunning, especially for one so young. She's simply a natural.

The timbre of her shimmering sounds thrill the soul! She is my favorite singer of all times and can't wait for every album she puts out. Many of us fans live from one mesmerizing performance to the next. Don't miss her live shows, they are absolutely spell binding!