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21 Angela Aki

Her voice touches my heart and different from the other who like a cat meow.

Her voice is really alluring... And she plays the pianno very well. Her charm is also great.

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22 Kokia

I was working my way through this list liking some whilst others were not really my taste.I then reached no 32 and even though her style isn't what I am into her voice enchanted me and trapped me under its spell.Its so beautiful with so many levels and the emotion just oozes out of it.I would love her to sing an old Scottish folk song.Her music is not something I would listen to every day but whenever I do (its already on my music player) it will lift my day to a higher level and spread beauty into the darkest corners of my life.

I'm not critiquing her songs or popularity, but vocal abilities. She's one of the best female singers ever. Find songs with her singing with no music and you'll be convinced.

For me, she's the world's best singer. Yes, I'm obsessed with her. When I see live music video, it feels like she's singing only to me, I sense her amazing presence. She's the Goddess of music! :D

I love her voice. It's soothing, in a way. To me, epicness and ambiance don't mix, but her songs are the exact combination of the two.

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23 Ono Erena
24 Elisa

She has natural singing voice like no other.

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25 Aya Ueto

The sweetest girl with the best vocal tone/timbre of any Japanese idol out there!

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26 Kaori Mochida

Her voice is incredibly healing, smooth and rich, it still can be stable even when she sings rock/upbeat songs and jumps all around the stage. Though the songs are quite simple, but her voice makes it great!

She can handle differrent kinds of music, but for herself, she is exploring what I call it "healing soul" which is not the mainstream of the music industry, but it shows what we always forget - the truest love, especially in this commercial-oriented society

The true natural voice, though her voice already changed since 2004/2005. She sings stably, her voice sounds healing and powerful besides her cute performance. If you're looking for a husky and natural voice, go to Mochi-san!

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27 Lisa

She manages to bring a smile to my face no matter which song I am listening to! The emotions that you can feel from her resonate with you, just listen to any of her songs! The fact that a good number of her songs are used as anime openings and closing themes should speak for itself. LiSA is an amazing live performer! She is a great inspiration and she captures the hearts of those listening to her!

LiSA's songs are truly inspirational and filled with emotions. As you listen to her song, you can feel her emotions flowing. Not only that but in her concerts, she can be so emotional that she can break down in tears along with some of the audiences. I personally experienced it and she should at least be in the top 10.

How can she be all the way down here!? She is one of the best japanese female artists out there!

Best J-Pop singer ever! She's a huge favorite for me considering she's sung songs for anime such as Sword Art Online, Fate/Zero, and The Irregular at Magic High School! I've also seen a video of her singing Shirushi, the ending song for the Mother's Rosario arc for Sword Art Online II, live in front of many people. That's right. Live! I'm glad she has a list of her best songs on TheTopTens! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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28 Tomomi Itano

Melancholic voice and perfect asian face

29 Kanon Wakeshima

She is my favorite singer. Her cello and voice are so beautiful! I like her first and second album

She is super! I love you Kanon Wakeshima! Arigatou!

Kanon Wakeshima never fails to give me chills as I listen to her sweet voice and the amazing talent she has on the cello brings a smile to my face. She makes my top ten list as #1!

I think she is awesome

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30 Yuki Kajiura

She is a very emotional singer... she sings from her heart. When I listen to her music, I feel like I'm in a whole new world, I feel peaceful and her music makes me cry...

Everyday I hear her songs... unique

Yuki Kajiura shouldn't be #30, she deserves better! She's extremely talented and has created lots of amazing music which sung by Kalafina and FictionJunction. She's a goddess, all her works are masterpiece! Please vote for Yuki Kajiura ^^

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31 Ayumi Hamazaki
32 Bonnie Pink

So beautiful in her soft, folk-like rhythms. She is like the Japanese version of Suzanne Vega or Frenteļ¼

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33 Aoi Teshima V 1 Comment
34 Izumi Sakai

Best quality over, guess she deserved top ten list. Technically had different melody with other female singer. She's indispensable.

Very different and so unique, believe me, she is the best talented singer and song writer along with her band ZARD

Very warm voice. Just like her name suggests, spring water. My most favorite female singer.

Great singer and the best singer and composer of the 90's Japan music mainstream. RIP.

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35 Ayaka

She should be in the top 5.. If we are talking 'Real vocal ability, strength and stability' able to match her studio recordings in a live situation. (not just a fan, but A real singer will like Ayaka)

Pure, powerful, expressive and charming voice.
She is young, but has already became a very sophisticated artist. She is real Japanese treasure. I'm very proud of her.

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36 Misia

Personally I think she is definitely one of the top 10 Japanese female vocalists.

She's definitely one of the best Japanese singers.

She's great. With a high- powered voice.

Her belts are out of this world

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37 May'n

She's nice and has a very beautiful voice, she is my best. When I really saw her singing, I started to listen to her music everyday.

Her voice is really strong.
Watching her live and original song is exactly the same

38 Suzuka Nakamoto (Su-metal) Suzuka Nakamoto (Su-metal) Suzuka Nakamoto, known by her stage names Suzuka and Su-Metal, is a Japanese idol, singer and model. She is represented by the talent agency Amuse, Inc. and has been a member of three musical groups formed by the company: Karen Girl's, Sakura Gakuin, and Babymetal.

The girl is 18 and kicking ass left, right and centre. She was good at 15 as it is but her growth as vocalist since then has been phenomenal and a pleasure to watch. Can't imagine how she'll turn out when her voice matures even more. Might as well just hand her the title of Queen of Japan. She's already regarded as Metal Queen by 'the One'

Power + passion + emotions = SU-METAL's vocals

39 Koda Kumi

I love her voice. It sounds tough and sexy at the same time.

Especially her voice is very stable when she dances which is very very good!

Can sing and dance live. Her performances are always on point

Love her voice and her performance so much. Very perfect!

I like her voice so much very personal among the rest

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40 Yuka Masuda
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