Best Female Singer of Japan

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81 Makii

Amazing HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR vocalist. Her voice is just... Wow. - MeowMix

82 Kawase Tomoko

Very talented and creative singer. Love her music, voice, texts and personality. People with different tastes like her because she makes three different types of music.

83 Akina Nakamori

One of the best singer and one of the best voices of Japan

So emotional - I love this girl

84 Maon Kurosaki

Maon - Chan

<3 maon chan

85 Konomi Suzuki

I liked "This Game". Don't know any others. She has a good voice it seems.

86 Saori Yuki
87 Jun Togawa
88 Rachel Rhodes

Her song "Mirror" made me fall in love with her voice.

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89 Naomi Tamura

singer of Magic Knight Rayearth Opening Theme and 2nd Getbackers Opening theme - ronluna

90 Tamaki Nami
91 Ai Carina Uemura

She is hottest singer in Japan. Her performance is really cool she can sing, dance, rap and... Just check her out! Watch out! She'll shock you!

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92 Yui Makino

You are the best singer in Japan

93 Thelma Aoyama

Love her voice so much! Legend is the title that she has to get!

I love her voice and all of her songs

94 Mariko Takahashi

Is a legend! Strong voice and one of the best old school singers in Japanese history!

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95 Miliyah Kato

I fall in love with her voice at the first time I heard her song. It was 3 years ago song name "Lonely Hearts" and till now year 2017 this song still my favorite one

She is amazing! I first heard her featured on Ai's song Stronger and since then I loved her! She can sing very good! And My favorite song with her is Yozora! Keep up the good work Miliyah! She Is so pretty too

96 Beni

Beni's really one of the best Japanese artist I have heard in recent years! She really should be higher up on the list... Her voice is really awesome!

BENI is such a true artist. I wonder why she's only ranked at #84 if she has this wonderful voice.

97 Yui Aragaki V 2 Comments
98 Asami Imai V 1 Comment
99 Sumire Yoshida
100 Luna Haruna

A cute model and cute singer. her voice is amazing

Her voice is amazing...

Amazing voice

She is very nice and I' m in love with her voice, she's super cute

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