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121 Suara V 1 Comment
122 Mell

She has a very powerful voice! I like her songs Like Red Fraction, Scope, Infection, Proof and KILL! If Mami Kawada is the the Rock Princess of I've Sound, then, She is the Queen! Its truly indeed that She is the Queen of I've Sound! I'm just so sad about her because she left I've Sound due to her condition right now and the fact that she is the Queen of their group yet she ranked third in terms of number of singles released.:(

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123 Itou Shizuka

She have a cute and powerful voice

124 Keiko Fuji

Utada hikaru's mother! When you listen to her you see where utada got her musical talents from!

125 Ai Takahashi

Former member/leader of Morning Musume. She's really awesome. She can dance and also she has an awesome voice. Her voice is really great than most of girls listed here. You should definitely check her out,

126 Izumi Kato

I can't believe that she wasn't even on the list... She must be with the top 10

127 Miwa V 1 Comment
128 Shiho Ochi

What?!? Shiho Ochi isn't even here. Ohh come on, she make the best Japanese songs out there can be rock or punk and pop. She has this songs that are catchy and the songs that is soothing to your ears. just search her on YouTube Superfly. She deserves top 10 or even the number 1

She has a very good range and excellent vocal.

129 Aoi Eir
130 Masaki Sato

Masaki is so cute and also She has the sweetest voice ever. Her happy-go lucky character in Morning musume band is Evergreen

131 Mikuni Shimokawa
132 Hitomi Kuroishi

Angel voice her songs such as continued story stories innocent days over the sky awesome - manadoti

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133 Kasai Tomomi
134 Yoko Hikasa

Her voice is so cool... Just listen to her songs from anime k-on

I love her voice. Her song's are totally cool...

135 Miki Imai
136 Miho Morikawa
137 Yumi Uchimura

The best singer in the entire planet! Her voice never cracks..she always sounds like an angel!

138 Hanatan Yurica
139 MiMi / Mizuki Inoue (BRIGHT)

One of the lead vocalists in the best female group ever in Japan (vocally),

140 Cocco
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