Jonalyn Viray


JONALYN VIRAY is a master of her own craft-which is music. Her voice is a gift. Admit it or not, she can sing every single song with perfection. She manages to make her musicality grow.

I agree to the opinion that she deserves to be under the spotlight.

She has amazed the audience in several numbers; silenced the crowed when belting the highest registers; left jaws dropped by effortlessly reaching notes that have not been heard in a while (from Regine V., of course). In her continuing efforts to push her limits and master her craft, she has been making a mark in the industry. Being versatile with her music, she understands that belting just adds flavor to a song. It's more than belting. It's telling a story; being a character in the story. Though though her road to popularity takes such length, she is a true example that, more than being a singer, an artist is defined by the lives she touches and influences and not by figures or whatnot.

She is absolutely a world-class singer. Her voice quality and voice range are truly remarkable. She can make her audience stand in awe when she is performing. Among all Filipina singers today, I can say that she is the ONLY ONLY ONE that delivers the songs "Listen", "Open Arms" perfectly. Her notes are truly perfect!

I like her. I used to only like Charice, Regine and other artists out there, Jonalyn was always if not on my top list but for some reason she is always left behind even before when she joined this MTB singing competition on TV, I think singin Christina Aguilera's songs, I was rooting for her. I wanted her to be more successful than she already is now. She deserves it, and I think now is the time for her to really step forward like what she is doing now. Well nuff said, She is a great performer, singer and I like her that's all that matters, I don't give a ** whatever haters think or say about her but she is one in a million, or a billion.

She has a very wide vocal range... And many says that she's one of the only singers who can belt A5... She's still humble after all of the achievements that she has... And she's really consistent when she's singing because she can actually higher those low notes of the songs that she sings but she's following the instruction of the stage directors.. And she's interacting with the other singers kindly.. So I think she's one of the best young divas that I've ever known... Go soul princess! Go idol!

The best singer I ever heard. Vocal wise. She's a beast when it comes to singing. I can say that she's the next Regine of the Philippines. She's the only singer can belt, sing and acrobats different genres. I GO FOR JONALYN

Jonalyn viray one of the better singers of her generation.. technicality wise.. vocally superb performances.. vocally challenging techniques.. almost perfect song performances.. vocal acrobats and superb belting abilities.. all from a small girl with a huge talent in singing.. not that famous but a GREAT SINGER.. greater than those FAMOUS SINGERS from her generation!

Jonalyn Viray is the best. She can reach the high notes effortlessly. All of her performances are amazing. She's simply THE BEST. :-)

"Small but Terrible" she is the realization of that saying.. She sing songs soulfully and pushes her lungs out to take risk for her development as a singer. She can also DANCE her muscles out... Championing in the WCOPA is also a point for this wonderful SINGER.

what a voice for jonalyn..
She can sing all songs with a high notes..
Whistle registered..
U'r great jonalyn..
U deserve the number 1 spot..

She has the highest note to reach among the Filipina Singers in the Philippines :) She is simply the best! Pinoy Pop Superstar Grand Champion!

The most exceptional vocal range for a Filipina diva (aside from Regine). The only singer in the country whom I heard using variants when reaching high notes. Chest voice.. Head tone.. A mixture of both.. Whistle register.. Name it.. Awe-inspiring performances for whatever she sings all through out. She deserves the number 1 spot amongst the new generation of divas.

I think Jonalyn deserves to be 2nd or third. I actually disagree with the ranking I see right now but one thing I like is, most of the deserving are here in the list. Sarah, in the first place is famous but its only due to the marketing of the network she belongs. Her voice is not that versatile to be considered as one of the bests, nonetheless, she had an angelic voice. And Aicelle Santos, Rita Iringan, Nina must be in the list. Angeline and Lovely are not that professional.

Jonalyn Viray, is the best among the rest! She's not trying hard when it comes to singing. Unlike SG. Laugh out loud

She can perform well with foreign singers perhaps rhianna and lady gaga. She's far way better than any other singers in the Philippines

She's really great singer from her generation even her vocal range is exceptional plus she can do whistle register that is very rare, but not just a whistle she can whistle with vocal acrobats. She can sing with emotion. The only soul princess of the Philippines.

She's one hell of a singer. Her voice has this very thick and soothing timbre both in lower and upper register. A very versatile girl. Whistle register, chest voice, operatic voice.. Name it.. And she has it! A World class talent indeed. Her vocal skills is quite outstanding and her caliber is really incomparable. Her Gold Medals from WCOPA is an actual proof of her being one of the most VOCALLY COMPETITIVE SINGER OF HER OWN GENERATION.

, I voted jonalyn viray because she deserved the most title. In her almost 10 years of career in show business, she has the most powerful voice, stunning and very humble person. Sarah and the rest of the girls might be popular here in country and abroad because they were the first discovered with their talent and I appreciate that, more power on the diva of all divas Regine Velasquez, jonalyn will be the next to Ms. Regine for sure because of her unbelievable talent in singing, it was so amazing... I LOVE YOU JONALYN, FOR ME your STILL MY IDOL, next to Ms. Regine, love you mwah.

: SUPERB! EXCELLENT! AMAZING! Her talent was honed since she started in Pinoy Pop Superstar... She has wide vocal range and her mastery of melisma is just so perfect... Her high notes are ravishing... She sings better than Sarah Geronimo and Angeline Quinto whom she's currently compared...

.. she is a good singer eversince she joined the contest (Pinoy Pop Superstar).. because of her vocal powers and she is also known as a soul princess and unique in style of singing.. unfortunately she was being compared because of comparison they showed to her that she is the one and only the best.. and the only idol and next to REGINE..

Aside from pop music, though untrained, she has also been singing classical music and taking the roles of soprano and coloratura soprano, seen on her performance of Il dolce suono, Phantom of the Opera, Bring Me to Life and a classical version of My Humps. She has been vocal that her most admired singers and vocal influences are Mariah Carey and Regine Velasquez, while Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Kelly Clarkson, and Beyonce are also among the list.

--definitely! Me too I love Jonalyn and so my vote is for her.
When it comes to singing, she can sing better than all of those female singer in the phil's. Imagine, there was no singer who could really match with regine but Jo could match her! She is the singer who could reach all those highest pitch. Check the songs, 'all by myself', 'oh holy night', on the wings of love'...are some of the rarest song that a singer couldn't probably hit.. Check all her songs, let's see who's singing would insist!

She can get the high notes among the singers in phil.
Like mariah carey..! Jonalyn can WHISTLE..!

Hitting high notes effortlessly makes her a gem. And yet she's one of the more underrated singers here. A voice like yours combined with that "swabe" style of singing will get you far. You are a star Jonalyn. Keep it up girl!

JONALYN VIRAy, SIMPLY A TOTAL PERFORMER! She has a soulful voice quality and has her own style in singing. A very humble lady.. she can also do whistle, operatic voice.. she's THE ONLY ONE TERRIBLE VIRAY! =)