Julie Anne San Jose

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She's a multi-talented young lady... She's so versatile! She can sing different genre of songs (ballad, pop, rock, rap etc). She can dance and act (Her portrayal of Juliet in Wazak Musical of Party Pilipinas even a starter really touch thousands of people like me) She can also play different instruments like piano, guitar, drums etc. At 17, at a very young age she has accomplished many things like being the front-act to David Archuleta's concert were thousands people admired her performance and even David says "She's a great singer". This beautiful, multi-talented young lady will definitely come a long way... She deserve all the blessings because she remains humble despite of her STARDOM..

Julie Anne San Jose is one of the fast rising star of this generation. She is very hardworking, multi-talented, God-fearing, humble, down to earth, kind and a loving daughter and sister. Now that she had proven herself to all, she is making her way to stardom. She is now reaping the fruits of her hardwork at a very young age. Despite her busy schedule she never forgets her studies. She knows her priorities in life. She remains humble despite all of her achievements in life. These are only SOME of the reasons why I admire her. ;)


The Youngest DIVA in the Philippines
The MOST talented girl in her generation.
The girl who CAN DO EVERYTHING you ask her to do.

julie anne has an angelic face with an angelic voice. once you hear her sing you would definitely want to repeat her sing again and again.


JULIE ANNE SAN JOSE is a total performer. She is the best for me. She never forgets thanking God for what she has achieved. Her feet is always in the ground. She's so humble and she appreciate all her fans and supporters.

Julie anne has an amazing talent, from SugarPop to performing solo in SOP to having duets. Now to Party Pilipinas and the loveteam that won :) I really like Julie anne and Elmo's tandem. Julie Anne is really humble and really nice.. She is truly a rolemodel to me because she can focus on her studies, communicate with her fans, she is veer humble. Did I mention her Super Bass video from her u-stream got many views.. She can also rap, you'll never get tired of her voice... I wish her all the best..

Julie Anne San Jose can sing, rap, dance, and act. I know she will be a big BIG STAR very soon!

Julie Anne is a very nice, diligent and talented young lady. I really admire her voice even she is only a 17 years old teenager. Julie is one of the best young singer today :) I hope Julie will win here m/ Go JAPS!

Multi-talented young artist, si miss julie anne that's why. She can sing and can act and can dance and can play the guitar with versatility and compassion. She can rap fast yet with quality and can deliver the lyrics clearly and understandably. As expected she will be a big star in the near future and leveling herself with the already known personality in the music, movie and entertainment industry. And with her humility and and proper handling of her priorities, she be well-known and well-admired and loved by her followers and fans. I wish her all the luck. I hope and pray for her success, for her good health. She will surely the next phenomenal star in the showbiz industry reaping fame and glory.

Julie Anne San Jose is now a legendary of music at age of 17. Her voice can definitely compete and win to other international voices.. She is the gem in the Philippines and the Filipino pride. The youngest diva and musician of all time. Doubt it or not she will definitely go to place will reach the top of the pyramid by her own hardwork and dedication. She may just an ordinary from her home network but to all the hearts of Filipinos, she is one of a kind and hard to break. A simple girl with an angelic voice and heart will invade the whole world not just her home country. Julie Anne San Jose the girl who continue to share her voice through her heart will always be remember

Julie anne san jose have the talent in singing, dancing, and playing different instruments that made her fans so proud to her, and she already proved that she deserve to be idolize.

She defines a true performer. At a very young age, she has the ability and confidence to sing side by side with professional singers who had been in the industry for years and produce amazing performances. She's also versatile: she sings, plays musical instruments, dances, acts, and handles well the attention of big crowds. And her voice, her voice once you hear it, you know it's hers and this defines a great singer. Considering she doesn't even have an album yet, she has made name for herself already...

A very promising young artist! one that will surely make the pinoy race proud!

Julie Anne San Jose has an amazing quality of voice. She's very versatile she can sing of course, dance, act, play instruments. She's pretty. She is really a PACKAGED. Sure thing she will be the next super star of her generation... Hope GMA give her the big break that she deserves. She deserves to be treated special because bihira makakuha ng ganyang talents with mass appeal... She's very humble at mukhang mabait na bata. Wish her more projects here and abroad. Good luck on her career! KUDOS JULIE ANNE SAN JOSE

She can do anything! Multi-talented. , she just have what you call "God-given talent".. Aside from that, she's so nice, very down to earth and very close to her fans. She's very dedicated with her career and she's able to balance her studies and work. She's very focused and hard-working. Plus, she is very adorable, her face, smile, laugh, and of course, her voice. She sounds like an angel. She is such a versatile singer, she can sing any genre (from pop, rnb, rap, country, etc. )I know she will be a big star someday. She deserves it!

Julie Anne is superb. beauty and talent. What else can you ask for? She is very very good singer, mapa rap or pop or RnB.. go Julie

Because She's Good In Singing! :)
That's Why I Vote Her!
And She's Pretty
And Her music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul. Her voice soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and make it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.

Julie is the Best! she's like a perfect girl already. she can sing, dance, act and many more. all I can say is she's the best! very talented! and also gifted with beauty and brain.

She's superb! She play instruments while singing. She can rap and sing while dancing

Julie anne is very Talented I really love her she can sing, rap, dance, act but the best is she is KIND... she really makes time for her fans, Time for Family, friends, AND studies and also she is god fearing person Thats why I really love you JULIE ANNE more power God Bless =)))

Julie Anne San Jose is a complete package artist. She has a lot of talents. She is one of a kind. She can: sing very well, may it be rap, rhythm or ballad or any song genre; dance smoothly; act beautifully on cam; play numerous instruments; bond with her fans without restrictions (which is very rare to artists nowadays); and many more.
Julie Anne is an artist who needs much attention from a network who would give priority to her talents.
Julie Anne San Jose is the future Most Admired Artist in the Philippines!

Julie Anne is a mine of talent. As per Direk Rico 'Your talent is immeasurable. Triple threat. '

I vote for Julie Anne San Jose. I know she can be the Best Female Singer in the Philippines. She deserves it. As what other says, at a very young age, she achieved a lot. She accomplished many things and will be accomplishing more in the next years. She can manage her time, too. She's working and at the same time, she's studying. She knows what to prioritize. And she never forgets to thank God, her family, friends and supporters. And lastly, she's a total performer! A very perfect package performer.

Julie Anne is a versatile singer. She can do almost every genre but still make it her own/unique. I admire that she's an ouido (can play songs in instruments by just listening to the song). God-given gift it is!

Julie Anne San Jose a very talented singer.. I really Idolize her. Even her Love Team with Elmo Magalona. Julie Anne deserves a "Big Break"

She Started singing when she was 2 yrs old, she knows how to DANCE, ACT, SING, RAP, PLAY INSTRUMENTS and many more (who knows in the near future there are some more hidden talents of ate japs? )she is a very hardworking person, very simple, intelligent, beautiful and most of all MACHO

Julie Anne San Jose can be considered an ultimate pinoy pride.. She can act, sing, dance etc, multi-talented kid for short. She's also a good example so us youth because even she's a busy lady she still manages to pursue her study. Yeah, she's very pretty and well-known but still she's very down to earth when it comes to her fans, friends and other people around her. I'm only 12 yrs. Old but I can see her potential in the singing and acting career. Way to go JAPS!