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21 Karylle

Karylle do have a good personality. Her voice is very sweet, unique and amazing. She's best in all music genre. She sings with full of emotions.. Karylle has already been part of musical theater plays that shows her amazing talents in acting and singing. She got the beauty, brain, attitude and talents. She's near from being perfect :D

She captured my heart the first time I heard her voice. It's so sweet but powerful. I'm amazed. Her voice makes me feel the song her singing. "Full of emotion". She make every song beautiful. This girl is very talented because he can also dance, act, hosts and other talents. She can do all things with her own amazing version

She always sings with her emotions. She have an amazing sweet voice that's why she was welcomed in broadway, international and showbiz industry. She sings with full of power. She can do all genre amazingly. She is an amazing singer and actress! She's definitely AMAZING!

Karylle's voice is so commendable.

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22 Dulce

She has a voice than is very great!

She's voice was very powerful

She has a powerful voice

23 Maricris Garcia

PPS year 3 grand champion...
She is the best among the PPS champions... - khruzader

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24 Bituin Escalante

If you're asking for a world class voice, she must be it. Sadly, not so many people can consciously "essencetialized" what a real singing voice is... That's their misfortune!

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25 Krizza Neri

Even at the young age, she won the Protege The Battle For The Big break! She has the most clear voice, good diction and pronunciation! She proves that to be consider as a great singer, you don't need to shout and do those high notes..

She's simply amazing! She sings from the heart and at her young age, she already have her first album!

She has the most beautiful, soothing and relaxing voice! She deserves a higher rank!

I love krizza neri songs

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26 Aiza Seguerra

Because she has the sweetest voice. I just love her singing.

Very down to earth, with loads of talent. Hope your reign is long indeed!

Wow she's very simple but talented. I like her, love you aisa

27 Roselle Nava

Roselle Nava is one sure female Filipino singer that made unforgettable remark in the industry. She had several hit songs under her belt that up until now are credited to her talent which is definitely hard to achieve. In fact, one of her hit songs 'Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita' was Philippines' number one song in radio charts for 8 months in a row. To date, many new artists tried to revive Roselle's major hits but none came close with the way Roselle captured the hearts and ears of the Filipinos.

Dubbed as The Sentimental Diva - a singer who has a number of remarkable original hit songs.

Her voice is very unique, very sweet, she's the best...


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28 Sitti Navarro

Best singer.. And she really soothes our feelings..

A voice that relaxes the mind

One of the best singing voice I have ever heard, first time I have heard her voice I never thought she was a Filipina as she sang Bosanova so well. Her bosa style applied to local songs really distinguish her from the rest.

29 Jolina Magdangal

She is a alto 1. For me. Husky but sweet voice can sing high notes but her voice is more beautiful, cool, sweet in low notes/songs one of the unique voice not common like the other singers.

.. I love jolina because she is very talented and she's also a fashion icon and a good example for our youth and her presence in the stage is very high and energetic

I like her ever since she was in ang T.V. days. No one can ever replace her... She is the only MULTI TALENTED STAR here in our country. Even I never meet her in person I know jolina, is very kind and down to earth person. What you she to her is pure natural. And for me jolina, is one of the best singer that we have here in our country today..

She is the one sing low notes and high notes one of the best singer in the music industry

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30 KZ Tandingan

If you have a hard time singing in tune, belt it out. If you still don't hit the notes, just say it's your version. And if still your own version doesn't sound good, tell your fans to make some noise so no one will here you singing. But if hitting the notes is your least concern because you are a true artist and even your whispers sound amazing, then you are 90 percent KZ. If you want 100% KZ, rap and make it fast and clear. Go overrated singers... Practice... Long way to excel. You have been there for more than a decade and you don't know what singing is all about.

Listen to the best singers in the world or watch them on videos/youtube and you're stunned, captivated, amazed - whatever. Listen to this petite Filipino girl - I tell you, she is spectacular. She sings with a powerful voice and suddenly you hear her whispering - continues with a soft, soulful voice and then scats - you are really "in" for the "guess what's next" just for one song, even the unpopular one.

Have you heard KZ 's live performances? I got the chance to see her performance and she starts with a lower key than the normal. She develops her song and when that power blasts, she lowers the microphone and you can hear an echo as if her voice is following the lowered mic and you have that feeling that the microphone will explode. Oh my, this girl is great. And she always ends every song perfectly.

If you heard her covers and digitalized songs youve better hear her sang in your front, bet you can't stop your goose to bumps :O

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31 Sharon Cuneta

Megastar Legend of all time lifetime achievements award!

She's the the best...

Sharon should be #1 she has the best voice of all time, we love you Sharon.

Multi Talented Mega Star

32 Nora Aunor


Nora Aunor is the Voice of the People! It's Sad how in the States musical artist from the 60s and 70s are remembered but here in the Philippines you can ask a 30 year old who Nora Aunor is and they haven't a clue. The Beatles, Elvis, Carpenters, Abba, Barbra Streisand are still remembered and revered as the greatest artists of all time but here in the Philippines it seems shows like the Voice, Popstars, XFactor are more popular than the born and bred artists who truly fought for their place in time. A shame. God bless Nora Aunor!

Real Voice!

33 Kim Chiu

She is unique singer and she is able to perform in different style. Her soft voice can catch the attention to everyone. She deserves to be on that level. She is very best among the best

I love her the way when she was singing because, you can relate to the emotions antd the meaning of the song she sang.

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34 Angel Locsin Angel Locsin Angel Locsin is a Filipina television and film actress, commercial model, film producer and fashion designer.

It is nice to know that angel is also a singer... I like it... She is talented... I just want to hear her voice...

She is a talented person that has a big heart to others

She's so pretty in acting, so why not in singing

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35 Frencheska Farr

Frencheska Farr must be the one to be included among the top ones if not the top one... She's a versatile singer with clean and excellent tone quality. Surely she deserves to be among the top ones...

Frencheska has a strong and wide range of voice. she can rap, act, dance and sing of course. one of the qualities that a true DIVA has is by having a good attitude and that's what make her a true and good singer! :)) I LOE YOU ATE French!

She may not be the top one among the tops but she is best among the rest, very versatile hot and gorgeous... deserved to be the top ten

Grand winner in the next big superstar at g m a 7.. she's the one and only Farr

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36 Kristel Astor
37 Koreen Yhamzon
38 Maja Salvador

She had a good voice and she can sing totally...
I hope that she can have an album... Soon a lot albums and be the one good singers in Philippines and can go to other country to perform...

Go Maja go! She has such a beautiful voice, this girl has lots of potential. It comes natural to her!

She is an aspiring singer she's good as Sarah maja can sing dance act

39 K Brosas

K brosas although funny but she can also belt high notes like other singers can do

She can impersonate even international voices

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40 Mau Marcelo

Undoubtedly the best soulful singer full of emotion definitely one of the best soul singer in the Philippines.

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