Rachelle Ann Go


Rachelle ann go indeed is one of the best singers in this generation, having whistle register, chest voice, and falsetto techniques, and of the pride in the Philippines having several International awards including, Asian awards, and festival awards. She is a multi-talented artist who is a dancer, actress, and now a songwriter and a theater actress

Recently, I saw her in Vancouver Touring with Cesar Montano and I was really amazed by her! Her voice is really phenomenal! She can be call as "The Real Deal Package" Because she got the LOOKS, the STYLE, the BODY and especially, her VOICE. I really love her. So sexy that I was really blown away!

Foreign visitor to the Philippines, I've seen many of the top ten here but none of them come close to Rachelle Anne, from sydney Australia foreigners opinion, I falls so in love with this girl her voice shes so down to earth so nice, can sing any song this girl should be number #1 on list I feel charice is very over rated with her deep manly voice and miss sabotage sarah geronimo doesn't even come close to Rachelle. God bless all

Well, she's beautiful inside and out and its not just her voice that I really love about her... But its her whole being...

She sings with feelings in which her viewers can relate and feel the content of the song... That's why I really love listening to her voice...

Calms my heart and it inspires me a lot...
Doesn't sound like trying hard...
Its not just about the high notes... Its about creating a connection with her viewers...

She is the best! nothing can be like her, she is the queen of all genre(pop, ballad, rock, jazz, rnb and broadway) nu pa mahihiling mo? ALL IN ONE... Singer, Dancer, Actress, Host, Composer, and even Make up artist? hahaha siya na! RACHELLE ANN GO IS THE ONE!

Rachelle Ann Go is the best singer of all time. She has the good quality of voice and powerful voice. When she reviving songs the songs are much beautiful and great because of her own rendition. I love her especially when she sings someone like U. She's great wow! - abegailmakabenta

She has a versatile talent. She deserves all the blessings that she have now. Ate Shin is one of the best singer I've ever known. She is the one and only Ultimate Champion and The Fierce Songstress of all time.. A very good friend. She gives her best in all her performances. She has a unique style. She deserves to be one of the best female Singer.

She just keeps getting better and that's very important, it's critical for. an entertainer to not lose that sense of entertainment. She keeps pushing herself to do more and different things, but the singing is still part of everything she foes

Ms. Rachelle Ann Go is one of the most requested singer of this generation. She already launch his sixth album in title Rachelle Ann Unbreakable. She also named as the Ultimate Pop Princess in the Philippines while ago, and now she is one of the most popular diva of GMA7...

A very versatile singer. She knows how to attack a song that makes her audience connect with her. She's not your average singer that shouts when hitting high notes. She uses her chest and head voice really well. She should be given more exposure to showcase her talent cause I believe she can do more.

This poll isn't valid if she's not on the top. She's the best singer in the Philippines! She's the best among her colleagues. She can also play instruments such as Vocals, Drums, Guitars, Piano, Bass, Violin. Talented, indeed.

rachelle ann go can hit very high note, and she can do many techniques, like falsetto, whistle register, headtones. and her falsetto note sounds like her chest voice. She's also pretty and sexy

The multifaceted Diva, the most versatile among all the Divas in the Philippines. She's dubbed as The Ultimate Singing Champion simply because she's the ultimate among all of them!

Rachelle Ann Go always have the a different attack and technique in performing a song, she is a versatile singer she can perform all types of songs, aside from having a good voice really counts her good attitude.

The best singer in the Philippines so far. She has many voice techniques and wide range vocal prowess. Her voice sometimes can be enchanting, sweet, soulful, and powerful. Depending on the songs she sings. The most beautiful voice ever.

She can do any song that other singers may not be able to do with so much ease and class. She is properly trained but well-talented as well. RAG, having a very wide range, uses various techniques that equip her to sing MUSICALLY and not mere belting. KUDOS to RACHELLE ANN GO!

I like her attitude, professionalism, beauty and most and most of all, her angelic voice. She is one of a kind and she sings wonderfully and everyone loves her for that!

Ultimate Performer! The best of her time... Can do everything which her contemporaries can't do. She will be doing "The Little Mermaid" very soon!

Can sing, can act, can act.. and very versatile. she has the face, the voice the body and the attitude of a real diva.. and is very down to earth. she can sing any genre. and she also has the voice to do broadway and opera.
Rachelle Ann Go is Simply The BEST!

She's is a versatile singer her voice can make very thin notes or range of voice and also changing with a beautiful version and vibrato whenever she singing a song, especially love songs.

A good singer have a very nice voice she can sing all kind of song she is my favorite singer and she is my inspiration I hope she have many albums and blessings to come she's the girl next door and she is pretty and incredible...

She don't only have voice but she also possess gorgeousness! I believed she's really one of a king and the best among them!

She's simply the BEST. She can sing, dance, act, play instruments etc. Just name it! She can do it all!

She's the most versatile singer in the Philippines. You name it, she can do it - be it ballad, R^^be, pop, hip-hop, mellow pop, acoustic, classic, operatic, broadway, fast/dance songs or ROCK. She can also sing upside down, play the drums, guitar and piano, dance and rap. She wasn't called the Ultimate Fierce Champ Songstress for nothing because she's almost everything!

Rachelle Ann Go is the best for me. She's very talented and pretty, too. Go Rachelle!