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Sarah Asher Tua Geronimo aka Sarah Geronimo or Sarah G. is a world class and multi-talented Filipino singer, actress, dancer, record producer, model, host, coach/judge, commercial/product endorser and tv personality . She can also draw and plays the piano. Sarah is popularly known as the one and only more.


What separates Sarah from the rest of the pack is her ability to render a song with so much passion and emotion. Singing is communicating, you communicate to your listeners/audience what the song is all about, this is where Sarah is most effective. She doesn't have to belt just to give justice to a song. While we are astounded by others ability to hit those high notes but they tend to loose the essentials of music because they put too much emphasis on belting to the point of shouting their lungs out which can sometimes be a nuisance. But Sarah on the other hand has the control in hitting higher notes without compromising the essence´╗┐ of the message in a song. One other thing, Sarah is an all around performer, she dances as well, singing and dancing at the same time? Sarah is simply the best there is and no one else.

She's a total performer. She can sing, dance, act, play musical instrument, and most of all she touches the heart of the people when step in the stage that is the number 1 most important thing a singer should do she is also down to earth and many of the great artists( international and local) recognizes her ability and talent. She is extraordinary and unbelievable. She is also a record breaker not only in the numerous dvds she sold for only 7 years it counted up to 1,025,000 and for having 137 awards and still counting for just only 7 or 8 years in the show business that proves that she is totally great and the best she is the only artist in the Philippines whom receive that numerous awards. She is also a model to the youth.

She has the voice, the moves, the acting capabilities, the star quality. Very stunning, a filipina beauty. She has the charisma "charm" that everybody love. When she smiles at you, you just can't help but to stand up and melt down. She's definitely the pop star princess of her generation and she deserves it! When you saw her perform live, you can't deny but you'll be destined to watch her and hear her singing because of the soulful voice and powerful voice when she sing ballads. And when she perform the sing and dance number, oh my God, it's like your watching an international artist because the way she sing and do those very gorgeous moves, you really tend to watch her and you will groove to the music she has :)
Very talented yet still so Humble. That's sarah geronimo

She is the only pop superstar in the Philippines.. Why?
1. Albums that sold thousands of copies worldwide
2. Major concerts here and abroad
3. Top-rating T.V. shows
4. Box-office movies
5. Numerous endorsements
6. Countless multimedia covers
7. Youth icon
8. And millions of fans all over the world..

so for all the new singers who think they have beaten the superstar.. Think twice.. You can never pull a SARAH GERONIMO down because she's the best.. Not to mention her kindness and generosity and all the positive traits you can associate with a goddess..

I just really love her because I like her voice and dancing your my idol.. Sarah I really love your song 4I really don't want to compare but, if you give a choice of course Sarah Geronimo, because she is excellent voice, beautiful sexy, she has the height, extremely well dancer, excellent in entertainer with people, and well educated. I surely will vote Sarah G for multi-talented lady. And she is very nice to people, knows how entertain people. I love Sarah G with whole entire personality. She has a lot of respect, good role model with new generation children. She can be a solo in concert. Go... Sarah G. I love you and god bless you.

I went to the philippines in january of 2011 and one of the things I noticed is that filipinos love to sing and I noticed that it was love songs... not songs like here in american about sexual things and cheaters and stuff like that. mostly love and inspirational... well I just heard a beautiful voice coming from the tv commercial and I asked my fiancee who she was and since I came back to America I gotten all her concerts and all her collection of music. ture she ivery very talented and great with the audience she even comes down and gives hugs to her people never sseen someone do that.. now thats love to her people and fans... anyways love her music and now my fiancee hates here... hahahaha oh well...

I must admit that sarah is not the best belter now because a lot of singers can actually overpower her voice like charice nor regine, but nevertheless, no doubt that she is really the best singer in the country today. Total package, she can sing, dance, act. She can sing different types of songs, she can sing and dance at the same time which is a very hard thing that other singers are trying to do, unfortunately they can't. She has achieved a lot already from the sold out concerts in ARANETA and in other places around the world, she has sold out multi platinum albums, box office movies. If I'm gonna state all her achievements it would take a lifetime for it. So SARAH IS MY BET!

She never fails to amaze me in her performances. She may not have the highest belting voice but the power of her voice is just so strong. Her emotions every time she performs can move you and touch your soul. Despite her success, she remained simple, down to earth and humble. I think she doesn't even have an idea how popular she is. What I admire most about Sarah is her love for her family, specially her parents. She's not just a singer/actress. She's a total performer. She sings from her heart that's why we all end up touched every time she performs. Kudos to the one and only POPSTAR PRINCESS "SARAH GERONIMO".

She's amazing! I really love her and admire her not just as an artist but as a person as well. I may not know her personally but I can see that everybody loves her especially the people around Sarah Geronimo. I don't easily admire people especially in entertainment industry but it changed when I started to like Sarah G... I really idolize her. I even included her in my prayers... I'm an addict now when it comes to Sarah Geronimo... Even my friends tease me when all my featured article in my FB wall is all about Sarah Geronimo... I just pray that she continues to inspire people and make us all proud in everything that you do. I wish her all the best and may God continue to guide and guard her for always.

There no such thing as sarah walng pwedeng umeksena thou your idols as you said can belt a higher note what you said the capacity and capability of sarah as a total performer no one can beat and that's a fact international describe her a true 21 century superstars whatever fields she do definitely no doubt the most successful total performer in philippines of je generations or safe to say of all generation she breaks records and has a tag of all time and guys you can comments without down other artist right regine velasquez supporters its always sarah geronimo time ruled the philippines and music and movie industry god bless sarah we your supporters support you all the way were not only blah in comments were doing in actions that's why our sarah is on top of her game and no one can come closer special your idols haters


Simply because I love her :)) Total package... she can sing, dance, act, host :)) And she is so funny... her laugh is contagious... she has PURE HEART :)) She is not really a belter but she sings whole-heartedly and that's what really is important. You can easily relate with her. She is very down to earth even if she is so famous :)) I have met her several times and her smile really makes me tremble... she is very soft-spoken person :)) I just love her and truly, she is an INSPIRATION :))

I just wanna say she is a complete package that really fits to linger in the industry. I am so amaze with all her performances, I tried to find other singers that can do those things that she did but I failed to do so. I never meet her in person but every videos that I watched from on screen and behind the scenes;she is still the Sarah Geronimo that you see on T.V.. She might not hit those high notes but music is not all about hitting high notes. It is how those singers deliver, present, and impose the song that catch the heart to every people and this singer is very good at these categories. Keep it up! Keep your feet on the ground and you will forever continue to shine. Hoping I will see you in person soon. Have a nice journey Ms. Sarah.

I really don't want to compare but, if you give a choice of course Sarah Geronimo, because she is excellent voice, beautiful sexy, she has the height, extremely well dancer, excellent in entertainer with people, and well educated. I surely will vote Sarah G for multi-talented lady. And she is very nice to people, knows how entertain people. I love Sarah G with whole entire personality. She has a lot of respect, good role model with new geration children. She can be a solo in concert. Go... Sarah G. I love you and god bless you.

Many people really love Sarah Geronimo.. Know why? She always give 100% on her numbers on T.V. as well as in her live performances, she never fails her watchers and fans, and she always use her heart in order to relay to people the songs she sings. Sarah have the traits that every person would love to know about.. This is already her 8th yr in showbiz, if I'm not mistaken, but she is still the sarah way back in 2003.. Keep it up sarah.. God bless and more power in your career dear sarah

I really love the way she occupies the stage. She is an embodiment of a multi-talented person, and yet is very down to earth. She is a true role model of the youth in this generation (no doubt about that). She has proved that despite the success she's into now she never fail to obey her parents. She also proved that true singing is not just all about reaching high-pitched notes but feeling the emotion of the music created. I'm very proud to be a fan of her because she never fails to amaze me. GOD SPEED SARAH G! WE LOVE YOU!

Sarah is really the best singer of her generation. We saw her evolved from winning a singing contest thru her top-belting songs, and now she's a total performer. Yes, Regine is also the best but we're talking of generations here. Sarah is on top now because she invested much to capture the hearts of the Filipino. She's also a total package - a singer, a dancer, an actress. Add up that she has a very nice personality inside out. All these are seen while she sings her heart out. SG is the best!

She is the epitome of a versatile artist, a total performer. She can sing all music genre: rap, jazz, R^^B, etc. She can dance and act. She never stops on improving her craft and never rests on her laurels. She's pretty and tall. She's a bankable artist but still very grounded. Good family background and good values, good model for the young ones. Box-office queen, sold out solo concerts, multi-awarded albums are all under her belt.
It's here that she established herself as a singer first and not outside of the country. She proved herself first here in her own country then conquered the world arena and, hence she deserves to be called the best female singer in the Philippines.

She is vey humble... I haven't met here personally but I can just tell that she has a good heart and a good soul. But most of all she's super talented.. Her performances are always phenomenal... A very good dancer and a very good singer... Very versatile... It's all in one for Sarah Geronimo... An actress.. Her movies puts a smile in everybodys face... She's the best.. She's great... She deserves every bit of achievements and awards she receives... She's a role model for the new generation... So for Sarah I salute you... Hoping for more concerts, albums, movies. From you.. Watching you on T.V. is a good stress release..

She is one of a kind.. I love the way she sing and she is one of my inspiration. She was very talented (acting, singing and dancing), pretty, God fearing and very famous but but despite all that she's still so humble that made her more worthy for every blessings that she's accepting.
Your my inspiration ate Sarah. I hope I can see you someday. I want to follow your steps in success.

She is one of a kind, a good performer,. The quality if being a best singer can be seen to this young lady,. PERFECT! Who or where can you see a singer and performer like the international singers but leveled to them as well. She have a quality of a good singer and a quality of a good heart and personality,. This is just my opinion, so do your votes too for your most likable female singer in the Philippines! GOD BLESS!

She's the best among the rest! She can do singing, dancing, acting, hosting and sing and dance together.. She had the natural charm that catches any folks attentions.. Whether any level.. She is a true inspiration to a lot of people because of her simplicity, God -fearing attitude, humbleness, a natural sense of humor and a complete family.. She can turn your dull and gloomy day into a brighter one..

I am one of the avid fans of sarah G. , I love the way she sings, it goes from heart really, she has the rare voice quality that most singers don't have, she has uniqueness in voice, LOVE U SARAH G, you know every time I listen your songs, I have noticed that for u, the different songs have different voices to be used to, you have different voices, WOW ITS RARE REALLY, LOVE YOU IDOL! HEHE

She is versatile... she do all sing all the genres... and she really look good... excellent in entertainer with people, and well educated. I surely will vote Sarah G for multi-talented lady. And she is very nice to people, knows how entertain people. I love Sarah G with whole entire personality. She has a lot of respect, good role model with new generation children. She can be a solo in concert.

Sarah is one of a kind. Beautiful inside and out. Every parent wants to have her. I can't stop watching her movies even you tube and her website. She is very humble and very down to earth person. I just wish her to find the right man for her, the one that really love her of what n who she is n not because she's the pop princess. Nobody can sing and dance at the same time with full energy like her. She' very lovable like no others.