Black Widow

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She hot ninja skills she got it all who can beat her she should be number one when she came out in iron man 2 she shook me but when I saw her in avengers I was hypnotized

She kicks butt and can knock out 15 guys in 1 minute! The Ted hair and tight black suit is just like a black widow spider! She got ninja moves that can be Wonder Woman ass any day! Black widow should be number one, not the stupid Wonder Woman

This girl should definitely be at the top of the list. She deserves it. Out of this list, she is the ONLY person who had to do actual work to get where she is. She is the best of the best and most realistic. And plus, she's Marvel! And of course Marvel is the best superhero creator. Give her your vote! She deserves it!

She is one of the smartest and deadliest assassins in the world. Near genius level intellect, master martial artist, talented linguist, exceptional spy, and Olympic level athlete. Scarlett Johansson does the role justice in the MCU and I am disappointed that she still hasn't got her own movie yet. I hope that it is announced in marvel phase 4 that she will finally have her own movie!

Black widow is a super shield agent and the member of the avenger's team and she also look's so pretty fabulous sexy women which is very acrobat and athletic women who is so sexy in the all marvel universe

The best superhero ever love black widow so so so muck

Yup it's black widow, she's the best so many times she would have kicked the butts of bad guys with no super powers

Black Widow is a billion times better than Wonder Woman, Scarlet Witch( she is downright awful), Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Captain Marvel, Batgirl, Storm, Rogue, Jean Grey, Psylocke, Black Canary, Lady Shiva or any other female ( or male) character Marvel or DC ever decides to throw at us

She's my favorite Scarlett Johnson sure does know how to be black widow well... She is black widow

Who here hates Scarlet Witch but prefers her sister Polaris? Anyway... love Black Widow best superhero male or female

Black Widow is infinity times better than Canary( chill I'm talking about overall character)

She is amazing! Her suit is also amazing! Her powers are also amazing! Love her so much! Why is she in 2nd place guys!

She deservers an origan story she may not have powers but she is an amazing Sheild agent and has some killer connections (Steve and Tony) not forgetting she is great at kicking ass

Black Widow is just rock. I don't believe that Wonder Woman is ahead of her!

I like wonder women, but you don't have to have powers to be a great hero

Lets not forget she has no fear like in "LUCY"

She doesn't have superpowers yet she is the best hero in my opinion

Black widow should be number 1 I mean she's good she can take a hit

I never really saw what was so "super" about Natasha. She's a great supporting player and a good foil for the Avengers, but it's not like she could carry her own title for long. - KnutHudson

She is like totally awesome because that's the way she was born

Marvel's answer to Batman but better

Everyone dislike Wildcats comment in the Canary comments

YESSS! Black Widow deserves credit. Everyone always underestimates the superheroes without powers! Look at her! She rocks! She is like an assassin with red hair and two guns! Come on!

You should do only doc and another for marvel

Yes black widow deserve no.2 after number 1 wonder woman