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21 Emma Frost Emma Frost Emma Grace Frost is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, most commonly in association with the X-Men . The character first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #129 (January 1980), and was created by writer Chris Claremont and artist/co-writer John Byrne . Emma Frost, more.

She's sexy, smart and powerful. How can you not love her?

I wish I could turn my whole body into diamond! Wow!

Emma frost turned evil

I prefer her as a Super Villain but anyway, she is the best female Super Hero and even the best Super Hero at all. She is smart, rich, attractive, exeptionally intelligent, can switch her gorgous body into diamond form and masters telepathy as nobodyelse. - Toshin

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22 Phoenix (X Men)

Why the hell is phoenix at 10 as She should be at 1
She is one of the most powerful beings in the universe and could wipe out any other hero, so am I wrong here?

Phoenix should be #1! She can't be killed & she has the strongest powers! She is a bad ass!

Phoenix is the best ever way better than wonder woman phoenix would burn her ass off

Phoenix is one of the most powerful characters in the marvel comics. Moreover, phoenix has unlimited powers and is badass!

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23 Batwoman

Sexy and powerful. Love the original redheaded beauty!

Just not enough of Batwoman printed..What was is terrific & exciting :O)

24 Vixen V 2 Comments
25 Mystique Mystique

She is awesome she can manipulate people and transform into whoever she wants to be to trick people. She is the ultimate superhero/villain

Mystique is amazing what kind of list is this worst list ever

She is a villain

Sh is so awesomeee

26 Xena Xena Xena is a fictional character from Robert Tapert's Xena: Warrior Princess franchise. Co-created by Tapert and John Schulian, she first appeared in the 1995–1999 television series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, before going on to appear in Xena: Warrior Princess TV show and subsequent comic book more.

I used to watch this as a kid. Other female superheros on here aren't as popular as Xena. The others we're all sidekicks and shows up once in a blue moon. But Xena was different and she stands as the lead actress and was pretty good and legitimized character

Best backstory and history of any female superhero - a reformed villain trying to make amends who still struggles with her dark side. Gorgeous and probably the only female heroine ever depicted on T.V. that actually looks like she could kick ass.

27 Elastic Girl V 1 Comment
28 Kitty Pryde Kitty Pryde Katherine Anne "Kitty" Pryde is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, commonly in association with the X-Men.

Tried to grab her sexy ass, but she phase it. No wonder she's a great survivor of the X-Men.

She awesome and in the Ultimate universe dated Spiderman

She is my favorite marvel person

She can go through walls she is amazing

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29 Valkyrie

She rocks in the defenders

30 Wasp Wasp

Wasp is amazing, and my favorite Super hero. I feel like Ant Man did her no justice at all though. She didn't even get a chance to be WASP, she only gets a costume at the end. She spent the whole movie complaining, whining, and real brought nothing to this movie.

One of the founders of the Avengers and just a joy to watch and see what she will say next, Jan has to be one of the most light hearted and kind superheros I can think of

Wasp is like ant man except she can fly

My favorite female superhero - Triceratops

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31 Harley Quinn Harley Quinn Harley Quinn is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly as a sidekick of the Joker.

Jokers sidekick and sometimes girlfriend, just as crazy as him but female.

She rids a motorcycle and always tries to kill Robbin!

So insanely crazy

Why is she so low? ;-;

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32 Pantha
33 Spider Woman Spider Woman

Imagine coming back to Earth after being kidnapped by aliens only to find out they where shapshifters and used your face to take over the world. It's now vilified near Hitler levels. That's Spider-Woman's life, oh, did I mention she is trying to escape her family ties to Hydra? Talk about bad luck.

All around bad ass and had a wicked cartoon back in the day!

Spider Woman deserves her own modern cartoon or movie. Spider man gets so much recognition so she deserves it too.

She is the best female superheroine

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34 Tigra Tigra
35 Tank Girl Tank Girl Tank Girl is a British comic book created by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin. Originally drawn by Jamie Hewlett, it has also been drawn by Philip Bond, Glyn Dillon, Ashley Wood, Warwick Johnson-Cadwell, Jim Mahfood, Brett Parson, Jonathan Edwards, Craig Knowles, Rufus Dayglo, Andy Pritchett, and Mike more.
36 Spider-Girl

What about Spider-Girl, sure maybe she's not as famous as Spider-Woman and definitely not Spider-Man, but she still deserves to be on here.

Spidergirl is Spiderman and Mary Jane's daughter. She is smart and strong just like Spiderman just she's a girl. She fights crime and goes to a nice school but that will never stop her from being spidergirl

37 Psylocke Psylocke Psylocke is a fictional superheroine appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, commonly in association with the X-Men.

She is asian and british! A very sexy vixen. She has telepathy and cab create a god damn katana via her mind! Go psylocke

Psylocke is badass! She has telekinetic and can teleport through shadows and can change people's memories and virtually can do whatever she wants to another person's mind. She is also a model am was a racecar driver! She was one of the Xmen.

Psylocke is hot and is cool and powerful come on put her higher

She so cool

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38 Callisto
39 Black Cat

I still want to see Black Cat in a Spider Man movie or one of her own. She is sexy, sassy, and strong willed and she deserves screen time.

40 Violet
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