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Serena's power serve and overall game would overwhelm any of the other top 10 candidates for the number 1 spot. The only debate is Steffi Graf. I think if they played 10 games head to head, Serena would win 6 or 7 out of 10. Steffi and Margaret Court look a bit better on paper and statistically, but many of Margaret's wins were before the Open Era. And Steffi was helped by Monica Seles being stabbed during her prime and removed as competition. Serena deserves the top spot. Serena is very likely to reach at least 22 Grand Slams, and tie Steffi. Serena, Steffi, Martina, Chris, and Margaret are the all time top 5.

I think she has the most powerful serve the women's game has ever seen. I think Graf and Navratilova would come in second and third (though maybe not in that order). Though Martina and Steffi were both great champions, I don't think they were quite as powerful or fast as Serena. Yes, Graf beat Serena before, but I think Serena was on her way in and Steffi was on her way out. Neither player was at her peak.

She is great on the court as well as off. This lady and her sister have gone through a lot of hard times faced with challenges such as economic difficulty, competition, and racism. But Serena has come through as the greatest tennis player on earth even when coaches such as John McEnroe refused to coach her because she was black! Kick white butt Serena!

Serena point blank is the best female tennis player that has ever lived. Her serve is not only the best serve on the WTA it would easily rank in the top 15 on the men's tour. When Serena is at her best no woman who has ever play tennis could win more than a game per set. Serena beat Graf when she 16 years old... Graf the second best player of all time at 29 was beaten by Serena... Enough said.

There is no doubt that Serena Williams is in fact, the greatest player of all time. She has the best serve by a female that I have ever witnessed; combine this with the power and velocity of her game, she almost becomes unbeatable. Serena Williams, the greatest of all time? Do you even need to ask?

Superbe groundstrokes, on the forehand and backhand side, great athlete, the greatest after her sister Venus I think, capable at the net, though not as good as Venus, mentally the strongest player ever, the best serve ever in the women's game (first and second serve). So much power, yet a smart game if she plays her best. Brings back balls no other player except for Venus could bring back. Great on every surface. I am not talking about who has/had the greatest career but who are, talent wise, the best ever. For me, that are the Williams sisters. - Svenfcg

Serena's flawless match performances are a joy to watch. She keeps her eye on that fluffy green ball, she admits her mistakes and defeats, appreciates her fans, supporters and family and is respectful to her opponents. Why is she second? She is World Number 1 Female Tennis Player. She is

New to the game, a fan of the game or a professional player, one cannot deny that her game is pure quality.
Strategic, powerful and simply entertaining to watch.

What more can I say about Serena she is just the best tennis player I'ver seen, growing up watching was no doubt the best tennis games I've ever seen, in fact I prefer watching her then any guy tennis player.

Graf beat Serena when she was just pro beginner. If they started to go pro the same time, Graf has no chance at all. But mind you, I am an Avid Graf fan, because she was too good... But that was before Serena came.

Best technique, most achieving at the age of 32 still number one! That has to be unbeatable by any other. To me, the most self believing sports or non-sports person. She inspires me more than any other.

Not only she is a great tennis player, this woman defintitely had the odds against her. Not only being Afro-American, she did not come from wealth. She had to practice along with her sister Venus Williams on a concrete tennis court for long hours with her father. The woman honed her craft to become the best tennis player of all time.

If one compares Serena Head to head records with any other player who lived in her Era she comes on top. So she is the greatest ever.

There is tougher competition today, people are hitting the ball harder now and Serena is beating women way younger than her. Hands down she is the greatest.

Age 32! Number one in the world. Two grand slams, year ending championships, 76-4 for the year! Oh my god! 17-4 in grand slams finals! The best ever! What did steffi do at 32?

serena is totally the best. my next choice would be her sister venus

Serena is the best tennis player of all time. My next choice would be her sister venus. These two women should be number 1 and 2. The only person I would allow to be in front of serena and venus is maria sharapova.

Serena is the strongest female tennis as this moment and if she stays fit for the next three years, she could still add more grand slams to her collection.

To be frank she is the best female tennis player. Her power is so dominating that many other female tennis player are even not to return it. In next order are Martina and Graf. - divphygamer

Its not all about grand slams no one can compete with her from any generation when she plays her best

Serena Williams is the best female player of all time and is better than Steffi Graf and any other player in history.

Serena is in a tennis world and class all by her self. No one past or present and I dare say future, will come close. At least not in her lifetime.

Serena is awesome. I love how she played her hardest and won the Australian Open while carrying a child.

Hands down the best ever. Only Steffi Graf comes close but lets face it prime to prime Serena beats Graf at least 7 times out of 10.

Serena could possibly be the best tennis player of all time. She could also be one of the best athletes of all time as well.