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1 Alyssa Valdez (ADMU)

Wow valdez you are the champion and mvo to the hearts of philippine volleyball in shortnterm ikaw na

She really inspires a lot volleyball enthusiast, because of her sweet smile and determination to win in every game.

Phenom for Philippine Volleyball!

I love vball because of my idol...Alyssa valdez!

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2 Victonara Galang (DLSU)

Awarded as "Rookie of the Year" in her freshman year and "Most Valuable Player" in her sophomore year, Galang appeared in all of the statistics except for the setting department for which she is not a setter. - crockydyle

Ara Galang is a consistent player, she's great and strong. No player even can defeat her capability to play volleyball.

She can do a lot whenever she's on court. As you can observe she's never been substituted in de la salle and yet she can still move as if nothing happens

She's Started her Career a Champion and End a Champion! Only The "THE GREAT' herself Ara Galang! The Best and most intelligent player in PH Volleyball. No one can beat her as an All aroung player. A living legendary player already.

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3 Rachelle Anne Daquis (FEU)

This player is really timeless. Had been into her play since her UAAP days. Had seen her struggles, victories and defeat. She knows how to stand and bounce back for every fall. One step backward.. , two steps forward! - her patented hop, summarizes her character.

Always been a positive inspiration. To make a person interested in volleyball when the sport really doesn't matter at the beginning is such a big accomplishment. Had been following and supporting Philippines' women volleyball because of Daquis!

If the criteria for being the best would be pure skill and talent, I would pick Valdez or Aiza M. But embodying the enitre sport, putting heart in every play, establishing leadership and gracing the court with passion... Is DAQUIS.. Should have been number ONE on this list...

She's really the FACE of the Philippine Volleyball. Not maybe to best but definitely the most popular and famous.

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4 Aleona Denisse Santiago (NU)

She's No. 1 for me merely because she can play as middle hitter/quicker, open spiker, back row attacker, she has improved her defense at the back line. What else can you ask for if she's on your team? She just needs to be more aggressive on her attacks like any other players here.

Best volleyball player I've ever seen in the women's league.

Dindin you are no. 1 cause you are the star in volleyball in the Philippines not others

We all know that in volleyball, height is might and during her time, she had the determination to win in every match although she might easily get angry, dindin has the potential to play volleyball.

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5 Aiza Maizo (UST)

She's really precise with her spikes and she can easily improvise with her attacks. She's also a high-spirited team member that also lifts her teammates morale.

Best utility player I've ever seen, and definitely one of the best female players that has graced the Philippine volleyball court. Superb blocking skills, very versatile and smart. Showcases great variation of attacks, knows how to score without always relying on power. Always gives off a calm and composed aura on the court even under high pressure. A leader by example, always uplifts members when down. Very humble.

Scoring machine and closer, utility player, best variations of attacks, excellent in defense. Superb skills

The phenom on her UAAP Days. She is a very deadly weapon of the Tigresses when it comes to scoring and reception. Her leadership qualities is also exceptional as she knows how to motivate her teammates when they are down and trailing!

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6 Maria Angeli Tabaquero (UST)

The captain of the RP Team, in my opinion, is the best female volleyball player in the Philippines for her strong defense, consistent serves, and power attacks. - crockydyle

A great captain, a strong player. What else can a volleyball team ask for? Tabaquero have it all. Power attacks, strong defense and offense. I really love watcHiNg your game.

Should be in the top 3 on this list!

Maria Angelie Tabaquero is a full package outside hitter I said so because aside from her high percentage offense she can also contributes to defense. Angge Tabaquero is a very efficient and smart outside hitter. I haven't seen anyone like Angge Tabaquero.

She should be the top 2 on the list.

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7 Jovelyn Gonzaga (USLS)

You seldom see her with a bad game... Very underrated

The best left handed spiker I've ever seen

Killer lefty running hit.

Best of the best!
all around player t
he hard working genius

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8 Alyja Daphne Santiago (NU)

She is the star of the philippine womens volleyball since 90% of her attacks are about to point.

She is the tallest volley ball girl and she my idol

She is the new star of the philippine volleyball since 90% of her attacks are about to point

I hope Jaja Santiago will be competing as an import

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9 Abigail Marano (DLSU)

She's formidable in the defensive end and can let you eat dust in the offense.
Consistent, dependable and a great team leader.

There can never be another BMDC queen than Marano. Her fierceness and leadership on court is what separates her from all other middle blockers. Not only is she an epitome of leadership but also of excellence having claimed two MVP awards during her collegiate stint; as well as multiple Best Middle Blocker awards from her collegiate and up to her Semi-pro league career.

Because she is a great leader. She encourage her team to fight and enjoy the game

Because she like a dream nastika girl in history and most blokk at all time she can play as a fight and enjoy his leader and confident and she enjoy the fight of his team mate and succesfullness gilll in the world!

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10 Venus Bernal (UST)

Her strong attacks were impressive

She is still the queen of Philippine Volleyball, Her down the line attack is still the greatest of all the players. No one can beat that.

She's the BEST that's all

Magaling talaga and idol...

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11 Jia Morado

Even a rookie last year then I believe she's the best setter that season... Ateneo's unbelievable championship was perfectly steered by her... Her talent for me loomed far better than those of the veterans... Though she's got alyssa valdez as her main gun and the top scorer of the league... Her mastery of navigation with all the other guns of the team was superior to all the other setters of the other teams... There could be some slight shorts in the tabulations but overall I see this young lady the smartest and bravest risk taker of her business... And that's why they became 2x champions already... These next remaining years for her will be fruitful and I believe her steering will be the one great element for repeat championships for the team... God bless... !

Now I think this type of players should be in a different category than those of the likes of Alyssa Valdez. 'Cause a team simply can't function without a setter. And who does the job better than Jia Morado? In such a young age too. I honestly think that she is just as great as her teammate Valdez, it just so happens that they have different positions. And unfortunately, hers just doesn't get that much credit.

My interest in volleyball started season 76 and I think Jia deserves to be among the top ten, just like in basketball she's the point guard dictating plays and she already got the best setter award.

Great navigator and court leader. Best when off court as she shows great example during practice and in any team activities.

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12 Rubie De Leon (UST)

Energetic player and best setter

I voted rubie as best women volleyball player for her excellent plays and performance as a setter na talagang key sa panalo ng team nya.

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13 Mary Jean Balse (UST)

Had won so many MVP awards from several tournaments.

Had won many mvp over the others and had won many championship teams over the others

One of the best player ever

The Legend!

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14 Myla Pablo (NU)

A perfect approach, ball contact and powerful hits would be best to describe her.

Myla is good in playing volleyball... She's also beautiful.

She si simply the best volleyball player! And my partner loves her so much!

A best spiker and its proven by winning her team pocari back to back championship,i like her determination to be a champion,bawi na lang kayo uli and I know you can make it

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15 Jaja Santiago (NU)

Jaja catches the eye of China star after turning in the best performance for Philippines

Cool spikes from above!

Jaja santiago is very pretty player and so very good attacker

Jaja is the best player the nu lady buldog

from jade

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16 Fille Cainglet (ADMU)

For me the smartest player today. She is not only an explosive ofensive player but one of the best defensively!

I love fille cainglet!

I'm a big fan of this bacolod lass


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17 Dennise Lazaro (ADMU)

Denise is the best!

Den is the best among the rest of digging and receiving!

Best Digger! Always there for coverage and she knows where the ball will land


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18 Jennylyn Reyes (NU)

She is the best libero in the Philippines now.

Jen Reyes is the BEST!

She is a great libero and very athletic women

Great libero n one of the best player of all time

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19 Michele Gumabao (DLSU)

You don't want to meet her near the net...

She had a strong hand

She's beautiful

She's not a scorer all the time but her heart and enthusiasm when in court makes you feel like your watching them personally. She's indeed a very good leader and the HEART to every team.
#gumabao7 #♥ToEveryGame!

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20 Stephanie Mercado (DLSU)

Great player of all time.

Agree great player of all time... Two thumbs up...

She's the real phenom... Greatest player of time...

Boom Paneng!

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