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41 Ennajie Laure (UST)

She's the best player 4 me, go idol!

The super rookie of ust



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42 Diana Mae Carlos (UP)
43 Honey Royse Tubino (UPHSD)

She is strong when it comes to spiking'

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44 Bea De Leon (ADMU)

My best rookie of this season... I'd actually fight for her not being given that award... Though she missed a number of games due to injury I believe she was by far the best among all her batchmates... Even not fully recovered we have witnessed how she played strong attack and defense at the net... ! Even after being blocked she just keeps going... And does not mind at all being outsmarted at her defense she just keeps at it as if there's no tomorrow coming... For me she's my top workhorse with amy ahomiro at the net... See her become more potent in her coming seasons and she'll be one factor for ateneo's next championships... God bless... !

Will like any other rookie have her start days! Watchout, it may be the last and may just surprise everyone with her skill. Most importantly the ones honed by Coach Tai!

A Very TALL rookie of ADMU, she kills the ball with a purpose

Very good in blocking and quick attacks

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45 Angeline "Dzi" Gervacio (ADMU)

I know idol you can do it to the top!

The Queen of Jump Serve!

I like her jump serve

Magaling siya.. specially sa kanyang mga jump killer serve

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46 Rosemarie Vargas (FEU)

One of the powerful open attacker here in the phil!

UAAP74 Best scorer. She's not only has a powerful spike but also she is great receiver/defender! Wait for her recovery and she will rock the floor

47 Amy Ahomiro (ADMU)

Season 77 finals mvp... ! Another top player at the net for me... Offense and defense... ! Especially blocking... She really is so good at that that her blocks are so timed to deny very important game changer points for the opponent... ! Her leftie quicks are so good the other side can't track her... And so witty she just simply finds awkwardly guarded locations to pitch the ball for score... She will be one factor for ateneo's next championship after the 2 they just had... God bless... !

She is so very wonder player of ateneo

She's good in blocking. I love her...

The second best player in ateneo...

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48 Bernadeth Pons (FEU)

Her attacks are pure sheer power.

She is one of the most powerful spike and very talented girl that I ever see.

Laser light precision on her attacks.

She's my IDOL. Powerful open hitter!

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49 Kiwi Ahomiro

Best ever middle blocker and attacker

I really love her attentiveness in the net. For me she is one of the best middle blocker and take note she got awarded MVP final last UAAP

Kiwi love kiwi great blocker

Kiwi is a nice player

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50 Charlize Fagara (Manresa School)
51 Cherry Ann Rondina (UST)

She needs to moved up on the second one.

She was all around player than others... dapat nasa top si rondina

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52 Cha Cruz

Shes a good spiker and a good team mate

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53 Cyd Demecillo (DLSU)

She is underrated but her value on the floor is significant.

The idiot player in the Philippines.

Shes not idiot, and shes noit a loser. Shes a good and motivated player in the Philippines

She is good!

54 Lilet Mabbayad (UST)
55 Joanna Botor-Carpio (UST)

With the skills and experience that she have playing with the best in Asia, She is the best setter ever to emerge in Philippine Volleyball. I love her so much! Pa... =)

56 Rhea Katrina Dimaculangan (UST)

The best ant the most consistent player of all time. Including best blocker.

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57 Marie Toni Basas (Feu)

A strong and powerful attacker

58 Nicole Anne Tiamzon (UP)

Very smart player :) has variation in her attacks

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59 Michelle Morente

What I love about this player is her boastfulness in the court. Not afraid of attacking

She's well trained. Just give her time to adjust. She didn't play for one year.

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60 Kathy Bersola

The Best Female Blocker In The Philippines. Solid Blocker

The best team captain of up fighting maroons

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