Best Female Volleyball Players In the Philippines


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61 Charo Soriano

I love her... She's my idol first to valdez

I love her too ^^

62 Nicole Anne Tiamzon (UP)

Very smart player :) has variation in her attacks

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63 Michelle Morente

What I love about this player is her boastfulness in the court. Not afraid of attacking

She's well trained. Just give her time to adjust. She didn't play for one year.

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64 Kathy Bersola

The Best Female Blocker In The Philippines. Solid Blocker

The best team captain of up fighting maroons

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65 Michelle Datuin (DLSU)

I just love her. Esp season 71 days

66 Maruja Banaticla (UST)

She is one of the best volleyball player in the Philippines. Since her rookie year in the UST womens Volleyball team.

UAAP beach volleyball MVP and back to back champions with Judy Caballejo

67 Kara Acevedo
68 Kristine Joy Bulawan (FEU)

This girl is ferocious when she spikes.

This is a tumblr chick inside.

The girl with the big smiles

She's one of the Best

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69 Nene Bautista (AU)

She is the best female volleyball player

She plays very smart.

A good spiker

70 Maddie Madayag

Has the skills and is very charming

She is so beautiful and a fast spiker

A promising Middle Hitter. Very deserving to be a stater on her sophomore year, she was 5'11" in height that very ideal for her position she has the power, quickness, timing and agressiveness at the net and with high efficiency at the service line... this season78 no one in Middle Position can spike in a running hit as fast as she did. Great package! At her young age of 18 she has a lot more to prove.

#queen of ace dahil sa aling nya sa service aces

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71 Joana Maraguinot (ADMU)

She is the next Top Scorer for Ateneo

She is Super good

She's very good in volleyball the next super star of ateneo, next
To alyssa

Best attacker

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72 Roma joy Doromal (NU)
73 Eya Laure V 1 Comment
74 Buitre (UP)

She's one of the best Middle Blocker/Quicker of the UAAP Tournament. She's one of my idol.

75 Jamenea Ferrer (ADMU)

Yeah! The best setter I've ever seen

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76 Mozzy Ravena (UST)

Best player and courtside reporter haha

77 Jacqueline Alarca (DLSU)

I like the way she played the game she's not playing for her own but as a team... a good example of a team leader...

78 Dahlia Cruz (LPU)
79 Suzanne Roces (UE) V 1 Comment
80 Carmela Lopez (UP)
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