Victonara Galang (DLSU)


Despite not having the most individual awards, she still has the raw talent in order to stay on the list. A sturdy blocker, steady digger, calm passer, intelligent spiker, and last but not the least, deadly behind the service line. She may not have the attitude like other players that brings up the team, but she still has that kind of appearance that makes her look like she's playing calmly and confidently and that kind of aura helps her team keep their wit and motivation up!

Not only as the best spiker, but also as the best player among her generation thanks to her unmatched defense and offense. Not to mention her hopping power and as well as her flexibility while in mid-air every time she does her undecipherable craft whenever a set is given to her.

She may not be THE BEST SPIKER, but SHE IS THE BEST PLAYER. She's all around in the court. She's a blocker, a spiker, a digger - she's a true volleyball player unlike others. She's really a smart player while in the court. She really know how to play. Volleyball is not only about how hard you spike, but it's about How well you play inside the court. And I think, ARA GALANG shows it off.

She's the Michael Jordan of volleyball.. ,she's a phenom.. Period..

Ara Galang is very confident of her self because she can contribute allot of points in her team and also she is a "ROOKIE" so that she have a lot of chance that she can be number 1 player in the Philippines not only in the Philippines but in the whole world

A Beautiful and Humble player. Ara Galang has it all. She's not only a strong attacker, she's a smart player as well. She's all-around. Stats won't lie. She deserves her awards and most of all, she deserves the MVP award more than anyone else. I love Ara.

Ara is an all-around player. She's the jack of all trades in volleyball and master of most skills. This is unlike others who are so overrated just because they can spike and smile at the same time. She's also very unassuming and genuinely humble - which probably are among her best assets because the opponents tend to underestimate what she is capable of.

It should be ARA will be number 1 because she is a very active player during in the court than other players in other team and no one can defeat ARA when we talk about volleyball.

Ara Galang is the best female volleyball as she is an all around player. From spiking, blocking to service and even when it comes to digging/receiving. Accuracy and variety of spikes like "cut shot", "cross court", "off the block", etc. and her famous "down the line". When you say "Down the line" definitely Ara Galang owned it. Also tagged as Ara "The Great" Galang. Recovering from 3 knee injuries but getting back on playing better as ever. Always giving her all, a volleyball player worth watching and an inspiration.

The Ever reliable player of Philippines women's volleyball player. She spikes like a thunder, serves deadly as an arrow, Blocks, Digs and gives the best receptions per game. She can be tagged as the next Ms. Everything. She humbly accepts defeat and leading by example her team in times of triumphs. She undoubtedly has the qualification of a Volleyball player that can bring our country in the international games.

Ara is the best all-around player in Philippine volleyball. She is a champion not only in indoor volleyball but also in beach volleyball as well. Her quick-minded offense makes for hard to read shots while her defense in the net and on the floor is truly commendable.

Although she may have lost some of her offensive form because of her injuries, she has proven herself to be one of the most dependable athletes in her team. She always gives her best whenever she is playing in any spot around the court.

I have no doubt that she can go back to her MVP form and perform her best in the professional league in national and international grounds.

Ara Galang is the most versatile player. Aside from being one of the greatest hitters, she's also great in serving, blocking, digging and receiving. She is really smart when playing. Kudos to Ara Galang!

An all around player, smartest of all aside from being strong on her attacks she knows where to drop the kill and angle her body and arms. Worthy to watch I love her variety. Truly an MVP.

Her consistency in playing speaks it all. To be a number one should be a well rounded person, I guess statistics said that it is Galang and should be Galang and her attitude of being humble and always yearns to earn and improve is really a plus!

Ara Galang is unquestionably one of the best volleyball players the Philippines has ever produced. She has the talent and the attitude that a real player should have. She had proven her best both as to offense and defense. She plays with power, intelligence and character. She even had remarkable plays which plays later became her trademarks. She is truly admirable for her versatility and that what makes her the best.

What can you ask for from Ara Galang? She's one of the best players in our country. She was in 6 statistical stats out of 7! An all-around-player. Very good reception and deadly on the service line too!

A very consistent player... like a beast whenever she plays inside the court and her spikes really burns!

A captain with a very strong fighting spirit, Vic uplifts her team mates in their every hopeless game. She is the best for me. Go for revenge "VIC" I knew you can to it to your last playing year.

Ara Galang Deserved to be the MVP

Ara Galang is really underrated. She is a smart and an overall player. She can do anything aside from setting inside the court. When you have Ara Galang, what more can you ask for

Ara is such a great icon of volleyball. She has the ability to turn the game upside down. Even if La Salle has a low score in the early part of a game, she is there to save the day!

I think she could even be in top 2 or in top 1 with her skills in her young age

The best open spiker I have ever seen. And probably be he most beautiful.

A very consistent player. She can play all-around thanks to her great defense along with her sneaky offense. No doubt an mvp award-worthy.

ARA GALANG is a versatile player, she can do things what others can do. She is not depending oh her solid hits and strong spike rather she is focused on how she is going t execute a perfect hit to score, a really smart player. POWER<SMART

Ara galang is a best spiker, she's great, smart and strong. Power attacks, strong defense and offense. I really love watcHiNg your game.