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1 Big Girls Don't Cry

By now I would say it is the best ballad I've ever heard. Lyrics and melody are delicious. I'm in love with this song and, by extension, with its sweet writer and singer

its the best song ever... fergie rocks

With no doubt this ballad is Fergie's best song, initially it was not to be in her debut album but the song stand out to strong to miss it..., the rest is history - MatrixGuy

Lyrics, Song, music arrangement and atmosphere is incredible good, I almost cried when listening to it!

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2 Glamorous

Best pop song!
Fergie roxxxxx...

This song would fit for the Rothschild and Rockefeller families with their massive bank accounts. They're rich, even though Fergie isn't a billionaire.

Gets me every time I it was more successful than big girls don't cry

I think this song is the most beautiful song ever. I love fergie music. she is a very talented singer and has an amazing voice. I love her music and she is very talented at what she does and sings beautiful.

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3 Fergalicious

She rocks! A really funny song! Modern day Willy Wonka factory. Best song of Fergie! "Fergacilious definition makes the boys go loco! ".

This is a very fun song and very upbeat and catchy! Will.I. am is great and they both mix well

She sounds so hot in this song. I can visualize her in that dress on stage and that voice matches her personality.

I am happy this songs is in the top 3 altough I wish it was number 1 or 2, but big girls don't cry and glamorous deserve it if that is what the people want.

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4 London Bridge

Awesome song
She has one of the most powerful vocals ever
I love London so it's one of my favorite songs
On my playlist

The best song I had ever herd.

I love the beat, sound and effects. It is the BEST SONG Ever I love it

Whenever you listen to it, you can't stop yourself from dancing!

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5 Clumsy

Wow! The pest ever heard song! Wow! Superb! Haha too funny

Best song EVER! Its definitely my fave Fergie song. I just love her! She is my favorite singer EVER!

I think that your song is very cool

This is the song that whenever you hear it, you want to put it on repeat. - swrs1234

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6 My Humps

I love this song so true all the boys won't theses humps

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7 Boom Boom Pow

My favorite song of hers other than her new hit single La La Love.

8 I Just Cant Get Enough UListen to Sample
9 I Gotta Feeling
10 M.I.L.F.$

Fergie's attempt to be a bad girl.

A succesfull attempt.

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11 L.A. Love

This is the best song of fergie. It deserves to be in top 3

Really catchy song. One of fergie's best so far

The "BEST" song for me

I love this song!

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12 Gettin' Over You

I love her vocals in this song because they are very strong and of course David Guetta's beats are amazing as usual.

This is an awesome song by David Guetta, Fergie, Chris Willis and LMFAO. The beat is awesome and so is the vocals in this song.

awesome song by david guetta with fergie singin it - decorulez97

This is not just Fergies greatest song, its also David Guetta's, LMFAO's and Chris Willis'. The beat is epic and the vocals produced by Fergie in this are also EPIC!

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13 Here I Come UListen to Sample
14 Party People UListen to Sample
15 Pump It

Love this song! Love Fergie!

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16 Losing My Ground

I love this song! Completely underrated.. :/

This song is not on the list? I love it! Fergie forever!

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17 Finally

Gorgeous like a fairy tale...

This is a truly beautiful song, which should rank higher in this chart.

Bomb princess can't get enough!

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18 Labels or Love

This is true, if we have a known label on us its hard to feel loved and to find love from another. She states this really well in the song.

This song is great. I love you fergie

I love this song! Sex and the City Forever!

I don't know this song! O wel

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19 A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)

Why isn't it higher?

Why isn't this masterpiece higher? It's the perfect, non-generic/try-hard party bop

This is my lady jam

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20 Beautiful Dangerous

AMAZING! She sounds so much better doing heavier stuff.

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21 Paradise City

Love this Song!

22 Won't Let You Fall

Good one.

This is her best song yet. It has rhythm, great vocals and just a perfect song.

The most amazing song on this planet

One of the best! - bobbyboo123

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23 All That I Got (The Make Up Song) UListen to Sample
24 Bailamos

What?...32... Come on people, it should be in top 3. It's such an amazing song

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25 Hey Mama
26 Enchanté (Carine) UListen to Sample
27 Pedestal

So good and very incouraging. Great Message but still has the classic fergie sass.

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28 Barracuda UListen to Sample
29 Voodoo Doll UListen to Sample
30 Times Will Change

It should be in the top ten at least!

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31 Feel Alive UListen to Sample
32 Meet Me Halfway UListen to Sample
33 Suddenly
34 Be Italian UListen to Sample
35 Impacto UListen to Sample
36 Velvet UListen to Sample
37 Mary Jane Shoes UListen to Sample
38 M.I.L.F. $ - Fergie UListen to Sample
39 Kleopatra
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1. Fergalicious
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