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1 Enzo

Looks awesome, sounds awesome, has and awesome name, and is, overall, awesome.

It is not called "Enzo" for nothing. The signature model! - aeromaxx777

The sexiest car of all time and my favourite man I wish I had one of these - decorulez97

My name is Enzo!

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2 F40

Hands down the best car ever made. Truly a race car that is barely road legal. If you ever get to drive one, you will see for yourself. I would sell my first born for one...

The last model to be personally approved by Enzo Ferrari himself. This car is a classic and was unmatched for its time

3 458 Italia

What can I say, so slick so laid

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4 F430
5 F12 Berlinetta

Really fast and really hot

6 LaFerrari

Agera R is fastest you stupid idiot. LaFerrari doesn't even hit 225mph

Easily the best looking Ferrari of them all.

The fastest car in the world

7 250 California
8 F430 Spyder

a racing version of the enzo - moose4life19

10 F50

F 50 and the F50 GT are perfect, I cannot even belive that ant eater Enzo car is 1.

The Contenders

11 599 GTO
12 Ferrari FF
13 550 Barchetta
14 599XX

The exhaust sound of this car is absolutely insane

15 250 GT

Farrari top

16 360 Spyder
17 Testarossa

It's been awesome since the days of Miami Vice.

18 360
19 Daytona

One of the most beautiful cars ever created. Amazing, just amazing!

20 612 Scaglietti
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1. LaFerrari
2. Enzo
3. 458 Italia
1. Enzo
2. F430
3. F40



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