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21 FIFA 09 V 1 Comment
22 FIFA 12

This was the year that FIFA changed everything and people actually began to play Ultimate Team

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23 FIFA 10

It was an amazing game. please play this

24 Fifa Street 2

Amazing game. So much fun to play especially with others.

It was released during the best years of the last decade when we had amazing players such as Ronaldinho, Beckham, Del Piero, Nedved, Zidane, CR7, Messi among many others; and it had very nice graphics and one of the best soundtracks in any FIFA game. The best FIFA Street game and one overall one of the best of all the brand.

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25 2006 FIFA World Cup

One of the shocking world cup ever played the was a great goals and then there was a really best year of the players like ronaldinho, zidane (red card in final against Italy (champion of that year) because kicking other Italian player in chest with head)

26 FIFA 17

The best graphics. New features in Ultimate Team. Journey Mode. Do I need to continue?

Just gets better and better with new releases

Frostbite upped this game. been playing since fifa98 and blows all others away

really fun

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27 FIFA 99

The first game I ever played. Was incredibly good for its time and still is for that matter... I love FIFA

This was the first one that I played with, I was very impressed - MatrixGuy

I remember playing as arsenal and bergkamp was a BEAST SON! The transfer system was kool.

It important game and revelutionay

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28 FIFA 15

Those graphics are amazing, it just feels as good as FIFA 12 for me, I can understand the price ranges and extinct players pissing people off, but 27 is a very low number

Great movement and fast paced gameplay, loved putting my friends to shame on it. Favorite Fifa by far.

This is just behind cause it's new. Vote it up. AND THIS IS THE BEST EVER, YET! :D

Shooting from distance is so satisfying

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29 FIFA Soccer 2003

Voting for this FIFA simply because of the awesome teams back then that sadly are not as strong now such as Leeds, Lens, Deportivo... Amazing times.

Having a league with the 5 star teams (10/10) how cool was that!?

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30 FIFA World Cup 2014

Greatest FIFA game, the people who rated this don't no what FIFA is.

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31 FIFA International Soccer
32 FIFA World Cup 2010
33 FIFA 07
34 FIFA 18

The king of games is here

35 FIFA 2000

Why 22 place? This game is brilliant! It customize is the best on the FIFA series! It should have a much higher position.
P.S. - Sorry for my bad English. I am Polish.

36 FIFA 94
37 FIFA Soccer 64
38 FIFA 2005

All the legends theiry henry ronaldiono I could go on forever

39 FIFA Soccer '97
40 FIFA Soccer '95

My 2nd FIFA game...Loved it...European All-Stars were brilliant! - Dalice

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