Best Fifth Generation Video Game Consoles

The Top Ten

1 Nintendo 64

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Need I say more?

Awesome games, mario kart 64, mario 64, and best super mario brother game, and better quality then the PlayStation. - bilbro29

This is my favorite system of all time. I used to play this when I was a kid with Pete Dorr. We raced to see whoever could get the most stars. I won by just 1 star when I beat Jolly Roger Bay. We were both scared of Unagi.


2 PlayStation

This paved the way for the amazing creativity that comes with PlayStation it improved series like metal gear, final fantasy, and started loads more while still kicking ass with exclusives like Sony always have

Half of the PlayStation games are just for girls: Bust A Groove, Bratz, Barbie Explorer, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and a few more. - playstationfan66

The best controller for the time, great games, only downfall is the 32-bit processor. - noo7na7

The console that started the wave of awesome video gaming that is PlayStation! - BKAllmighty

3 Sega Saturn

I grew up a diehard sega fanatic. When I heard the saturn was coming out, "shut up and take my money." It had less third party developers working for it, but the benefit of that is less shovelware, and tons of hidden gems. Much more reason to one one today than any of the others. Nights into Dreams was amazing, shining force 3 was legendary. I'm still finding games for it that I wish I had back in the day.

Good system, but when compared to the Sega Genesis or Sega Dreamcast, it's nothing to be excited about.

Oh I loved the sega saturn, I remembered when I kept begging my mom for a saturn cause my genesis was destroyed, thanks to my brother spilling water on it, and I was'nt really a Nintendo fan (no offense) but I liked sonic more than Mario and I wasn't sure about the new PlayStation thing and the 3do was too expensive.
One day me and my sister started to collect money for the saturn. After 1 year we got it, and couple months after the dreamcast came out, and some places sold the dreamcast at a lower price than the saturn we just bought and I got so mad :( but few years later I bought the dreamcast and the Wii and the ps3, wcich turned out to be great consoles now I'm happy

It's A Great Sega CD System - Noah02

4 Game Boy Color

This is a good console. - funnyuser

Had some good games for girls. - playstationfan66

5 3DO

This one is better than the Atari Jaguar

This console is awesome. The Graphic is mind blowing, the games are awesome as N64, SNES and PS1 games the only downfall is the expensive price, less games but still cool games and its hard to find a working 3DO console just damn.

Best CD-console before PlayStation.

6 Game Boy Pocket
8 Amiga CD32
9 Apple Bandai Pippin
10 Atari Jaguar

The greatest console in history!

64 Bit my ***

The Contenders

11 Casio Loopy

Who the hell cares if it's aimed at girls?

Released in Japan and aimed at girls. - playstationfan66

12 Virtual Boy

Who put this in here?

I think we were running out of consoles and thought virtual boy - Tyoshi

Cool concept, ruined by rushed development and low number of games.

Trash, I am a Nintendo fan, and still hate the console

This console is terrible why did Nintendo ever thought of teaming up with reflection technology plus it was supposed to be virtual reality but teleroboxer and porbaly others were the only games that are virtual reality what Nintendo

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