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21 Jinchuuriki Obito (10 Tails) vs All Ninjas

It's fight only on the manga.Anime is not relaesed yet.

22 Madara vs Shinobi Ninja Army

Easily the best war scene in the series. the scene gives me goosebumps every time I see it.

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23 Gaara vs Deidara

A treat to watch this aerial fight. Hot Deidara, fast-flying with explosive sculptures, and cool Gaara, wielding immense volumes of sand.

Too bad it was one of the shorter fights in Naruto

24 Hidan vs Asuma

Whaat this is one of the best battles by cameron hardnick

25 Kakashi vs Pain
26 Kages vs Madara
27 Sasuke vs Danzo

The will of Sasuke to avenge his clan from the rebellious order of Danzo. Here is what fans want to see... By the way Danzo Sucks @ss for doing that kind of shttt

28 Sakura vs Sasori

This is way to low. Gaara and Deidara is way higher but that had no major moment like when Sakura and Choji run dodging the needle things

That wasn't Sakura, it was all Lady Chiyo's doing

29 Sasuke vs Kakashi
30 Killer Bee vs Sasuke
31 Naruto vs Orochimaru

Are you all mad have you forgotten this fight. I have seen this fight. It is awesome

32 Hinata vs Neji

Yes, the quality and proportion of the fight can't be compared with the battle of Sakura and Chio vs Sasori, but it has a sentimental side, just like the fight with Lee and Gaara.
Hinata, a girl who was thought to be weak is doing her best in a fight with one of the most powerful member of the Hyuuga family, Neji - who impresses even the strongest participants with his skills. Although she knows that her winning chances are almost non-existent, she's giving her best - just to impress the person she admires - Naruto.
After all, she doesn't win, but manages to resist a good amount of time with Neji, and to shouw that she has the guts to never give up, and a great potential.

33 Naruto vs Neji
34 Orochimaru vs Sarutobi
35 Might Guy vs Madara Uchiha
36 Itachi and Sasuke vs Kabuto
37 Sasuke vs Gaara
38 Rock Lee vs Gaara
39 8th Gate Guy vs Rikudou Madara

Definitely top 5 for sure. You never Guy almost killed him. Ultimate sacrifice and determination.


come on


40 Hinata Hyuga vs Guren

Hinata use to guren her 8 Trigams 32 Palms but hinata is trap in the ice but hinata is Genius he use his chakra and Gamakichi accidentally Fall hinata down and the ice is broke and hinata is not dead she was Strong but she was shy

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