Bruce Lee was an exceptional martial arts exponent. But wouldn't make MMA.

Wake up you dreamers! Bruce Lee was very good at his craft but best fighter in the world ever? Not even top 5. Now I know this will upset many people who grew up in the Bruce Lee era and many younger people who also buy into HYPE. These people are very similar to the 35 year old men who still believe WWE is real. I was a Bruce Lee fan when I was a young impressionable kid, now I can't even sit and watch a Bruce Lee movie, I get embarrassed that I was once in awe of this man. Ok, we hear the stories on how he beat up a whole Do-Jo of martial artists and beat 15 guys 1 after the other but give me a name of 1 world class fighter that he beat? The fact that Chuck Norris is the only name to compare him with at the peak of his ability should indicate the level of fighting at that time. Chuck Norris world Karate champion. Do you remember what karate was like back then? Pathetic! If you believe Bruce could "1 inch" punch a 175pound man and send him flying back 15 feet then your a gullible fool. It was easy to be fooled back then, but to think that is even scientifically/mathematically possible in an educated 2014 mindset tells me you chose with your heart and not your mind. The mind believes what the eye see's. The fact that 90% of people have only seen him fight in movies (acting) says alot about his fan base, so by that mentality Jet Li should be up there aswell (Jet Li has way better fight scenes than those of Bruce's movies) and that has nothing to do with technology because we're not talking high def or 3D, we're talking fight scenes choreographed by the so called best fighter ever and they look 1970 "GOOD" but 2014 amateur. Jet Li did an interview with E news about the fight scenes he did in a movie with Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz and others and he says that in a real fight they would cave the side of his face in. So when you think about the WARS that a guy like Anderson Silver or George St-Pierre have been in against Big Name fighters you struggle to find a comparison of quality fighters Bruce Lee has fought. Think of it like this: if the Olympic stars of 1975 were to be 'young & fit again' in 2016, how many of them would make the cut? They be lucky to get 'all state' Do you think the Beatles would have the same cult following if they were in the same time era as 1direction, Backstreet Boys, Take That, Boys to Men, it's easy to earn a cult following when your the only person doing that particular 'genre' at the time. So why ain't the best MMA/UFC fighters


Bruce Lee is the GOD OF FIGHTING... It was he with his style, speed, looks & skills that the whole manking took Fighting MMA. UFC etc so seriously. Fightinhg was never popular before & was limited to streets/ hooliganism. It was Sir Bruce Lee who transformed... In any case, his actions are absolutely unbelievable & show-stopper even today. - visitor