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21 Randy Couture Randy Couture Randall "Randy" Duane Couture is an American actor, retired mixed martial artist and former collegiate and Greco-Roman wrestler.

People are fools this man won both the heavyweight and light heavyweight title multiple times and he beat all the biggest names of his day liddell Ortiz Silvia Belfort and the list goes on and on this man is a real fighter a hero and the best of all time

He is the smartest fighter of all time. He can come up with a gameplan for anyone and execute it like nobody else. He only loses to elite competition and beats the elite as well in his prime in the years 2000 and 2003 I would pick him over anybody in a fight.

Dominated UFC in his prime

You go randy. you the best.

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22 Floyd Mayweather Jr. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

How is he ahead of Rocky Marciano? Marciano never ducked fights - Sabbath

I don't like him. But he's good in the ring. Not sure about outside the ring!

Mayweather is one of the best fighters in the world believe that


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23 Junior dos Santos Junior dos Santos

His chin is suspect that's it

Best fighter


Accept he got knocked out by alistar overeem

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24 Donnie Yen

Donnie yen learned different kinds of martial arts including western boxing and kick boxing at the very young age now he have got all kinds of skills... He knows how do beat the big guys and how to fight with ten peoples infect he is fast strong like Bruce lee I consider him one of the best martial artist that I've ever seen... ! He is awesome... ! "Like a Cheetah on fire..." which means strong and
Super fast... With the perfect strike bom... !

Best in the world if he got in the ring any ring he win every fight he beats you not with his skills which are the greatest I've seen besides Bruce Lee but with his mind he will beat you he can close his eyes sit down and before you know you on the ground most fighter's don't use it I study ten years and I have been working at it it takes time so with that being said Bruce Lee #1 and Donnie yen #2 now if those 2 went at it. It would be a draw

Donnie Yen is one of the best fighter that I've ever seen...! His kicks his punch, Thw way he Strike with his fist its awesome..I think he should be next to Bruce Lee

The Best

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25 Jason Statham Jason Statham Jason Statham is an English actor. He is known for his roles in the Guy Ritchie crime films Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, and Revolver.

Jason Statham is the best. I'm a big fan.

Jason statham taekwondo champion

Jason statham is a wing chun kung fu master

He is the best!

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26 Manny Pacquiao Manny Pacquiao

Woah, Pacman should be at the top of the list! Number one, I mean. He is our National Hero from the year of His birthday till today. We, Filipinos love him so well that we gave him a lot of jobs to do. He is a boxer, a promoter, a congressman/statesman, a Wall In Their Family's House, a supplier of goods in General Santos City, a vendor of peanuts before, a good, religious guy, a loyal person, a rich fella, an honest human, a guy with strong passions, a persevered Filipino, and a nice guy to have a match with. Wohoo! Pacquaio #1! Hail on you. IDOL!

This Guy did things no man could do 8 division world champion 4 lineal crowns in 4 different
Divisions beats the crap out the best fighters from flyweight to super welterweight
He should be the greatest

He fights not for himself but for his country. He's one of the fighters that started from the very bottom, and look where he is now. He's an inspiration.

One of the greatest boxers of all his prime,he could beat anyone since he could teleport and he was really quick with his strikes.He also never got tired.

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27 Bolo Yeung
28 Joe Lewis

One of the best ever. Period. Didn't matter what style of fighting... Joe kicked A

he was voted number on karate guy he's the best next to bruce lee

29 Wesley Snipes Wesley Snipes V 3 Comments
30 Roy Jones Jr.

Roy Jones will always be the best fighter in the world to me, I really miss those days they were really great times in my book, I don't think he should stop boxing if it makes him happy because in the end a person should never stop doing what they love to do regardless of what other people think:-) Roy Jones forever!

Fastest jab in the business

Fastest boxer of all time!

Mr.j ones Jr. i s amazing. I love him. Even after he lost his speed and athletic ability he still fights on. He doesn't even fight for the money. He does it because he loves to fight. If I ever get the chance to meet him in real life, imma kill anyone who gets in my way. I also love to fight and would love to hear info and tips from him. And y'all prolly think bull Bobby Antonio tarver is better then him...take this...RJJvsAT1 AT got destroyed by an out of prime weight drained RJJ 2- AT won by REALLY lucky shot. 3 AT barely won to an after smoke/drank RJJ in other words he was drunk... Only reason he lost the 3rd biggoshiibbty fight.

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31 Conor McGregor Conor McGregor Conor Anthony McGregor is an Irish mixed martial artist who has primarily competed in the Featherweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and now plans to also fight at Lightweight and Welterweight.

Conor mcgregor is easily the biggest star in the UFC today, he should be number 1 on this list with Jon Jones a close second. Mcgregor is the only fighter in UFC history to hold 2 world championship belts at 2 different weights, there is also a good chance he could go up to welterweight and become the 3 weight world champ. This is not a serious list it is obviously made by people that know nothing about 1 on 1 unarmed combat, half the people are actors and the other half are boxers not fighters. There should be no boxer on this list apart from maybe Mike Tyson as he could knock u out with 1 punch on the way in, I laugh at Floyd Mayweather being on this list lol could u imagine him fighting Conor mcgregor in a real fight it would be over in seconds. Steven Segal that's so funny, just so people know Aikido don't work in a real fight! Out of our actors I have a huge amount of respect for Chuck Norris especially as he has a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu which is worth more than all ...more

Conor is a much better fighter than chuck norris and many other Hollywood actors stated in the top 30 list. I think he should be in the top 4.He has great accuracy and he's a complete fighter who covers many aspects of unarmed combat. Floyd and manny are the greatest 145 pound boxers in history but conor is a complete fighter who has dominated pure unarmed combat and so I believe he should be ahead of both of them.He also has awesome speed, precision, timing and reflexes. Most probably the greatest mma fighter in history.

He should be at the top 10.. He is definitely better than Jet Li and all those Hollywood bull. Look at his stance, his balance, his accuracy. He is not like all those typical mma fighters. His style and his thinking is different.

BEST FIGHTER EVER except bet by floyd mayweather but he's RETIRED well at least I think!

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32 Mirko Filipovic

"after emelianenko, the best fighter in the world"
Its a wonder that mirko didn't use his variety/combos of punches in his fights as he did in the trainings

One of the most vicious MMA fighters in the history of the planet. He fought a little bit too long, but there was no one that ever made roundhouse headkicks as their signature knockout move like he did

Just Mirko! Emiliyanenko afraid to fight Mirko and finally thanked his ear that was able to beat him. Mirko is the best!

Best kicker in the world

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33 Jean-Claude Van Damme Jean-Claude Van Damme Jean-Claude Camille Fran├žois Van Varenberg, professionally known as Jean-Claude Van Damme and abbreviated as JCVD, is a Belgian actor, martial artist, screenwriter, film producer, and director best known for his martial arts action films.

He is one of best kick boxer of all time after bruce lee

Van Damme should easily be the top 3 fighter of all time

Van Damme is one of the best karate champion.

Really feel good

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34 Cain Velasquez Cain Velasquez

Honestly if you think about it, Cain is the greatest fighter in history. He's a heavyweight, when it comes to real life he would devour bruce Lee or Floyd maywheather. Forget weight classes, he's the ultimate apex human in the world. An they try to ignore that maybe because he's Mexican.

I'll give you credit because you beat Brock Lesnar he was a football player slash wrestler getting moved to MMA your good man

Cain could be better then fedor but and the new best in mma but he's not yet fedor 10 years as champ

I am sure definitely Cain is the best fighter than Brock lessnar

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35 Michael Jai White

He's easily the best fighter in the world, 7 blackbelts and he's still fast as lighting even though he's the size he is. I don't know any fighter alive better, I even think Bruce lee would have a hard time beating him.

Undoubtedly the most phenomenal fighters in the world today if Bruce Lee were to be reincarnated so he could fight just one more person it would definitely be M.J.W this gut should be in the top 3.

Right now he is the best fighter he is a 7x black belt. He has got speed, power and one of the cleverst fighters

How is this guy not higher on the list? He is one of the best fighters today and would be many of the people above him in this list, he is far from the best but should be above 31

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36 Buakaw Banchamek

Muay Thai is brutal, and Buakaw is one of the best. In a fight where Muay Thai isn't butchered to oblivion, Buakaw would beat almost anyone.

He is the best fighter ever. So brave and strong to do a KO to his opponents. Buakaw is the best. MUAY Thai FOR LIFE!

He is so brave, I think he is better than bruce lee

Buakaw better than bruce lee

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37 Wanderlei Silva

When wanderli used to fight in PRIDE, man people would go crazy...

38 Shane Carwin

He is the toughest man to beat. He had knocked out 12 fighters in his record of 12-2
He lost his last two fights one by sub and another by decision but truly he is the best

39 Rocky Marciano

This looks more like a popularity contest, come on! If rocky marciano hit half these guys without gloves they would be dead

Rocky Marciano is the greatest boxer of all time and is a shame somebody like mayweather tied his record when rocky would fight anybody and mayweather picked 90% of his fights mayweather is a joke and a punk who has the education of a 5 year old

Hands and arms like sledgehammers Marciano would have punched the crap out of the others on this list!

He was an unstoppable demi god, a fight only ended for Rocky when the final bell had rang - Never before.

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40 James DeCore

James DeCore is a Cleveland local hero. The art that he has been studying and mastering for years is amazing. The work he does with his students shows how much love he has for the art and sport.

James DeCore is not famous but an amazing fighter. He is one of the quickest and most accurate strikers. His students are a great example of what James knows and does. Great pick for this list.

Best axe kick I've ever seen. Doesn't showboat, and is humble. Quality individual.

Elite fighter

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