Top Ten Best Fighters of All Time

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101 Ehsan Shafiq
102 Imi Lichtenfeld
103 Vitali Klitschko
104 Roberto Duran

He beat Sugar Ray in Canada where Ray had won the Gold Medal for the USA Duran would never quit that was a fixed fight

Only boxer to beat Sugar Ray Leonard in his prime (at welterweight).

Beat Sugar Ray and showed the world how great he was

He fought everybody not hand picked he's number i

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105 Vladimir Putin Vladimir Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has been the President of Russia since 7 May 2012, succeeding Dmitry Medvedev. V 1 Comment
106 Gamel Spencer Sr

One of the best fighters alive today

One of best fighters alive today!

107 Santino Marella Santino Marella Anthony Carelli better known by his ring name Santino Marella, is an Italian Canadian actor, retired professional wrestler and mixed martial artist.

He defeat umaga his deserve top 20 you dumbass.he can defeat undertaker streak if WWE give santino a chance.

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108 Benny Urquidez (The Jet)

Awesome fighter, a legend...

109 Max Baer
110 Daniel Cormier Daniel Cormier

Best wrestler in light heavyweight division of the ufc

He is not we all seen what Jon jones did to him

111 José Aldo
112 Heath Herring
113 Mauricio "Shogun" Rua

This guy has one of the best submission ever and is a heck of a kicker

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114 Kostya Tszyu

Best Light-Welter of his generation, Undisputed champion of the world with a record of 32-2-1 (28) An exhilarating human being that needs to be listed amoung these other great names.

115 Elpidio Tagalen

Filipino unknown fighter known in baguio

116 Nato Ficarra

One of the toughest real martial arts fighters I've ever seen unbeaten in 120 fights

Ficarra beat Mickey roades from London three times each fight brutal and to the bitter end a real scrapper who never gave up

117 Matt Mullins

You forgot this badass people!

118 Alisa Bosconovitch
119 William Cheung

The best of the best, in his Hong Kong days he was king of street fights. Bruce lee looked up to him! Still fit and ready to go at 73. Grandmaster William cheung

In his prime in Hong Kong days he was the king of street fights. Bruce lee looked up to him and he is still fit and ready to go at age 73.

120 Georgi Kandelaki
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