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1 Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2008)

For casuals, Brawl is probably the best Smash game. It's full of great single-player content that could last a single person ages, it's music is great, and it's easy to control.

However, for hardcore Smash competitors, Brawl is a horrible game. There is no tech skill. The game so slow it feels like I'm in training with the speed set to 1/2. Tripping will always be the worst mechanic put in any video game ever. The only combos that exist are chain grabs. Edge guarding doesn't even exist. And the game is so unbalanced that the main thing determining a character's spot on the tier list is their matchup against Meta Knight. It's even worse than 64, which is slow and campy but still has tech skill, edge guarding, and a balanced roster.

There are mods to improve gameplay, such as the famous Project M, which is the only reason competitive players might own this game. However, you can't call Brawl a good game because of its great modding scene. That is to say that you should ...more - Poophead

Brawl is easily the best Smash game. Some of the best characters were added to the roster in this game, and the soundtrack was amazing.

The greatest feature of all though, was Subspace Emissary. - KeyboardHero

There are a lot of characters to play as in this game - ElSherlock

Melee is better.

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2 Tekken 3 (1997)

This game has high quality cutscenes that are still great even today - ElSherlock

Love it

Tekken 3 is my all time favourite

It is best fighring and arcade fame I ever see.

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3 Mortal Kombat (2011)

This list is a joke really smash bro is one, mortal kombat should be number 1 best fighting ever made, who ever made this list need some good smack in the face from sonya blade.

Lets have seks

The fatalities in this game are really bloody and amazing - ElSherlock

This was like a love letter to Mortal Kombat Fans, they knew that MK vs DC was a bad game so they put a ton of effort into making sure that the fans were happy with this one, it had an amazing plot, gave relatively underrated characters like Nightwolf and Cyrax great storylines, and of course the absolutely incredible fatalities, my personal favourite being Sektor's Scarecrow fatality, oh and not to mention this was the game to introduce X rays.

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4 Super Smash Bros. Melee (2001)

The graphics in this game are fantastic - ElSherlock

Why is this game only at #4? Why in the world is it below Brawl? It demand justice! - Poophead

Melee continues to be played competitively in tournaments all around the world more than ten years after its release. The game is well balanced, with over half of its characters consistently placing well in tournaments, it offers movement over much larger and more intricate levels than almost any other fighting game, and it has great graphics, soundtrack, and mechanics. The inclusion of items and custom game modes allows for complete beginners to have fun and do well without having to button mash (To many serious gamers' great delight, button mashing works worse in Melee than nearly any other fighting game), while the exclusion of items allows competitive players to have pure, unadulterated fights as technical and dramatic as any other fighting game. Not to mention the ability to play as all of the most iconic Nintendo heroes of all time!


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5 Tekken 6 (2007)

This game is way better than any other tekken game on the spot! It has great graphics, awesome combo moves, huge amounts of pain, and exquisite power within each character. Especially the character Law.

Best martial arts game ever made this game is pure skill and no powers.. This is truly a challenge to talk abt tekken is a giant by itself and hopefully it will continue

My favourite is Hwoarang!

Best fighting game ever...

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6 Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (2000)

It got Cable

The crazy 56 character roster, mad fast-paced action and just excellent craft should have this one AT LEAST in Top 5 in my opinion.

You could fight dr doom as megaman. "enough said."-Stan Lee

Yeah this should be higher up - nytrizzle

7 Super Smash Bros (2014)

This game has more characters - ElSherlock

I mean, the roster is pretty balanced. Even Samus, which is considered a low tier can beat high tier characters like sheik and Diddy. It's all down to skills and it's not too fast like melee. The perfect fighting game for me!

No doubt about it! Definitely the best game I ever played, and DAMN That I have played a TON of good games, but not any like this one! Not even the previous Smash games compares, specially Brawl, is a bit slow actually, which is ironic since the fastest thing alive were in this game, but this is not about Brawl, IS ABOUT SMASH 4! EPIC AND I DON'T EVEN HAVE TO RECOMMEND THIS GAME BECAUSE YOU PROBABLY ALREADY HAVE IT!

Better than melee for a lot of reasons: more characters and stages, new melee copies are out of print, not ridiculously over centralized with less OP characters, eight player smash.

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8 Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (2011)

Best fighting game because of all the marvel and capcom characters I'm getting this game. I love it for its insane gameplay.

Should be higher has really intricate gameplay and plenty of tactics for high level play, and the excellent aesthetics compliment it very well, great game.

This is bull. This is my favorite fighter and it's this low.

The only thing I dislike about this game is that there is no mega man - Username123

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9 Street Fighter II : The World Warrior (1991)

This game has some of the most recognized characters in fighting game history, including Ryu, Ken Masters, Chun-Li, Zangief and M. Bison - ElSherlock

What a classic! - neehawgamer

Street Fighter II is the game that jump started the Fighting series genre. It may not have a complexed story, but gameplay is decent and well developed, and most of the characters are extremely likeable.

Street Fighter is like one of the first fighting games ever therefore it practically inspired most of these fighting games you can't beat that! That's like reaching the impossible!

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10 Street Fighter IV (2008)

The soundtrack in this game is amazing - ElSherlock

Come on, you know it is the best...

Sf 4 is awesome

Soul Calibour 4 is the best fighting game, its really really fun to play, in my opinion it's better than all the rest soul calibours

The Newcomers

? Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3

The Contenders

11 Mortal Kombat X (2015)

The graphics make this game look realistic - ElSherlock

Best mortal kombat game yet! Mortal kombat 9 is good too

Mortal kombat 9 and x were a big comeback for the franchise! Xs reissue with added characters which is xl is by far my favorite game of all time!

Big fan but it will not be number 1 never, excellent graphics, good voice acting, very good gameplay, pretty decent modes in general, mediocre story mode, good ideas for online modes, quite solid netcode but not impressive, variation system good in most of the cases but it's main problem it's the roster, pretty boring, 24 it's not that much having a couple of characters who look very similar, plus DLC characters after 2 weeks of release it's shame.

In conclusion it's good fighting game with a couple of missing things that can't be restored having boring micro transactions. Don't know if Tekken 7 but I'm pretty sure Street Fighter V will be better.

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12 Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (2004)

This games has lots of memorable characters from the Dragon Ball series - ElSherlock

Played this game when I was a kid. That is what I call a beautiful childhood indeed - CasperWenneke


Ok to make the point clear to the DBZ haters, look because the game is from a series that you don't like (which by the way I love) that shouldn't automatically make you hate the game. I for a fact know someone (actually my cousin) who hates dragon ball z (or anime as a whole) but will play these games for HOURS. Best fighting game ever.

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13 Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (2006)

This game has tons of MK characters - ElSherlock

I actually think the fighting was the best thing in the game especially the air combat it's like the only mortal kombat where special moves didn't really matter

Story mode is great and I love the fighting in it but they kinda screwed up with versus mode, there are no combos but in the story mode is awesome.

Had every mortal kombat character it was great for mortal kombat nerds

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14 Tekken 5 (2004)

The best fighting game ever it has great roster and the story mode and devil within mode are great
My best characters are =
1=jin kazama
2=bryan fury
3=marshall law
4=kazuya mishima
5=nina williams

Tekken is my favourite fighting game. Tekken 5 is my favourite Tekken. Awesome.

The best tekken game ever

Jin kazama
devil jin
bryan fury

15 Mortal Kombat (1992)

This game has a good soundtrack - ElSherlock

Takken is no.1? Don't get me wrong, I like Tekken but Mortal Kombat fighters destroy the whole Tekken in 5 seconds. MK influenced tekken in many aspects. MK is the most creative and unique fighting game - Magnolia

It's just a timeless classic.

This game created the ESPN voting on games. How the hell is it No. 9?

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16 Street Fighter III: Third Strike (1999)

This game has a fantastic soundtrack - ElSherlock

If you don't think 3rd strike is the best fighter of all time you're wrong and you should feel bad for being wrong.

Best Ever!

17 Soul Calibur II (2002)

! This shouldn't be at 19, it should be at least at number 4! This is one the best fighting games from one of the best fighting game franchises!

How is this so low on this list

My fighting game.

If this game isn't in your top 5, you either hate fun or suck at fighting games.

18 Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013)

This game has a huge variety of DC characters - ElSherlock

Great fighting game

Great game. Cool storyline. Fun mechanics. STAR labs missions were fun to play. Oh, the hours I spent on BATTLES. This is a highly recommended game

This is a really good game. It should be in the Top 10. - B1ueNew

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19 Killer Instict (1994)

Killer instict is a fun game with fun characters and your able to level up and get to fight real people and your friend at home and all the different skins you can unlock and shadow lords.

This game ha as cast of memorable and unique fighters, each with their own backstories that connect to the main story in a way - ElSherlock

An excellent roster of characters all fine tuned to perfection. Each one has a good backstory and very original character design. The chain combo's are awesome and its easy to become engrossed in the fun for hours!

Good game with loads of characters

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20 Tekken 2 (1995)

This game has easier fights - ElSherlock

Tekken 2 is the best Tekken

21 Dead Or Alive 4 (2005)

Best doa game in my opinion 5 had better graphics new moves and costumes but there was just something about 4 I like a lot more

Please man, This game is ROCKS!

Because it's so aesome and fight new people - kid626


22 Mortal Kombat II (1993)

This game has more characters and fatalities - ElSherlock

Mortal Kombat 2 is the greatest MK game there is. It had all of the charm and great aspects of the first one, plus a lot more characters and all new game mechanics. This was "THE" ultimate fighting game of its time and it's still a great game today!

Such a good game. One of my all-time favourites! Plus Kitana made her debut in this one! Bonus!

The only thing I hated about it was 'Toasty! '
It happens third time you uppercut and I never played it again

23 Soul Calibur (1998)

As good as it gets with an arcade stick.

24 The King of Fighters XIII (2010)

The cinematic cutscenes look beautiful in this game - ElSherlock

I am playing this since 2000 and it's all player move, combo, punch, kick, power are unique than others. It is one of the hardest but easiest to learn the move and combo. you will like it when your opposite player is human

King of fighters is the best fighting game. No overdone combos, no exaggerated camera view and colors. Moves are simple and the game is easy to understand. Plus, it's a 2D fighter in HD look. The classic fighting games were 2D and now you have it in HD. Every fighting game fan should try this game.

I love this game it's great just like KOF 98

25 Street Fighter 2 (1991)
26 Soul Calibur IV (2008)

I personally loved it more then 5 because you get to put your character in the intro and your character can even have an ending and finishing moves are awesome and when you customize a character and they can even look like that in there ENDING - GamerGirl

Why is it so low on the list

27 Super Street Fighter II (1993)
28 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018)

Good game, but the online SUCKS. It's actually terrible. They don't take non-competitive players into consideration at all, because they added GSP points which affects everyone. And it drops insanely every time you lose. It was much better when they had the "For Glory," and "For Fun," options. Also, I hate playing someone else's rules. There should be default settings that everyone has to play in that specific game mode. - KeyboardHero

This better be Top 10 Soon

There is a load of content in this game - ElSherlock

In a couple years, this'll probably be #1 - myusernameisthis

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29 Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (2012)

The Best Physics in any Fighting game ever. Period!

30 Super Smash Bros. (1999)

The gameplay is great - ElSherlock

Hands down. This fighting game needs to be at least top 5. Why? The use of crossover characters, the wonderful graphics, the game's release in 1999 with it, the awesome music, this has got to be one of the most underrated video game with general acclaim from reviewers. The gameplay and multiplayer make this game one of the best games of all time!

31 Skylanders: Swap Force (2013)

This truly the best fighting game of all time, no contest. Each individual fighter feels fleshed out to the fullest, and the stunning HD graphics caught me by complete suprise. When you begin the game, there is a serene sense of simplicity to the fighting, but there is a mountain of depth hidden right under the surface, waiting there for skilled players to find, and this game does a great job of letting skilled players show their stuff, while also letting beginners spread their wings. The combos are visceral, throwing me off guard with how stunning beautiful yet horribly brutal they are. When your supers hit, you feel the opponents suffering and vice versa. Greatest fighting game of all time, with smash melee and street fighters 4 and 2 as close seconds.

32 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (2011)

Bro best game ever

The best tekken ever...

33 Injustice 2

This is the best game of 2017 - ElSherlock

Obviously better than its predecessor, voice acting, graphics and more. All amazing - Vegeta40049

Even better than the first one! Better rosters, epic storyline, and awesome multiplayer! Easily one of the best Video Games of 2017. 10/10

Amazing game roster is the most amazing ever I hope they make a third

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34 Marvel vs Capcom (1998)
35 Garou: Mark of the Wolves (1999)

The most fun 2d fighter ever made. During the time period of the best fighting games that modern games just can't replicate. The 1 game that can beat the greatest Sega Dreamcast Street Fighter games which are a handful of the best fighting games ever made.

This game deserved be in the TOP TEN

Most balanced! All I got to say

36 Street Fighter Alpha 3

It was a good game

37 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 (2010)
38 Punch-Out! (1987)
39 Capcom vs SNK 2 (2001)
40 Bushido Blade (1997)
41 Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition (2012)

Best graphics... More than 50 characters to select.. Very cool fighting arena.. Many exciting mini games... This is one of the best!

42 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (2013)
43 The King of Fighters '98

39th place?

This is the only really balanced fighting game. You can use the random selector and compete professionally. Only that makes it unique.

They cataloged according to feelings and clearly only with titles that reach the western hemisphere. In Korea there is also very well achieved game.

I have played the vast majority of titles mentioned here and, although it is from the old school, nothing like it has appeared, including the KOF98 remake.

44 Street Fighter X Tekken (2012)

A Tekken and Street Fighter crossover game - ElSherlock

This is an AMAZING Crossover between 2 of the best fighting franchises out there. What's not to love?

Good game with characters of Street Fighter and Tekken
best fight game. In arcade, you and your friend or mom... And fight together vs the PlayStation...

45 Mortal Kombat: Deception (2004)

This wonderful game introduced Hara-Kiri fatality plus almost every character had his/her own voice. Amazing game with superb graphics and very interesting konquest mode - Magnolia

46 BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II (2010)

Nightmare Fiction

Should be higher has the anime feel

47 Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (2008)

They gotta make a sequel to this game. Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe 2: Dark Kahn's Return. Heck, it could even settle the differences between the two sides of the Insurgency and the Regime.

UNDRERATED is this games middle name.

48 Asuka 120% Burning Fest. (1994)
49 Street Fighter V (2016)

No. It's good by gameplay standards, but is one of the worst Street Fighter games. It lacks content, and has a shallow story and mediocre online servers. - MKBeast

50 Samurai Shodown V Special Samurai Shodown V Special
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