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41 The Quest

Great Muay Thai movie

42 Ip Man

A story about the greatest martial arts fighter of all time, the guy who taught bruce lee. Should definitely be number 1. Not the other western crap above it.

Amazing fighting and respect in this film, so emotional.

Best martial arts movie of all time also a unrivaled outlook on the way people should behave in life.

One of the Martial Art Movies made.

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43 Ring of Death (2008)
44 Ali

R.I.P Muhammad Ali

45 The Raid 2: Berandal

This coming March, action fans will have their nirvana from watching The Raid 2 : Berandal.

4 of the best fight scenes ever recorded.

46 Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
47 Real Steel

This movie has a very good recall value

Best film I've seen

48 Damage (2009)

Your movie is best movie in world

49 The Hurricane
50 Evil

Pakistani Hero Quid-e-Azam Good Fighting With Nawaz Shareef

51 Beatdown
52 Knockout

3:16 is best show in world

53 The Philly Kid
54 Furious 7

Rubbish fighter

This is the best movie of the year 2016 and we will wait for f8

55 The Crow
56 District B13
57 Rocky II
58 Nacho Libre
59 Kickboxer 3
60 The Matrix

Best movie ever... jk

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