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1 Xoom

You might be shock or maybe wondering and asking.. " who is this guy?.. But watch out to for this feisty, tricky and most of all..
Speedy point guard.. Not more than 5 years from now this young kid will make a history that would definitely shock the world. - X787

2 Donaldo Don Don Hontiveros

One of the best 3 point shooter of all time.

Don Don... hmm.. why number 3?..
Just take a look at his game... the clutch, Stroke, and he is very competitive. - X787

Dondon H... You're the best mvp:) go go #1 and galing mo:0

Not only in offense but in defense also..very high in basketball IQ and very dangerous in outside sniping..that's DonDon for idol since my highschool days where DH plays in Cebu Gems in MBA still my IDOL in PBA Go Cebuano Hotshot..

3 Jimmy Alapag

He has the only player I see with a very long range in three's

I put Jimmy on the 2 spot 'because he is a great player and some players from the other Asian Nations called him as the " best PG " in Asia - X787

I Like Jimmy make a long three without undouhtedly!

4 Asi Taulava

He is not a Filipino, people who doesn't make money in the U.S come here to make money, what a shame we idolize this foreigner, who make us look like idiots to name him in our national team. After all we never have a medal in any Asian Games.

Pauliasi M. Taulava better known as " Asi " was a former league MVP and all - star MVP's ( 2 ) this 6'9 giant is a very animated player and once was a dominant figure on his younger years. - X787

5 Ricardo Brown

RB.. you might not no about him but he was a former great in Philippine Basketball.. and he was one of the few Fil- Foreign Players to be drafted in the NBA
He was a former Rookie of the Year and League MVP 1985. - X787

6 James Yap

Boy thunder

James yap the best

Big game james yap..

Down to earth

7 Ramon Fernandez

The best talaga yan he can play different position...

His one of the best during his days. idol

Nick named " El Presidente ".. a former four time MVP
And also considered by many people as the " Greatest Player in the Philippines ". - X787

8 Gabriel Norwood

This 6'5 all around player can play multiple position.. original played as point guard but swapped to different positions due to the team's ( Rain or Shine ) lacking of tall players, Gabe has the wing span of a 7 footer. - X787

9 Calvin Abueva

The Best Player I've ever seen. The second ROokie of the year mvp if the stats valued the most. a 6'1 double double machine who played all position Wow

"Determination is his weapon. Energy guy who playing all positions, 6'2 Small Forward who rebound like Sakuragi. Hustle player who sacrificing his own body to get the possession. He is an all-around player, he can do anything. I think "The Beast" he will be the Best Player in PBA on future.

The beast na the best

Calvin abueva can we compare him as LJ of Cleave Land. The way he on fire in shooting, rebounding, and ball handling...We can considered his the best pba player out his 6'1 tall how comes his 6'8 or more...

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10 Allan Caidic


Best 3 point shooter of all time

The best in ASIA at his prime...

The greatest outside shooter in the Philippines.


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11 Alvin Patrimonio

The karl malone of the PBA

Greatest Player During His time

The greatest player to play in PBA..

The captain

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12 Mark Caguioa

Because he is the best shooting guard in the league

Because he is the spark, nsd fan here

13 Erik Spoelstra

You might just think that he's just a coach.. Erik was a former College player form the University of Portland
He was awarded as the West Coast Conference Freshman of the Year and scored over 1000 points during his Collegiate career and besides he is the coach of the " Star Studded " team the Miami Heat. - X787

14 Jeffrei Chan

Great Shooter, he's like Korver but in Left Version

15 Junmar Fajardo

Best PBA player ever to play basketball.

No one can defend him.

16 Danny Seigle

Best offensive player during his prime

Danny Seigle is the best player have play in the PBA

Idol, dynamite danny seigle he plays all around positions and best of the best PBA player from Charles Patrick Pamil/Scott Ivan Pamil

The dynamite danny seigle one of best pba player ever, from charlito pamil

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17 Ray Parks Jr.

Bobby Ray is a very great shooter the kid can shoot, whether its form the foul line, perimeter, and most of all he is a very good three point shooter he was one of the top recruits of 2011 in the United States but chose to play for his native Country.. the Philippines.
He is currently playing for the National University Bull Dogs. - X787

18 Robert Jaworski
19 Paul Lee

Paul Lee is good player plus he got rookie award one times champion ship he are mvp

Paul is great player

20 Benjie Paras

The only pinoy rookie mvp, brown is fil am

Benjie paras and pinaka magaling na pba player mvp/rookie of the year

21 Japeth Aguilar

Idol ko to

Best mobile and athletic forward

Best in dunk offensive and defensive player. No one can beat japhet aguilar. No. 1 without japhet ginebra will nothing.

22 Kelly Williams
23 Chris Tiu

Tiu is great player

24 Atoy Co

All around player. Sweet shooting Fortunato " Atoy" Co.

He perfected the fadeaway shot before Jordan was using it.

25 Garry David

He is the scoring change w/a hot hands

26 Mark Barroca
27 Caloy Loyzaga
28 Beau Belga

When it comes to a dirty Player Beau is the Best!

29 Jay Ar Quiñahan
30 Ronnie Matias
31 Ryan Araña
32 Steve Watson
33 Danny Ildefonso

Greatest player 5 time MVP of the conference

One of the best center/power forward who played in pba..

34 Kenneth Duremdes

Best player in his time in pba.

35 Johnny Abarrientos

He’s the best point guard ever. Period

36 Samboy Lim

Why is Samboy Lim at #41? The Skywalker deserves to be at the Top 10!

Should be at the top 10

37 Kiefer Ravena

my baee

38 Jeff Cariaso
39 Jared Dillinger
40 Cyrus Baguio

Baguio is great player

41 Noli Locsin
42 Jervy Cruz
43 Jason Castro

Best point guard in asia no doubt

44 Greg Slaughter
45 Marc Pingris

Nice player, very humble

46 Carlos Loyzaga
47 Bobby Ray Parks Jr.

Two-time UAAP MVP, Next PBA Rookie-MVP if not drafted in the NBA this 2014.

48 JV Casio

The Best 3 point shooter in his position this Season

49 Larry Fonacier
50 Emman Monfort
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