The Best Film-Noir Ever

Based on the rating system in IMDb, it would be great to know everybody's (the ones who visit opinion of these milestones of the golden age of Hollywood movies: the great noirs by the greats of Billy Wilder, Hitchcock or Orson Welles. Femme Fatales, sensuality, murder stories, detectives and dark moods combined with sad endings made this genre true.

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1 Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Blvd. Is one of the best movies of all time. And one of the best noirs as well. It is just a beautifully told story. - beasthound

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2 Double Indemnity

So cool and so dark... Double Indemnity is just about the slickest thriller I've ever seen. Billy Wilder is the undisputed master of dialogue.

3 Mulholland Drive
4 The Third Man

Orson Welles. 'Nuff said. - InsertNameHere

5 Chinatown
6 High And Low
7 Out of the Past

This one gets my vote even though I can make strong cases for both the big sleep and the maltese falcon. the third man is one the best movies ever made but I don't consider that totally noir. Out of the Past is the most perfect example of this genre.

This is one you can watch over and over again. A masterpiece of noir.


8 Blue Velvet
9 The Maltese Falcon

This might be my favourite film of all time. Casablanca is also an excellent candidate, but this is more of a classic film noir. Humphrey Bogart is his usual charismatic self, and my favourite actor of all time, Peter Lorre, plays an important part. - beatles

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10 Touch of Evil

It's one of my favorite movies ever, and Orson Welles best. Even better then Citizen Kane.

The Contenders

11 Shadow of a Doubt
12 Gilda

The beauty of Rita Hayworth--

13 Niagara

Marilyn Monroe. Do I need to say more?

14 Strangers on a Train

Hitchcock deserves more, guys.

But yes, Sunset is the best noir ever made, no doubt about it. - johnny_pt

15 Se7en
16 Notorious

Ingrid Bergman Cary Grant Alfred Hitchcock =?

17 Casablanca
18 Laura
19 Le Samourai
20 Murder, My Sweet
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