Best Films About Africa

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1 I Dreamed of Africa

Love this movie!

Brilliant, wonderful, emotional movie. Hugh Hudson's movie is based on an autobiographic book by Italian Kuki Gallmann. A "romantic drama" about a European couples settling in Kenya (in 1972) and their struggles with their new home. Kim Basinger shines here. Filmed on location in South Africa and Laikipia, Kenya. - Irina2932

2 Sheena

Probably the most underrated Africa movie ever. This female version of Tarzan was first put on the screen in 1955 and like Tarzan, Sheena was created as a comic book figure. Directed by John Guillermin and starring Tanya Roberts as the orphaned blond girl growing up with an African tribe. The story takes place in a fictitious African state, but was filmed on location in Kenya. Tanya Roberts was real sex symbol of the 80's - Irina2932

3 Congo

Extremely underrated Adventure-Action-Horror film based on a book by Michael Crichton.
Parts of the movie are filmed on location in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. - Irina2932

4 Gorillas in the Mist

Based on the true story of scientist Dian Fossey who settles in the Congolese jungle to study and protect mountain gorillas. Sigourney Weaver stars in this movie, directed by Michael Apted. Filmed on location in Kenya. I still think Sigourney Weaver deserved the Oscar for this amazing role. She was brilliant here - Irina2932

5 Sarafina!

Musical about the schoolgirl Sarafina in apartheid South Africa. Starring Leleti Khumalo as Sarafina and also with Miriam Makeba and Whoopie Goldberg. A film that touched many people and informed well about the apartheid regime. - Irina2932

6 Tears of the Sun
7 Hotel Rwanda
8 Amistad

Steven Spielberg's epic drama about the west African slave Cinque and his struggle for freedom, which takes place in an American courtroom. - Irina2932

9 Blood Diamond
10 Out of Africa


The Contenders

11 The African Queen

Master of storytelling, John Huston, takes us on a great adventure navigating a small boat through Africa during WW1. Humphrey Bogart is the ever drunk captain who has to put up with the missionary played by Katharine Hepburn. It is no great surprise that they eventually fall in love, but it is great filmmaking as they don't make it anymore. - Irina2932

12 King Solomon's Mines (1950)

Outstanding film in 1950 with magnificent native characters.

The best of the Solomon movies. Story is the same: Qartermain falling in love with the woman he is guiding through the wild and dangerous Africa. Starring Deboarh Kerr and Stewart Granger. Good adventure entertainment and quite impressive action sequences for the time. Filmed spectaculary on location in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Congo and USA. - Irina2932

13 District 9

Ghost and the darkness

14 Chappie
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