Best Final Destination Deaths

The Top Ten

Ashley and Ashlyn - Tanning Bed Fire

No question the best death scene in all of the movies. I think dying by fire is the worse way to go. Although the the drive thru window kill scene with the engine block shredding that dude's brain was wicked cool!

Death was definitely cruel to the two but they had it coming and it was all due to impatience and ignorance

This is why I am NOT going in tanning beds. Ever. - Jetticus12

I loved this scene - RickyReeves

Billy Hitchcock - Decapitated by Flying Metal Piece
Rory Peters - Cut In Half by Barb Wire Fence

He was a really good person

Erin Ulmer - Staples Through the Head

Actually it's a nail gun - demonrolink

Tod Wagner - Choked by Clothes Line

This was a sad but stupid death

Perry Malinowski - Impaled by Pole
Tim Carpenter - Crushed by Falling Piece of Glass

Sad poor mother

Hunt Wynorski - Disemboweled by Swimming Pool Drain

Best in my opinion. Lots of gore

Nora Carpenter - Head Crushed In Elevator

Actually (from what I remember) she gets her head decapitated in the elevator

Getting your head crushed sounds painful

Olivia Castle - Falls From Building After Surgery Accident

The Contenders

George Lanter - Hit by Ambulance
Terry Chaney - Hit by Bus

Come on this rocked!

Mrs. Lewton - Falling Knives Through Stomach
Candice Hooper - Falls Off High Beams

This was a scary one for sure

Lewis Romero - Head Crushed by Falling Weights
Carter Horton - Crushed by Billboard
Ian McKinley - Crushed in Half by Cherry Picker
Samantha Lane - Shot Through Eye by Flying Rock

Killed her in front of her kids sad

Evan Lewis - Impaled by Falling Ladder
Isaac Palmer - Head Crushes by Budda Statue
Isaac Palmer - Head Crushed by Buddah Statue
Frankie Cheeks - Head Sliced by Engine Fan
Eugene Dix and Clear Rivers - Incinerated by an Explosion
Valerie Lewton - Stabbed by Kitchen Knife
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