Best Final Destination Movies

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1 Final Destination 3 Final Destination 3 Product Image

That musician's creepy sideway glance as he sings "Turn Around, Look at Me" when he steps out of the train

Ill never forget lewis death

Final destination 3 is definitely the best one.

I loved this and I loved how they were creative with the deaths too

2 Final Destination Final Destination Product Image

Great movie, best characters, most interesting plot. Love it.

The first final destination is a modern day classic.

The original was very good

Amazingly creepy

3 Final Destination 2 Final Destination 2 Product Image

Final destination 2 is the best one in the series it had the best death and the best start and I think is the first one to show a kids death

The main girl is the most beautiful girl in the final destination series

The best characters in the series final destination series

This one was the best one I loved it 3 was a little boring

4 Final Destination 5 Final Destination 5 Product Image

This one is the best the coach scene is one of the best final destination scenes out of every FD movie there is. THE BEST! - marlonacott

The movie was great and the deaths were really horrifying and cheesy... This movie deserves a win...

This one was great I hope they make a sequel

Better than the original

5 The Final Destination The Final Destination Product Image

This one is better than the original

This movie was good

Guys come on gives this one a watch

I have glad they made the movie

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