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1 What It Is to Burn

A incredible song. Both demo version and new version is awesome. It is something that every people should listen to at least once.

The very song that made this band so famous. Definitely something that worth listening

I expected a comment of Finch on this list lol. - Userguy44

So emotional song...

2 Perfection Through Silence
3 Letters to You

2nd favorite, FRAIL is the best, it isn't played when they play liuve, I guess cause its slow, but is a meaningful song to me, gettin atat with some of the lyrics with my sons name underneath it, its my song I sang to him when he was first born! KIMxco - Kimberly-Sibley-mason

Best song ever by Finch... A really touching song with meaningful lyrics. It deserves to be at the top place.
And check out the acoustic version too... You'ld love it.

4 Ink

Burnout Revenge, anyone? This entire album is underrated. - gone-sovereign

Definitely should be top 5 if not 1 - kutzs96

5 Ender

It gets a bit complicated in the end, but the first 6 minute or so is really worth listening.

Such a great song!

Starts off slow, but be patient 'cause it simply explodes The lyrics are touching and the guitar melody is amazing.. It's a pitty it isn't shorter though to be honest

6 Insomniatic Meat


7 Awake
8 Post Script
9 Stay with Me
10 Three Simple Words

First song I heard from Finch, and then I start to research about the band,... -

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11 Grey Matter
12 A Piece of Mind
13 Without You Here
14 New Beginnings
15 Project Mayhem
16 Ravenous
17 Bitemarks and Bloodstains
18 The Casket of Roderick Usher
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