Best Finger Eleven Songs


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1 Paralyzer

I remember being obsessed with this sonv when I first heard it on the radio! Awesome song!

Definitely the best finger 11 song! Love it so much. Great vocals, lyrics, instrumental... I just love it! Great song overall and really does deserve the number one spot

Das ist gut! First heard this in a video of halo 3, then ended up finding it in almost every halo 3 video I found, and just really enjoy the song, sadly I haven't really heard any if their other songs to the best of my knowledge... sorry for the hardcore fans...

Speechless! Mind-blowing beats, lyrics and rhythm... What attracts you the most is the energy of the artists... Amazing amazing and amazing!

2 One Thing

Chris Benoit's tribute theme song was this song. If I hadn't known WWE, I would've never known this song at all, OR EVEN FINGER ELEVEN! Because of this song, I know Finger Eleven. Vote for this song as #1.

This is an amazing song, catchy tune and great lyrics. Definitely deserves the second place

You can put it on your playlist and keep repeating it over and over and over again!

One thing is the best song I've ever listened to

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3 Drag You Down
4 First Time
5 Quicksand

Just an underrated masterpiece by them while paralyzed is kinda generic

6 Good Times

This is a TRUE rock song!

Everything really comes together with this song, Rich Beddoe KILLED it on drums

? Best music ever... no words...

7 Broken Words

This song should be on number 1 position.
Hell, it should be on everyone's playlist

8 Slow Chemical

If its the entrance song of Kane that doesn't make it bad. It is a great song with great lyrics. - ankit505dogra

Slow chemical has the classical rock and roll spirit in it with a very nice powerful intro that is like Led Zeppelin song Kashmir. It is a song that goes straight to the heart and the balls.

9 Suffocate
10 Living in a Dream

Love it!

Its best snog

Awesome song. Should in top 3. Awesome lyrics. Royal rumble 2011 theme

Excellent Song! Great Guitar work and Vocals! Catchy too...


The Contenders

11 Stay in Shadow
12 Bones + Joints
13 Falling On

My third favorite of Finger Eleven, right after One Thing and Paralyzer. Love it!

14 I'll Keep Your Memory Vague

Such a Beauty of a song! In my opinion much better than Paralyzer - Curti2594

15 Temporary Arms
16 Above

This song got me into finger 11. It is still my favorite. The latest stuff is way too poppy.

Best song by them

Great song. simple but powerful for the time.

17 Ain't No Sunshine

good music, I love this song, is the best,
this band is epic, so good, my best, him are very perfects,
my dream s2

18 Talking to the Walls
19 Whatever Doesn't Kill Me

Such a great Song! - Curti2594

20 Stay and Drown
21 Tip

What is Paralyzer doing at the top, it's a Good song, but Tip is so much more epic. Older stuff was generally better.


22 Circles
23 Stone Soul
24 Complicated Questions

My favorite song of the Band...can't belive it was not even listed

25 Famous
26 Change the World

Such a wonderful and lovely song

27 Other Light

Good one

28 Awake and Dreaming
29 Wolves and Doors

Excellent song

30 Pieces Fit
31 Therapy

Listen to this one chaps... Its finger11 at its finest...

32 Obvious Heart
33 Good Intentions
34 For the Ocean
35 Condenser
36 Sick of It All
37 Shudder
38 Thin Spirits
39 My Carousel
40 Costume for a Gutterball
41 Glimpse
42 Swallowtail
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