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21 Walls of Jericho - Chris Jericho

Extremely painful in stomach and back

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22 619 West Coast Pop - Rey Mysterio

It is a very powerful attack by rey mysterious

What hapens next

I like this move I wish he will do this again and about luchadores I wish he will be a new member of the lucha dragons

The best

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23 S.T.F. - John Cena

Hmm can't count how many legends and amazing superstars Cena has made tap out with this move but he made Triple HHH & HBK both tap - Curti2594

John Cena is my favourite wrestler and his smack was very good

Hi angle is very surprising and I like it

Awesome finisher

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24 FU - John Cena V 4 Comments
25 Airbourne - Evan Bourne

Its is very nice bourne

26 Master Lock - Chris Masters
27 K.O. - Big Show

Nowadays he kos everybody

28 Twist of Fate - Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy

Its damn crazy move

*It is very painful move like RKO and Stone cold stunner.
*It is one of the compack moves of Jeff Hardy after twist of fate he gave swanton bomb.
*It is one of his finisher move.
*Twist of Fate is one of the best moves of Jeff Hardy

29 DX Combo - D Generation X

Best tag team move the best tag team

30 Sister Abigail - Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt is awesome, and naming his finisher Sister Abigail adds even more depth to his character. Definitely my favorite.

That's a super move this most be in top 10 everybody gets stunned by this move

It should be ranked number 1.
Its got the whooeole world in his hands

31 Flying Elbow Drop - "Macho Man" Randy Savage
32 Jackhammer - Bill Goldberg

How the hell can this move be so low...It is one of most devastating moves there ever can be and it actually finished off matches..Remember the 173-0 streak at WCW and WWE...Bill Goldberg legacy lives on and Jackhammer continues to be the best move ever. Lets get it to #1

When he hit this on the Giant (or big show now), unbelievable!

Why it is not at number 1 lesner also can't kicks out of it

It's the most unique move ever

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33 Code Breaker - Chris Jericho

It's one of those fast moves you can hit out of nowhere similar the the RKO - Curti2594

He does it very fast

It knocked AJ Styles

Best move by y2j

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34 Brogue Kick - Sheamus

Lalala, I'm just walking along, admiring the daisies, skipping in the morning breeze- ooh look, there's good old Mr brown. I'm going over there, have a nice chat, then I'm off again on my travels. Keep skipping, I'm skipping, I pass a pond, so I - BROGUE KICK BAM! AARGH! - Mushroom99

When he kick someone only three numbers are to be heard.

Warrior kick... Like hulk

This move is vicious and cool to watch.. looks like it hurts too - Curti2594

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35 Shell Shocked - Ryback

Meet on the table ya that's what you are-Feed me more

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36 Figure Four Leg Lock - Ric Flair V 2 Comments
37 Vise Grip - The Great Khali

He is very power full he defeated undertaker

Best move in the entire world

Looked very painful when he locked this move on - Curti2594

If THE GREAT KHALI Is worst what about james elsworrth baby

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38 The People's Elbow - The Rock

It is a very deadly attack by my superstar rock and so many people have died

39 Last Ride - The Undertaker

It's better then most move above should be in top 5

Undertaker's third best signature move

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40 Hells Gate - Undertaker

Knocked out brock lesner

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