Best Finishing Moves In WWE History


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61 Underhook Piledriver - Hurricane

Undertaker the most dangerous and fantastic wrestler ever any on see.

The most deadliest, painful, strongest finisher than banned (probably). HOW CAN A CRUISERWEIGHT SUPERSTAR DO THAT?! Hurri, you're my hero!

62 Cross Rhodes - Cody Rhodes

It looks amazing when he hits this move and it takes a lot of skill too - Curti2594

Mi piace

63 No Lock - Daniel Bryan V 2 Comments
64 Leap Man Basement Drop Kick - Roman Reings
65 Pedigree - Seth Rollins

I like you seth rollins

He delivers pedigree better than Triple H

Seth have the best pedigree compare to Triphle H

66 Glam Slam - Beth Phoenix

It's hard core move however the move can back fire your opponent Can turn it into plan

67 Irish Curse Backbreaker - Sheamus

This is so awesome and the victim breaks his bones! And after little recovery he gets up and turns other side then BAM the brouge kick connects then it is good bye to the victim. SHEMAS wins the match

68 5 Star Frog Splash
69 Shining Wizard - AJ Lee
70 Five Knuckle Shuffle - John Cena

The best finishing moves in WWE

71 Mandible Claw - Mankind
72 Trouble In Paradise - Kofi Kingston

Trouble in paradise is a great move and sometimes he dose it out of no were he's the best!

Always loved this move he hits it with cool athletic ability - Curti2594

It should be at 11 or 12 position

Awesome move for a high flyer should be in top 3

V 1 Comment
73 Ankle Lock - Kurt Angle, Jack Swagger
74 Flying Knee - Daniel Bryan

It is very powerful that even WWEworldheavyweight champ gave up

V 2 Comments
75 High Cross - Sheamus
76 Cobra - Santino Marella

This move should've been banned it was so deadly of a move - Curti2594

It is most destructive move in sports entertainment history. Stronger than tombstone and F5 and faster than rko. laugh out loud

I don,t like it it,s not a good move

Best move ever

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77 Machka Kick - Rusev

This should not be in the rankings

V 2 Comments
78 World's Strongest Slam - Mark Henry

It is world strongest slam and world strongest finisher

79 Sharpshooter - Cesaro

One of the best submission lock

80 Yes Lock - Daniel Bryan
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