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81 Frog Splash - Eddie Guerrero
82 Face Buster - Torrie Wilson
83 Angle Slam - Kurt Angle
84 Piledriver - Jerry Lawler

This move is better than tombstone this move can break anyones neck easily...

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85 High Cross - Sheamus
86 Knock Out - Big Show

Actually its for big guys like him

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87 Headlock Driver - Dean Ambrose V 3 Comments
88 Punt - Randy Orton

This move is unique and is barley used by randy because he already has the RKO but this move is still deadly and Orton is the best

It Is One Of the deadliest Move he Doest not use it too much because it is special+it is not very famous

89 DDT - Rey Mysterio V 1 Comment
90 450 Splash - Justin Gabriel
91 Gorilla Press - Ultimate Warrior
92 The Worm - Scotty 2 Hotty V 1 Comment
93 Cross Body - Sin Cara
94 Blackout / Peace of Mind - Seth Rollins

This finisher is great too.

95 Neutralizer - Cesaro

This move is so good. No-one has kicked out of it, not even randy orton, rvd, big e,

96 Curb Stuck - Seth Rollins

Seth is not good guy but his smack is very powerful

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97 Bear Hug - Mark Henry
98 Million Dollar Dream - "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase
99 Million Dollar Fist Drop - "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase

The three amigos. Ted would do three fist drops in a row.

100 Sgt Cobra Clutch - Sgt Slaughter

This was Slaughter's version of the cobra clutch in the same way that the Million Dollar Dream was DiBiase's version

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