Best Fiona Apple Songs


The Top Ten

1 Criminal
2 Shadowboxer
3 Fast as You Can
4 Sleep to Dream
5 Limp
6 Across the Universe
7 Paper Bag
8 Not About Love
9 The Way Things Are

Don't know... Good song :)
My vote goes to something else instead of criminal... Just
Because this has a good melody!

Very Interesting song YEAH... Why so low?

Top 3 of Fiona's songs, with I know and Criminal

Wauw... I kinda Agree to Disagree... Good Song? Deffinitely!
But My Whole life haha... Their will be of course other great songs... But this one is deffinitely a powerful one... Love the Music of Fiona... Especially the end of the song!

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10 The First Taste

Love This song a lot... The bass is really good, soothing and a really feeling goof mood emotion :D

The Contenders

11 Get Him Back
12 Every Single Night

Fiona Apple brought her songwriting skills to an even higher level with her fourth release. In addition, her vocal performances are more expressive than ever, capable to exactly deliver every single emotion and word, and the brilliant minimalistic production is better than her past baroque efforts (there are some good reminiscences of her great sophomore effort, though).
This song with its simple music production and its very evocative lyrics is a masterpiece of lyricism. It's Fiona at her most virtuous without being virtuoso.
"Werewolf", the second video-less single from the album, is another masterpiece and even better that this one. Unfortunately it's not on the list. Werewolf lyrics and paranoid piano arrangement put Fiona in the club of the best songwriters and musicians in the world. Forget "Criminal" please, that was just mild stuff compared to this.

OK, seriously this song is so damn awesome, and way under rated. I get it's not her best song commercially, but really? 12th Place?! Come on now, this song is brilliant beyond its years! Nobody, and I mean NOBODY but Fiona Apple, could deliver such an astonishing vocal with that minimalist music! No one but Fiona Apple could ever dream of writing lyrics as creative and expressive as these. Let's get some common sense and vote this song up higher! Fiona Apple has got to be the most talented lyricist in modern music! This song embodies her defiance of being classified as any known genre to exist! Very disappointed in this song's placement, next time I see this list this song had better be higher up!

I agree with the comment below!

Best Song Ever

13 Parting Gift

Such a beautiful song. I love it.

14 Slow Like Honey

Haunting vocals, lyrics and composition!

15 On the Bound
16 Never Is a Promisse

WHAT A SONG. It absorbs you.

17 Tymps (The Sick In the Head Song)
18 To Your Love

This is a killer - go check the live version from West 54th - mind blowing.

This is amazing - go check the live version from the MTV SL show - mind blowing!

19 Carrion

Believe a really (feel good) song

20 Love Ridden
21 Why Try to Change Me Now
22 Tiny Hands
23 Werewolf

Her best song: great ironic but still deep and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, amazing delivering vocal performance and superlative minimalistic piano production.
The kids screaming at the end are just irresistible and so perfect.

24 The Child is Gone
25 Sullen Girl
26 Get Gone
27 A Mistake
28 I Know

Devastating, heartbreaking in the Fiona-est ways...buried at the end of When The Pawn... This is truly one of her best songs.

29 Red Red Red
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