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Arcanine is a fictional creature in the Pokemon Franchise. Introduced in Generation 1, it is a fire type Pokemon. It is the evolved form of Growlithe. Legends tell of its fighting alongside a general and conquering a whole country. Arcanine is also known for its high speed, capable of running over 6,200 more.


I think this Pokemon is awesome, judge by it's move set and speed. I can't compare with other Pokemon, I think all are the same if we train them properly. Just train Arcanine well and he will be a great Pokemon, I know charizard is much cooler, I agree if he in the first place. I must agree to vote Arcanine in the 2nd place, So stop comparing these so-called Pokemon.

Ok Arcanine is a lot better than charizard because it has amazing speed (like charizard) and is a physical sweeper witch in pokemon fire red is useless, but in games like pokemon white it dominates a lot of pokes. Also people really like charizard because he is in the anime a lot more and he loks better. If you want a strong poke this is the way to go. Thank you for your time

Arcanine, without question, far outmatches any fire type ever made in any of the games up to gen 6. This can be summed up into a few clear cut reasons.

1) Power- Arcanine was originally meant to be a legendary Pokemon, so his stats are already sky high. He has a combined base stat total of 555, which surpasses the best's of any fire type starter Pokemon. In addition, his attack and special attack stat are very close, so an Arcanine can be a physical or special threat.

2) Attacks/Coverage- Arcanine's move pool is coverage, coverage, and more coverage. An Arcanine with Flare Blitz, Wild Charge, SolarBeam, and Extreme Speed, although it may not be a standard moveset, covers all three of its weaknesses.

3) Design- Simply put, Arcanine's design looks at least as imposing as most other Pokemon in the dex. The whole lion/tiger idea is genius.

Arcanine is truly the best, he has the best non-legend stats, great move pool, and is seriously the most badass. Everybody loves charizard, but charizard sucks, he not even a giant dragon, he's 5' 7", I'm taller than that, arcanine stands at 6' 3", he's taller than most grown adults.

The thing that makes Arcanine a threat is that it's bulkier than other fire types. Blaziken, Charizard and Infernape are excellent attackers but none can take a hit. Arcanine can, and also has a huge attack stat. The speed is unbelievable and being pure fire type makes its weaknesses fairly simple as a lot of Fire types are exposed to weaknesses to Dark, Rock, Electric, Psychic and Flying.

Arcanine is the best. With its high offensive and speed stats, it is one of the greatest fire sweeper in the game. And its stats are so high. Higher than Charizard. And he looks very good not like other fire Pokemon.

Arcanine is the best! I love it's moves, speed and everything else so I would pick him right away from the fire Pokemon!

This thing has such good balance that it doesn't even matter what nature you have it. If you get a Naughty Nature Arcanine, that's better because you can use Flare Blitz, Outrage, Extremespeed, Crunch, Wild Charge, and Iron Tail. If you get a Modest Nature Arcanine, that's not a problem either - just teach it Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse, Snarl, and Hyper Beam. If you want a full coverage physical sweeper, do Flamethrower, Wild Charge, Iron Tail, and Crunch. Outrage if you want the power.

Seriously people!?! Stop basing how good Pokemon are based on the anime. A level 1 magicarp could beat a level 100 Arceus in the anime. That could never happen in a game unless you used cheats. Arcanine is awesome and extremely powerful in game. Arcanine also looks awesome and is awesome. The only fire types that I think are better are legendary, but you can get Arcanine in almost every Pokemon game easily if you train growlithe.

Arcanine is my favorite Pokemon. He's a fire dog that you can ride. what's better then that? Now all the other comments seem to have covered the attack based arcanine. However, I myself love to use a physicially defensive leftovers set. Intimidate and then will-o-wisp. Your physical attackers won't be doing anything to this beast! Earth quake? Okay. Arcanine will just eat that for lunch and come at you with a stab flare blitz. almost out but think you can get one more hit on me? Nah man. I got extreme speed. Seriously, this Pokemon has shut down so many physical attackers it's ridiculous.

My god Arcanine is a total beast just look at that Tiger/Lion/Dog beast! His/her attack stats are pretty damn high supporting the speed?! Woah those 2 together maybe unstoppable. access to flare blitz and extreme speed? I think those are the finishing off strategies. Water types? No sweat Wild Charge! Rock types? No sweat Close Combat! Nothing can stand in this Pokemons way

Arcanine is my favorite fire type and also my favorite Pokemon of all and will always be. Oh and just because so many people love Charizard and that he beat almost everything he battled in the anime doesn't mean he's the best game wise. Because in the games Arcanine could easily take out a Charisse's with wild charge. Also Arcanine would be the best Pokemon to have as a pet in real life.

Arcanine is one of the best Pokèmon you can get, honestly. Not only does he look indescribably majestic, beautiful and powerful, but he is a beast if you train him right. It would probably be one of my happiest moments if I found out he would be rideable in the games.

It is cool, beautiful and really friendly. If you can train it properly it will stick with you forever. It also has WICKED stats and is considered a legendary

If you don't get a fire starter, he's one of the best choices! I'll admit
That part of my answer is because I've had him and raised him from a lv.23
Growlithe. He and Feraligatr RULE in double battles! :-)

Arcanine is great and all... Don't get me wrong, he is a good fire type, but who needs a water type? Someone said that he is as good as tyranitar. That is debatable, I don't see arcanine learning moves to counter any weakness. Also, all you need is a simple earthquake or two and it's gone.

Are you serious this guy is a 4 legged monster. He has absolutely amazing stats and would destroy charizard easily with out a doubt. So come on it's your choice. 555 or 534.

Arcanine is the best Pokémon ever, hands down. He looks amazing, he has an insanely good moveset, and if you EV train him, he turns into an absolute monster. If you EV train his speed and special attack, or regular attack depending on his moveset you've chosen, he's basically unstoppable. I beat water types, ground types, and a fustercluck of other Pokémon with him like it's nothing.

As a non starter, arcanine is a pretty good fire type in my humble opinion and one of my favorite Pokemon. He looks fluffy enough to where you could use him as a pillow but will also torch your enemies, what more could you want?

Arcanine has amazing statistics! It was supposed to be a legendary at first, but was replaced by Zapdos because apparently two birds and one dog looks weird.

Also it's pre evolution growlithe is so cool and powerful and somehow this improves it so much. Lastly it is the only legendary Pokemon that has a pre evolution which is just so cool

Arcanine is overpowered even in the tcg. Sun and moon gave it 190 damage, more than many stage 2 cards. Sure, it discards 3 energy, but burning energy negates that, and the break can cycle energy to the Bench.

Because of this Pokemon, I never get a fire starter so Arcanine can be my fire Pokemon

You right it sand most people agree but that because they are not true Pokemon fan this pekemon is the best and he can own all other fire types and almost anything it hard to compare fire types to this one even with out a mega he still would own blaziken and jest a heads up mega evo is boss but that doesn't make your Pokemon immortal I've seen lots of mega go donw to even underrated Pokemon yes it give you a boost and its cool and all and yes let be real A dragon over a bangle tiger K9 seems bad ass and in real life it would be cool but in the game hands down Arcanine is the best sorry guys say what you like but we all know it true

Its just so awesome. Originally Arcanine was a legendary but was replaced with moltres to fit articuno and zapdos.