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Charizard, known in Japan as Lizardon, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Charizard first appeared in the video games Pokémon Red and Blue and subsequent sequels. They have later appeared in various merchandise, spinoff titles and animated more.


I guess charizard is ok. I personally think talon flame should be on this list, because he starts if extremely cute then turns into an amazing sweeper. He knows a lot of move sets, and stricks fear in the hearts of all, like a speed demon. The only reason Charizard gets my vote is because he has a good mega evolution that boosts his attacks, stats, etc. Although, Blastoise could easily beat Charizard. Water is effective against fire, and blastoise is a tank. And really, I love grass starters, but not many people actually choose them. SO basically, Blastoise is a god. But charizard is a good pal.

Charizard is the best fire starter, there should be no question about it, I don't care if Blaziken or Infernape look cool, Charizard owns them with one flying type move. Emboar is just a disgrace to the title of starter, he was over decorated and just looked dumb, I could see him being catchable but the fact they made him a starter was very disappointing. The thing about beating the Elite 4 with Pokemon means nothing, I used my Charizard to beat the elite 4 in Pokemon Red which was the most challenging elite 4 by far.

Well it has two mega versions one physical usually with d-dance, flare blitz dragon claw and roost or earthquake and a special one with the ability drought which I run with solar beam flamethrower (because it doesn't miss) roost and air slash. All it does is destroy pokes and pick off your opponents team one by one. also X (physical) is adamant mostly and Y (special) is modest mostly. This is just my thoughts on the matter.

WHAT? Ok you guys are ridiculous. So In the anime CHARIZARD USE FLAMETHROWER or any of his other moves, few times and an easy win. In the game, CHARIZARD USED FLAMETHROWER! SAMUROTT DODGED! SAMUROTT USED HYDRO PUMP! IT WAS SUPER EFFECTIVE! SAMUROTT USED SURF! IT WAS SUPER EFFECTIVE! And he's knocked out. He's not powerful. Like pikachu, in the anime he's awesome. In the game, he is like a level 5 oshawott (obviously he's one of my favourite water Pokemon with his evolutions as well)

Heh, came here expecting to find a bunch of Genwunners. Turns out I was right! I'll say this - stop basing it off the anime itself. Yes, he may be strong, but I've seen better fire types! He's up here because he's overrated. He is a lower tier than a couple of Pokemon on this list. He doesn't deserve this spot. He is automatically loved because he is Gen 1

Him #1?!?!?! he's not awfull, but there are many more superior fire types like magmortar and blaziken, charizard is overly over rated, this isn't top ten most popular Pokemon, this is top ten best, and there are fire types that can bet water types with electric moves, and charizard can be very fragile and for anyone that says: MEGA CHARIZARD IDIOT...aqua jet, which 7/10 of all water types can learn

People always talk about that charizard loses half of its life to stealth rocks. That's true, but why nobody noticed that it gives full immunity to spikes, toxic spikes and stickey web. And you can also clear the rocks with a rapid spinner. Some people says, Blaziken is better than this Pokemon. sure blaziken can learn stone edge and thunder punch, but most of the people run blaziken with this set: sword dance, brave bird, blaze kick, close combat. I am not saying blaziken is weaker than charizard, but charizard is NOT weaker than blaziken.

If I has to choose between Charizard, Arcanine, Moltres, and Rapidash, I choose charizard. He is the coolest fire pokemon ever. I always admired his power in the amine. I have used him a lot in Pokemon Stadium. He has a variety of moves that separates him from other fire pokemon. Charizard's Ambitiions is the funniest pokemon episode ever. Team Rocket sobbing over Charizard has sent me to tears! Charizard is the best fire pokemon ever.

Lol, just proves that people like charizard only because of the anime - Woyaojinkela

Charizard is NOT overrated for the last time, it has just as many haters as it does fans. I mean come on, pretty much EVERY comment has another comment attached telling them their wrong. I HATE CHARIZARD HATERS!

Charizard is a pokemon who should have three types, which is dragon...To bad this will never ever happen in pokemon. Anyway this pokemon is a Monster. With the move Solar Beam we can pretty much say that that's a rap for Water types it goes up against. And if it can resist the ice types moves from pokemons like Articuno...It is done for. So yea. What else can I say about this thing...IT'S A BEAST

In leaf green he is the only Pokemon I actually used, and I got through literally everything, faster than I had ever done it before, in the end at the elite four and champion, I picked up a couple others to let me use a couple revives. I made it through THE ENTIRE GAME, WITH CHARIZARD!

And you can do exactly the same with typhlosion, it is just you can't get it in leaf green. - Woyaojinkela

The fact is, is that Charizard is the best and Charmeleon and Charmander should be right next to him. It's Fire/Flying makes it super effective to most Pokemon and there's a whole valley full of them. All fire types are amazing but Charizard is the bomb!

Charizard is dragon come fire Pokemon... Since he also uses classic attacks he can also learn hyper beam, in delta species there is darkness charizard which also has fire, dragon and darkness attacks... Charizard is the best... I guess he is the strongest card among cards...

What Pokemon on the list can't learn hyper beam, it is not even a good move. "which also has fire, dragon and darkness attacks", lol, so? - Woyaojinkela

If you put him against infernape and blaziken they can take out charizard with thunder punch However blaziken is slower. Charizard wins. Infernape. Close call but charizard could pull it of. My opinion.

Blaziken has speed boost, it will protect, outspeeds next turn, and stone edge. Infernape can also stone edge. Blaziken and infernape wins - Woyaojinkela

Charizard is my favourite Pokemon and he's got two mega evolutions and he's so popular how can he not be the best fire type in the 6 generations and maybe 7. With the two best evolutions in Pokemon that's why I vote for CHARIZARD

Charizard is the very best, like no one ever was! Bon the na na! To catch him is-actually either enviable or impossible... Anyways, TO TRAIN HIM IS MY CAUSE! (music symbols trailing off to the heavens... )

Mega Charizard Y trumps all, with a super powered one shot solarbeam raises him far beyond his weaknesses of water and rock. A steady barrages of drought enhanced flamethrowers are sure to knockout any other competition. When compared to his X counterpart, a well placed dragon pulse is sure to knock it out since Y not only gains a blistering special attack, but also a blinding speed increase. Even without a mega evolution Charizard is a force to be reckoned with. His speed and power give it an edge in most fights and let him hit hard and fast, increased further with the solar power ability. In all, Charizard is the very best, like no Pokemon ever was.

I think Charizard is a very cool pokemon but can very mean sometimes but overall it is a very good pokemon to have and it has a very good powerful moves to use on other pokemon and it is very smart for its head

I love Charizard he has been my favourite pokemon since my first game when I chose him and he wrecked everyone if you have never played a pokemon game get one and choose him.

He is the best. He is strongest fire type Pokemon I have ever seen. Even though he is non-legendary he can beat reshiram or Blaziken easily. He also has dragon type features he also can learn blast burn which is the strongest move of fire Pokemon

Charizard has always been my hero through Fire Red. HE CAN FLY, so I didn't have any problem looking for another flying type to take up another spot. Plus, I always chose him first. HE is the coolest fire type I have ever seen

Charizard was the first Pokemon I ever had. I picked it in oaks lab and we owned our way through the whole game. I could beat my rivals blastoise, and reds lapras. By the time I beat the game and everything in it, my charizard was level 99. Not 100, but level 99.

He is a BEAST he beat the whole elite four in diamond in 10 minutes he is my favorite Pokemon he rocks and awesome looking I recommend him if you are looking for a fire type

How you even got it in diamond. You can do the same with infernape - Woyaojinkela

Its obvious that in our hearts we are all going to love charizard but I think that the best is definitely rapidash just because he can be ridden as a horse and burns only those unworthy to ride them talk about an anti theft system haha

He can use thunder punch to take out water types and can use earthquake to take out electric types and steel wing to take out rock types he is simply awesome