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61 Oricorio
62 Houndour Houndour
63 Tepig Tepig

Tepig is a good type when its fully evolved emboar a fire fighting

Hey forgot tepig his fully evolved form emboar can learn scald... A water type and with stone edge and tunder punch you just covered his weakness. Want more teach it recoil damage moves with his abilty reckless he's a hard cookie tepig is AWESOME

He is very cute

Awesome Pokemon

Has great faith in himself and has a pretty strong ember.

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64 Magcargo Magcargo

A fiery snail that has epic defenses. I raised my Slugma in Pokemon Ruby until it was a Magcargo, and it was a beast. It was totally worth it.

I raised my slugma in soulsilver, it evolved into mag cargo and is totally epic, amazing defense and great moves!

#50 how internet how! it should in the top 10!

OH COME ON Macgaro may be slow but this dude can wreck teams he has amazing defense great moves and he might not be the best fire type pokemon but he's at 48 now that's just crap macargo is underrated he can be great you don't always need to be fast to be a good pokemon. And he has has decent stats (Not according the speed stat of course) Give macgaro some respect everyone votes for charizard blaziken and other pokemon. Give macargo a chance. He is a awesome pokemon and if you don't think so that's okay. But when he's so low on the list I have to get a little salty and mad. This pokemon is the king of snailes he's so hot if someone touches him they burn. Just think about that for a second he is the most hottest pokemon he's so hot and warm that he can melt down mountain easily without even trying to do something now tell me if that's not a fire type pokemon this pokemon is a beast everyone give a huge clap to macargo for being the pokemon it is we wil never forget you macargo you are ...more

65 Pignite Pignite

You're right! In Pokemon black I have a pignite and its op! He was my starter and his flame charge can eliminate even a water type that's a higher level than him!

Noo way is Pignite second to last. All you have to do is train him to a higher level and give him moves like: tackle, overheat, flamethrower, and fire blast. He levels up really fast if you don't evolve him right away. Also tackle seem like a newbie move, but I left it with pignite and when I fought Falkners level 100 Pidgeot, it finished it off with 85 damage. that's a lot, especially for a move like that. Also, tackle has a lot of pp and even if you don't really want to use it you could give him other good moves in the other move slots and you won't even need to rely on tackle. Pignite was ash's starters so he has to be good. I would place him at about number 6. HE IS AWSOMEEE!... but not the best :( Charizard is the best but he ties with blaziken

What litwick is high then pignite are you kidding me

Lol pinite is last but tepid is way higher.

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66 Litwick Litwick

Oh gosh litwick. the worst dual type fire/ghost ever. good thing he evolves to Chandelure, which is my third favorite Pokemon

Hey give him some credit, he's the first with his duel type.

Litwick will die to a weedle why use it

I'm surprised litwick is high up wow

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67 Mega Charizard X

Mega Charizard X is a black dragon with BLUE FIRE! How cool is that? It's also dragon type too!

Mega Charizard X should be up with charizard! Just look at him! He's a badass black dragon with blue fire on it's mouth and tail unlike Y as it only has it on it's tail! Come on! He's even a awesome dragon type too! You've all wanted charizard to be one! So there!

It's a dragon type and dragon types are my favorite, and at least charizard isn't a legendary

Mega charizard rules

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68 Primal Groudon Primal Groudon

Water types don't effect primal Groudon he is a beast with 420 base attack 400 base defense and a great move set

I felt that primal Groudon is a far better pokemon than almost all of the others

Coolest pokemon ever

How is this 64...

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