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1 Unbreakable

This song is number 1 now. And it WILL stay on top. Definitely the best - epic intro - awesome instrument play - unbeatable voice - it deserves no place lower than 1st.

I heard this on air1 when I was younger and I wanted to download it, I'm older now but it sounds just as epic as the first time I heard it!

I love this song it's my favourite song and it deserves #1

So good it'll completely hypnotise u

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2 Stay Close

This song is EPIC! Her voice is just too awesome this should placed at 1

Amazing. It deserves No.2

Beautiful loud down right honest! its sung with such passion

EPIC song!

3 For Those Who Wait

This song touches my heart. No matter what you interpret this song as, it's incredibly inspirational and very relatable to anyone that's ever had to wait for something that means a lot to them. It is an amazing blend of violin and rock instruments, as well as Dawn's voice, which conveys so much emotion. So much love for this song.

Best fireflight song.
Better than, You Decide and Desperate.

4 Desperate

I love this song so much it can speak to your heart I love it

Well this song is awesome than the other

Definitely deserves to be number one!

5 Stand Up

Wow, I love this song. It's sad nobody has commented on any yet, though. Fireflight is such a good band, and this is my favorite song my them!

6 What I've Overcome

Completely addicted to the song.

Defines well... love it.

7 You Decide

Dude, this song should be number one... Just saying'

Might be #1

8 Forever

It's a great song powerful message I think it should be on the top ten

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9 Name

This song has Beautiful lyrics.

10 Fire In My Eyes

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11 Recovery Begins
12 Wrapped In Your Arms

Such a beautifully powerful song, without a doubt my favorite! - philhenshaw

13 Core of My Addiction
14 The Hunger

Awesome song...definitely deserves to be in the top 10...

Top 5 song!

15 Ignite

Good Song. It Should be in top ten. Better than Wrapped In Your Arms and forever.

Very Good guitar intro. good song.

As the title implies, this song is explosive and pumping.

16 You Gave Me a Promise
17 All I Need to Be
18 Stronger Than You Think

Absolutely love this song!
Guitars? Perfect!
Vocals? Perfect!
Must be in Top 10

19 You Give Me That Feeling
20 Attitude
21 Keeping Me Alive
22 Waiting
23 Rise Above
24 Myself
25 This is Our Time

It's a Praise and Worship Song :D

26 It's You
27 The Love We Had Before

Top 5 song

28 Brand New Day

My favorite song from them.

Its just an amazing song

29 Liar

This song is so hard

30 Go Ahead
31 Now
32 Escape

Incredible vocal performance and emotional impact along with a subtle little reminder at the end that we are not a lost cause and that now is indeed our time.

33 Serenity

How is this song not even on the list? This band and Red have no bad songs and I agree with all the songs on the list so far, but honestly? How is this song not on the list yet? People need to start putting more items on this list.

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34 New Perspective
35 Prove Me Wrong

This is one of their newer songs from the album NOW, I love this song so, so much. Listen to the lyrics. Once. It goes right up there with Unbreakable and Forever. Seriously. "You see the me that no one does and you show me at last I can be loved"...

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36 Keep Fighting
37 He Weeps
38 Resuscitate
39 Safety
40 We Are Alive
41 Here and Now
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1. Stay Close
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