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1 Tyler

Tyler is my only son's name. He is four and my only boy I will ever have because I wanted three kids but got a pair of girl twins, but I love Love LOVE the name Tyler the second best on here is Jason the Blake. But I love the name Tyler.

Pretty Boys Have That Name! They Can't Get Teased In School, They Would Get A Good Girlfriend And Teachers Would Love To Call On It Because,.. Its Simply Awesome! Vote Tyler!

Well I guess it's okay but I find that most kids name Tyler end up being a donkey (or THE on there name of a donkey) so I wouldn't use this one if I were you

There are much better names than this. It is a douchey name, and it is the name of one of the worst actors and directors ever, Tyler Perry. - 445956

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2 Jack

Jack is the name of my dead brother. He died after New Year's Day. :( He was aged 2 months old. :( - Wolftail

I HATE how everyone just votes for their own name! I mean really. I'm such a Hippocrate my names jack.

Jack is my first name all though it's a nick name its awesome simple PLEASE VOTE JACK

Jack trask

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3 Andrew

That's my boyfriends name and I think its Very attractive!

Blake, And tyler are above Andrew? What the heck That is the most stupid thing I have ever heard. Blake, seriously that is a punk name, and tyler, come on that is a girly boy name. Andrew, on the other hand is my name, and the best name ever. Andrew means strong, manly, and courageous.

Seriously?! Blake and Tyler are better names than Andrew! Sorry if that's offensive to you and all the other Andrews, but you were being offensive to Tyler and Blake.

This is the most amazing boys' name EVER! Andy when he's little, Andrew when he's older, and Drew as an adult! I don't know what it is about this name, but it just sounds AMAZING!

Andrew Taggart from The Chainsmokers! - lovefrombadlands

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4 Noah

I have a son called Noah he's the cutest thing and he's getting a brother soon I think I'll call him Hugo. Noah has two sisters called Lauren and holly which are my favorite girl names but Noah is the best names for a boy

Aw, That's my boyfriend's name! He's so cute.

I like the name because my little friend is called nosh he is 3 year old

Heh noah schnapp

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5 Blake

Blake is my sons name, he's almost 18 and I still think it's the best name ever! - luvtoread

I know a Blake and they are a little kid who lives near a playground. But once when we visited them he kept on following me around asking my name. When I told him he kept on asking me. So sorry guys, I don't like the name. - FinnsWorld

This is my boyfriends name. We are in a long distance relationship since I moved. He lives 6 States away from me :( - LokiLaufeyson2000

Blake Shelton - lovefrombadlands

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6 John

Well... John isn't the worst name but... It is not my most favorite name.

It's the best and has the most meaning and famous people with this name would never change my name ever

I love this name. It means 'God is gracious'. If I had a boy, I would name him John.

I love this name anyway and both my hubby and my dad is called John so it’s got to mean something special to me. I just couldn’t call my son this because of this reason. I can’t have everyone special in my life called John.

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7 Logan

I love this name its nice and I know what I didn't do it is

I LOVE this name because it's the name of Logan Lerman my favorite actor because he's so cute and adorable

That's my enemy's name. He's really mean to me at school. - lovefrombadlands

My BFF's name is Logan

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8 Ryan

The sexiest guy on earth (Ryan Ross) is named this! Damn this name is so SEXY!

Ryan is the worst possible name in the world. Sorry to all those good people called ryan but ryan Kennedy is the worst name ever and I live next door to him. He thinks I'm going to be happy that he lives next door to me.

I like the name Ryan but the guy that most of the girls at my school like is a total jerk his name is Ryan Kennedy and he is an idiot.

It's my brother

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9 James

I think James is a great name my friend watches a show called big time rush and loves it one if the main people is names James so rock on!

It's my name my middle name Kyle is at number so I love both names

My brother used to say in a really deep voice: My name is James. I run the stuffed animal factory, fluff department.

I think James is the Perfect name.
J - Joyful
A - Achievement
M - Master
E - Elegant
S - Success
VOTE for James! - CaptainTony

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10 William

There is a boy at my school and his real name is William, and his middle name is Andrew so he does by Drew for short. He is actually attractive, and all the girls like him. But it sounds like more of a British name..

I think that this name is the best for a boy because it is my brother's name, and he is so awesome, funny, and cool. I mean, who wouldn't love that name. It's awesome!

William and billy are the best names because they are royal and I know a really really really cute guy called billy

I love this name and I think it deserves to be in the top ten - Organ

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? Ira

Cool name - 445956

? Cyrus

Forget Cyrus as a last name. Whatever happened to Cyrus as a first name? - 445956

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11 Matthew

Come on This name ROCKS

Love this name! It's just pure awesome.

Just a cool name

I have always loved this name. It sounds great. Even though my name is Andrew, I think this is the best name. Some people don't deserve this name...

A lot of people I see named Matthew don't really look like a Matthew

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12 Michael

I don't know why. I have always liked this name. My old friend (not anymore) has this name. I hate him, but I still like the name. Tell me why?

Best musician in the world Michael jackson

A notable bearer of this name is basketball star Michael Jordan (b. 1963). - FinnsWorld

My name is Michael. Michael is the best name in the world.

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13 Ethan

Same, I have a crush named Ethan! Ethan can be sweet, kind, unique, intelligent, committed, faithful, and loyal! However, this name means strength, and it's common for boys. I vote for this name also because it sounds cute.

I love my name it is super awesome

A famous bearer of the name is actor Ethan Hawke. - FinnsWorld

I have I common name whyy

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14 Alexander

Love my name. It's powerful and strong. Use Alex for casual terms. Alexander to be fancy.

This name is Peppa pig's Alexander Baby, that mean its real a good and prefect name!

Alexander and The No Good Very Bad Day - lovefrombadlands

Beautiful name!

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15 Austin

My Best Friends name Is this he's so nice and cool I sometimes wish I could be him (He's so popular with girls to )

Absolutely LOVE this name!

Austin is my brother's name and I've always liked the name. I think it's a cool name and really like it.

Bro this is the best name ever

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16 Aaron

A-A-ron! Where is A-A-ron at?

Teacher: AY-AY-RON! Where is Ay-Ay-Ron right now!?

I'm a girl and my name is eren spelled like eren jaeger yes snk trash

Crazy Aaron's thinking putty! - lovefrombadlands

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17 Peter

Then your kid's gonna marry someone named Lois. They'll have three kids: Meg, Chris, and Stewie. Their talking dog's name will be Brian and the dog is an alcoholic - Goatworlds

This name is the best name society ever came up with

This is just an awful name. Peter Peter penis eater. Yuck he'll be tortured in school

Cool name - Organ

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18 Anthony

I'm Anthony but that's not the reason I voted it it is a PERFECT name and it should be at top 5

This is what I'm going to name my son.

This is my name and I think it's the best name ever. By the way my name is Anthony Davis


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19 Kyle

Reminds me of the kid from south park with the green puppy hat

All the Kyle's I know are mean, drama-making weirdos. It's a cool name, it sounds boyish, but yeah.

I hate this name because it's the name of my brother lol, but it's admittedly a good name - Tylerlangford1234

Edgy name. This days all teens are edgy. so this name is 10/10 edgy. 030.

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20 Justin

Don't blame Justin Bieber for this! - Neonco31

It's still a good name... just think about Justin Timberlake and NOT Justin Bieber.

I love the name Justin because I LOVE justin bieber

Tyler and Justin is a great name.

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