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1 Tyler

Personally, Tyler is too common. It's also associated with the cliche jock or player or bad boy, which ruins it. It's so common that I know 19 people in my town (and trust me, the town I live in is tiny) that's named Tyler. It sucks yet is alright. I prefer Tyson because it's more unique.

Tyler is my only son's name. He is four and my only boy I will ever have because I wanted three kids but got a pair of girl twins, but I love Love LOVE the name Tyler the second best on here is Jason the Blake. But I love the name Tyler.

My cousin’s name. Beautiful but I would not pick it if it were my kid - Aleca

Pretty Boys Have That Name! They Can't Get Teased In School, They Would Get A Good Girlfriend And Teachers Would Love To Call On It Because,.. Its Simply Awesome! Vote Tyler!

2 Andrew

Love the name Andrew. Sweet, sporty, but also easy to spell and most of the Andrew’s I know are cute. - Aleca

That's my boyfriends name and I think its Very attractive!

Blake, And tyler are above Andrew? What the heck That is the most stupid thing I have ever heard. Blake, seriously that is a punk name, and tyler, come on that is a girly boy name. Andrew, on the other hand is my name, and the best name ever. Andrew means strong, manly, and courageous.

Seriously?! Blake and Tyler are better names than Andrew! Sorry if that's offensive to you and all the other Andrews, but you were being offensive to Tyler and Blake.

This is the most amazing boys' name EVER! Andy when he's little, Andrew when he's older, and Drew as an adult! I don't know what it is about this name, but it just sounds AMAZING!

3 Jack

Jack is the name of my dead brother. He died after New Year's Day. :( He was aged 2 months old. :( - Wolftail

I HATE how everyone just votes for their own name! I mean really. I'm such a Hippocrate my names jack.

That's my name... Really common between boys, but it makes it special cause I'm a girl - MyNameIsJack

Jack is my first name all though it's a nick name its awesome simple PLEASE VOTE JACK

4 John

Well... John isn't the worst name but... It is not my most favorite name.

It's the best and has the most meaning and famous people with this name would never change my name ever

I love this name. It means 'God is gracious'. If I had a boy, I would name him John.

I like my name John

5 Blake

I really like the name Blake and it just reaches out to me, I guess.

It sounds like a name for a hockey player or someone who likes hockey. - PhoenixAura81

Blake is my sons name, he's almost 18 and I still think it's the best name ever! - luvtoread

I know a Blake and they are a little kid who lives near a playground. But once when we visited them he kept on following me around asking my name. When I told him he kept on asking me. So sorry guys, I don't like the name. - FinnsWorld

6 Noah

I have 4 boys Noah, Liam, Jay and Hunter, and two girls, Ember and Sparrow. I had the names picked out since I was 9.

It's my name!


Aw, That's my boyfriend's name! He's so cute.

7 Logan

Logan Thirtyacre is a Youtuber that does Super Mario Plush videos and Puppets

Nah there are way to many Logans. It's way overused. Logan reminds me of some ugly troll. And the whole Logan Paul thing.

Used to think this was a cool name until Logan Paul

I LOVE this name because it's the name of Logan Lerman my favorite actor because he's so cute and adorable

8 James

I think James is a great name my friend watches a show called big time rush and loves it one if the main people is names James so rock on!

It's my name my middle name Kyle is at number so I love both names

My brother used to say in a really deep voice: My name is James. I run the stuffed animal factory, fluff department.

When I think of "James" I imagine a very spoiled bad mannered rich white male who who's growing very very old.

9 Ryan

Too common - Ar0nT0pTeNz05

Love this name - Aleca

My name is Ryan and my friends love it

This is my Favorite boy's name

10 Michael

My real name is Michelle but everyone calls me Michael and I really love it!

Beautiful name. I love it, partly because I'm a fan of Michael Jackson, and also it sounds very nice. Lovely name. Love you, Michael Jackson!

I don't know why. I have always liked this name. My old friend (not anymore) has this name. I hate him, but I still like the name. Tell me why?

Mah friend's name is Michael. I rarely call him that though, my nickname for him is Chibi, because he's so smol

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11 William

I love the name, but I know about 5 million Williams and Wills that it just gets confusing. It's just a super popular name.

Best name ever! Regal, Honest,Can’t be abbreviated to something rubbish,International,Classic!
cheers Will!

There is a boy at my school and his real name is William, and his middle name is Andrew so he does by Drew for short. He is actually attractive, and all the girls like him. But it sounds like more of a British name..

I think that this name is the best for a boy because it is my brother's name, and he is so awesome, funny, and cool. I mean, who wouldn't love that name. It's awesome!

12 Matthew

it's a good name my cousins name ins Mathew but we call him matt

Love that name. just love it it's my classmate's name from last year LOVE THIS NAME

Come on This name ROCKS

Love this name! It's just pure awesome.

13 Ethan

Same, I have a crush named Ethan! Ethan can be sweet, kind, unique, intelligent, committed, faithful, and loyal! However, this name means strength, and it's common for boys. I vote for this name also because it sounds cute.

I love my name it is super awesome

A famous bearer of the name is actor Ethan Hawke. - FinnsWorld

USA version of Edward.

14 Aaron

Pardon me, are you Aaron Burr, sir? That depends, who asking? Oh well sure, sir. I'm Alexander Hamilton I'm at you're service, sir. I have been looking for you

Pardon me, are you Aaron Burr, sir? - RoseWeasley

My friend's name is that and it's a cool name

People always call me A-A-Ron - Atham

15 Justin

bieber - Kyoy

It's still a good name... just think about Justin Timberlake and NOT Justin Bieber.

I don't know, just when I think of the name, it just sounds so cute probably because I used to like Justin Bieber when he was a kid, not now and it sounds like a cool name too.

Don't blame Justin Bieber for this! - Neonco31

16 Liam

If I was I boy I would like to be named this

Haha I love the name because itsmy name but still that comment below this *shudder*

I have a crush on him and he has the crush back on me

Love the name Liam because of Liam hemsworth

17 Adam

I love this name so much. Personally, there is no one I know who's got the name but it feels so awesomely close to me. And I also get the feeling that anyone with this name will really be gorgeous and would have a heart of gold. Okay, I know I'm speaking crap but I just wanna say I really love this name completely out of nowhere. - DownTheTown

I'm sad cause this is my name. I think Adam is a better name than Irfan

I just always found this name great because its simple but powerful at the same time

My name is Adam

18 Kyle

Love this name too - Aleca

Reminds me of the kid from south park with the green puppy hat

All the Kyle's I know are mean, drama-making weirdos. It's a cool name, it sounds boyish, but yeah.

I hate this name because it's the name of my brother lol, but it's admittedly a good name - Tylerlangford1234

19 Austin

This name is amazing I really like it. My crush is Austin. I also like the name Colin.

This is my name! - mcdonalds_sucks

It's a good name

My Best Friends name Is this he's so nice and cool I sometimes wish I could be him (He's so popular with girls to )

20 Sam

Love this name. It's not too exotic but it's not too common. And it's such a sweetheart type of name. Short for Samuel, a biblical name. I'd name my son Sam for sure.

I like the name Sam but for some reason I think of freckles and blonde hair when I hear the name.I wonder why? I don't know anyone named Sam or seen,so.

Best name ever! - 445956

I am a girl. So I'm not voting for my own name. Like some people. But sam is just hands down brilliant

21 George

Classic strong handsome name

Such a beautiful name. In my opinion 'Tyler' sounds like a name some teenager would have. - TopTenTed

My amazing father’s name.

My brother’s name.

22 Jacob

This is my 2nd name! There is colin then Jacob lol - XxSEVEREDHUMANITYxX

Jake is my name it's the best name ever I like it sounds so awesome and great like Jake the great

Most amazing name ever. I think it's pretty cool

This name should be in the top 5 because it's my name and it's extremely cool and super

23 Peter

That's my grandpa's name - The_Random_Content_Guy

The name others wish they had.

Then your kid's gonna marry someone named Lois. They'll have three kids: Meg, Chris, and Stewie. Their talking dog's name will be Brian and the dog is an alcoholic - Goatworlds

This name is the best name society ever came up with

24 Jason

My amazing big brothers name is Jason so I had to pick this one. it should be #1! love you Jay Jay!

I'm writing a book about a boy's mom who went into some coal mines and never came back out and so this kid's dad is always worried about him going into the mines, and one day his little sister had an "accident" and he sent his brothers to take her inside, and so he went inside and got stuck but he found a whole new world underground and it turns out that the charm he wears around his neck is a symbol that he is the one who was supposed to save the world from a deadly war and- this world is really high tech- he finds out the leader of the enemy is his mother and he has to kill his mom to end the war and the boy' name is Jason, or Jay as he prefers to be called.

Jason is an awesome name, I've heard so many people with this name, it's a great name. Vote for this name, please. - jbradbradley


25 Kevin


That's my brothers name! I don't know him well - ReneePhilips

No. Not everyone should be named Kevin. Because nobody could tell which Kevin is which.

Cool name. Though you definitely shouldn't use it in germany - Organ

26 Jake

Better than Jacob and not super Common. Should be a king's name

I had a crush on someone with this name, he had such a punchable face! JK - Ynot

Sighhh...I feel as if this is now a nightly ritual for me to play someone like you while thinking about my crush named Jake every night...
Ik I probably sound like a creep...sorry I rly am not a creep.
But anyway I vote the name Jake bcs I like the sound of it, just like I like the person with the name

My name is that actually it is Jacob

27 Alexander


Oh yeah my names Alex(ander) and I rock!

Love my name. It's powerful and strong. Use Alex for casual terms. Alexander to be fancy.

This name is Peppa pig's Alexander Baby, that mean its real a good and prefect name!

28 Ben

The guy who drowned?

Yes! My crushes name is Ben (Benjamin) and he is really nice. I love that name because it makes me think of him.

Sorry, but who would vote for a name that's not their own? Ben for the win.

My 3 favorite persons is named Ben:

1-Ben Burnley = He is the best singer, Breaking Benjamin rocks!
2-Ben Moody = Awesome guitarist and writer. Evanescence forever!
3-Ben Tennyson = My favorite cartoon character and Ben 10 is Legendary animated series!

29 Anthony

GAY name


I'm Anthony but that's not the reason I voted it it is a PERFECT name and it should be at top 5

This is what I'm going to name my son.

30 Daniel

If the Damn Daniel trend never existed, I would be okay with my first name

I love that name, it's my brothers

Daniel is such a gorgeous name for beautiful boys

My husband and my son are named Daniel. Of course it's a perfect name.

31 Thomas

Thomas Jefferson! - Sofiaaaaaa

This name should be in the top 5 Thomas is 1 of the coolest first names.

Its so cute I love the name its my baby brothers name and my brothers so cute laugh out loud

Thomas is the name of the main character in Thomas & Friends. - FinnsWorld

32 Cody

Long story, Cody saved my life! Once we were talking and walking with my friend, Emma, and I noticed behind me a grown man was getting very close to me. He grabbed my hand violently and ran off, dragging me behind him. Cody raced after us and punched and kicked the man, then, Cody took my hand and we ran back to Emma and we all went to her house. I saw the man once again, he had a black eye and was limping and when he saw me ran away. CODY RULES! - Swiftdawn

My boyfriend is Cody! People who look at my comments, I know I said I was with Adrian, I was, we broke up last week and Cody was already my best friend so yeah - Swiftdawn

The name of y boy friend he's so sweet

! This deserves #1! GOD I LOVE this name!

33 Alex

Alex Hamilton - Sofiaaaaaa

My names alex!

Its like some gamer name

My ex boyfriend name was alex and I love that name

34 Mark

I love the name mark!

Very strong, masculine name. Not a commonly heard name for babies and young children (most Marks are 30 and above), making it ripe for a comeback...

My crushs name

Mark is my dads name

35 Steven

Steven hyde man, cars that run on water, man.

I know this is a little off topic and there are MANY Stevens out there, But the first thing that came to mine was "Steven Tyler" Of Aerosmith. Then "Steven Adler" of Guns N'roses/Adler's appetite/Velvet Revolver..

Steven hawking. Need I say more?

What an awesome name. Booya.

36 Luke

Luke hemmings

This my friends is the greatest name. It is a book of the bible and even if you're an atheist, this name is godly. I recommend this name to all parents. Trust me, a guy with this name is awesome.

This is my name! It is the most awesome name ever!

My name is Lucas although I'd rather go by Luke

37 Ian

This is my boyfriend's name

This is my name!

This name is fabulous

My First Names Ian And I'm Proud To have It - TundraTopTenners

38 Josh

Oh my goshua joshua - mistyglow

Half the school is josh!

Josh Hutcherson, Josh Peck. Josh is an cool name.

Its meaning is gift of god. Won battle of jericho. Can represrnt any race

39 Dylan

Every boy named Dylan's always popular

My first name, yay! - RandomThings

It'is my name, so I would most definitely vote for it!

I've always liked this name. Deserves an higher spot - Organ

40 Paul

Paul McCartney! ❤ - Misfire

This name is very good and classic. More people should name their sons Paul

Something about this name that I've always liked... - Minecraftcrazy530

Timeless and cool - Organ

41 Harry

potter - Kyoy

My crushes name, that I will never have a chance with

Or last name potter

Get it Harry potter?

The name harry reminds me of the word "hairy" no offense to those people who are named that.

42 Brandon

This is my name! At least it is not the lowest rated name out of every single boys name! It would be a miracle if this name was at least in third! It is a really used up name! If you go in stores and search for a key chain the pat says the name Brandon, it would be OUT OF STOCK!

I love this name!

Just hate the name


43 Toby

Toby is the name of an engine in Thomas & Friends. - FinnsWorld

The Name Of A Thomas The Tank Engine Character.

Toby, a character from thomas and friends.


44 Chris

Ugh not chris mclean well there is a boy names chris in my class he is good

Chris is a shortening of Christopher. Christopher means christ's bearer. Chris is one of the best names ever.

My fiance's name.

Chris is a great name

45 Jay

Jayfeather - Sofiaaaaaa

Cool name - Organ

Yay! more youtubers!
(if ya dunno, I know a youtuber with the name jay...didn't reach 1 mil yet though...)

Jay is an Angry Bird. - FinnsWorld

46 Oscar

I love this name honestly if I have a male child or pet, this is what I'm calling him - Nairnserboyser

My best friends name is Oscar

Love this name is rocks

Oscar? Wont will you name your next child Elmo?

47 Henry

Henry is the name of an engine in Thomas & Friends. - FinnsWorld

It's an amazing name

Such a handsome name, love the classic name!

Henry Baker is of Cheaper by the Dozen

48 Loki

It's epicer than the other names.

Cool I'm gonna tell my wife to name our twins Thor and Loki

I also had a cat named Loki. And he died when I was four, car accident. Then we moved away when I was six.

I had a cat named Loki. He died when I turned 5, shortly after I moved away w/my mom from my dad.

49 Jamie

Yeah, like Jamie Cullum. - Misfire

Such a cute name, doesn't seem girly on a boy. - Organ

The best boy name, I am called it - jaythomo2

Best boy name out there - Disneyfan2005

50 Sebastian

I love this name because it is the same name as the hottest anime character. Sebastian Michael is!

It's a hot name given to a hot anime character!

I like it because it's my name

Black butler

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