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241 Brendan

Awesome name it is Canadian!

242 LeBron V 2 Comments
243 Lukas

It's a beautiful name with beloved letters. My all time favourite name is Lukas Nowak

It's a very nice name, no matter how you spell it. But Lukas is unique.

Much love for this name! Even cooler with a K - Organ


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244 Cameron

This is my brother's name. It means 'crooked nose' in Scottish. - Wolftail

I have a brother named Andrew but my names better

The first name of a well know genius

Come on fellow camerons we can do better! - thedeadthebadandthedexter00

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245 Ezra

Ezra from High School Story

246 Joel
247 Kelton

Great name, very unique and no one else really has it.

248 Rory

This name sounds like a werewolf name. I don't know why but I needed to say it

Sounds okay on an animal but not on a human. Sorry.

Rory is an evil name that's why I like it my freinds called rory and he wants to be an evil master

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249 Christian

My name top of the game

Great name - Organ

250 Joseph

Beautiful name - Organ


251 Jared

Wow, my name is so low on this list! Haha!

One of my favourite boy's names!

252 Corey

Bastards. Why this all the way down here?

Corey is the best name ever

Why so low? - Organ

362? Top 20.

253 Phillip

Hey that's my name - Phillip873


254 Axel

That's my name. One of the coolest names out there.

I believe it is Belgian.

This is also on our list! Unique!

So cool! - Organ

255 Mathias V 2 Comments
256 Chad

My Name.

257 Tanner

Tanner is my friends "boyfriend's" name, but I don't really like the name.

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258 Ruben V 2 Comments
259 Emily

I know this is a girl's name, but I also like it on a boy.

260 Gaurav
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