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341 Louis V 1 Comment
342 Dawson
343 Frankie

Could this band be lower on the list?

344 Carter

This is so stupid! This is my name and its not even on the list! Its awesome!

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345 Niall

Niall is my identical twin brother! We are Irish twins and its just an amazing Irish name!

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346 Aramis
347 Troy

My friend is Troy thank you for putting this on the list

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348 Mateo

Pronounced mat-ay-o! Really like this name and I think it sounds cool and different! I also like milo

349 Hank
350 Lance
351 Hugo

Say it out loud. It's awesome. - icyicy00

352 Kai

Snow Queen anyone?


Underrated - Organ

353 Kenley

This name is the best name in the world

354 Joey

Underrated. I love this name and would totally give it to my son - Organ

My dad was named Joey. Just Joey, so after he got arrested he would be Joe L, then he got arrested again and would be Joey Lee, and then just Joey, and so on. My dad was a awful person so I hate this name a lot. - Lucretia

Being a Joey, I am immensely insulted. - MojoSpaederman

This name is awesome!

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355 Yogesh
356 Kunal

Best boy name, It means " Lotus " & " King "... I Love this name, It is my favourite - Righteous

357 Israel
358 Chuck V 3 Comments
359 Francis

I always thought Francis was a girl's name but now I have seen 2 movies in which there is a guy called Francis. - birdechosplash

I think Francis is a stylish and beautiful name. It's nice.

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360 Lars
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