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21 Jason

I'm writing a book about a boy's mom who went into some coal mines and never came back out and so this kid's dad is always worried about him going into the mines, and one day his little sister had an "accident" and he sent his brothers to take her inside, and so he went inside and got stuck but he found a whole new world underground and it turns out that the charm he wears around his neck is a symbol that he is the one who was supposed to save the world from a deadly war and- this world is really high tech- he finds out the leader of the enemy is his mother and he has to kill his mom to end the war and the boy' name is Jason, or Jay as he prefers to be called.

Jason is an awesome name, I've heard so many people with this name, it's a great name. Vote for this name, please. - jbradbradley


What's tough about having my name is that it's often associated with a hockey masked psychopath. - Aragorn98

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22 Alex

My ex boyfriend name was alex and I love that name

Yes! My boyfriends name is Alex. - SansTheComic

Love the name alex

I love this name - Organ

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23 Sam

I am a girl. So I'm not voting for my own name. Like some people. But sam is just hands down brilliant

Coolest name ever. Every person I meat meet named Sam is nice. Also it is my name

The only Sam I knew saved my life! Long story. Vote here

best name

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24 Sebastian

I love this name because it is the same name as the hottest anime character. Sebastian Michael is!

I like it because it's my name

It's a hot name given to a hot anime character!

Awesome! - Organ

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25 Cody

The name of y boy friend he's so sweet

! This deserves #1! GOD I LOVE this name!

I love the name Cody because it's my cousin's name

Cody maverick - NightmareIsHere_

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26 Adam

I love this name so much. Personally, there is no one I know who's got the name but it feels so awesomely close to me. And I also get the feeling that anyone with this name will really be gorgeous and would have a heart of gold. Okay, I know I'm speaking crap but I just wanna say I really love this name completely out of nowhere. - DownTheTown

I'm sad cause this is my name. I think Adam is a better name than Irfan

My name is Adam

Adam Levine! - lovefrombadlands

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27 Liam

Love the name Liam because of Liam hemsworth

Famous bearers: Liam Neeson (famous Irish actor - Star Wars, Les Misérables, Kingdom of Heaven, etc) and Liam Aiken (Klaus in A Series of Unfortunate Events). - FinnsWorld

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28 George

The Name Of A Thomas The Tank Engine Character.

George Washington, the father of our country. - creed99

The best name for a prince

George Harrison!

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29 Josh

Half the school is josh!

Josh Hutcherson, Josh Peck. Josh is an cool name.

Its meaning is gift of god. Won battle of jericho. Can represrnt any race

JOSH DUN 21 PILOTS - lovefrombadlands

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30 Mark

Very strong, masculine name. Not a commonly heard name for babies and young children (most Marks are 30 and above), making it ripe for a comeback...

Mark is my dads name

I love this name. It's short and also a strong boy name.

Mark is a Name of Cheaper by the Dozen

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31 Ben

The guy who drowned?

Yes! My crushes name is Ben (Benjamin) and he is really nice. I love that name because it makes me think of him.

Sorry, but who would vote for a name that's not their own? Ben for the win.

Ben mcKee from IMAGINE DRAGONS - lovefrombadlands

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32 Daniel

I love that name, it's my brothers

My husband and my son are named Daniel. Of course it's a perfect name.

Daniel is such a gorgeous name for beautiful boys

Wonderful name - Organ

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33 Max

It's my boyfriend's name, that's why I love it so much!

Oh my God. This name is so overused. And that's because it's good. - Powerfulgirl10

The Name Of A Thomas The Tank Engine Character.

Short and badassw - Organ

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34 Kevin

Cool name. Though you definitely shouldn't use it in germany - Organ

This is the best name ever! Everyone should be named this!

Laugh out loud this name is cool

The Name Of A Thomas The Tank Engine Character.

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35 Trey

This is the name of one of my favorite hip hop artist of all time so...

If your last name's von Martin you should name your son this. Trey von Martin. Get it?

I love this name, however hubby thinks not!

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36 Jacob

Jake is my name it's the best name ever I like it sounds so awesome and great like Jake the great

This name should be in the top 5 because it's my name and it's extremely cool and super

Most amazing name ever. I think it's pretty cool

Jacob is my crushes name
#cutest name and boy in the world

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37 Jake

My name is that actually it is Jacob

Jake Baker is of Cheaper by the Dozen

I love this name. Cool sound, timeless and easy to spell - Organ

I love this name. Cool sound, timeless - Organ

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38 Weston

This used to be 63. Now it's 409. Wow. - Minecraftcrazy530

39 Eric

But spelled Erik. Best guy name there is. My boyfriend, father of my kids and the sexiest man alive.

Eric is a nice name

Eric cartman is hilarious. - Goatworlds

One of the best names out here - Organ

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40 Harry

Or last name potter

Get it Harry potter?

The name harry reminds me of the word "hairy" no offense to those people who are named that.

Harry is the most beautiful boy name I have ever heard. I like Harry Styles by the way. !

I like this name but I don't because of my least favorite singer ever Harry Styles. - lovefrombadlands

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