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41 Loki

Cool I'm gonna tell my wife to name our twins Thor and Loki

I had a cat named Loki. He died when I turned 5, shortly after I moved away w/my mom from my dad.

Worst idea ever. Loki was the evil Norse god. He tried to have his son, fenris wolf, kill the gods.

42 Landon

Landon! Great name for a male character in a realistic fiction story I plan to write! The girl is Amber Faye, which I love so so much. But Landon... It fits so well with Amber!

No offense but the only Landon I know was the one who eats his boogers in class

The only Landon I know is an incredibly annoying one. He's white with freckles.

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43 Chris

Chris is a shortening of Christopher. Christopher means christ's bearer. Chris is one of the best names ever.

My fiance's name.

Best name by far, very strong.

I love the name chris. 43? come on!

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44 Sam

I am a girl. So I'm not voting for my own name. Like some people. But sam is just hands down brilliant

Coolest name ever. Every person I meat meet named Sam is nice. Also it is my name

The only Sam I knew saved my life! Long story. Vote here

best name

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45 Xavier

One of my friends name is Xavier. I like some of the other names more but I just voted this because of my friend

Please vote for this, this name is awesome

The only common x name there is1

I was looking through saw this name. It's SO COOL!

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46 Josh

Half the school is josh!

Josh Hutcherson, Josh Peck. Josh is an cool name.

Its meaning is gift of god. Won battle of jericho. Can represrnt any race

Cool name - Organ

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47 Luke

This my friends is the greatest name. It is a book of the bible and even if you're an atheist, this name is godly. I recommend this name to all parents. Trust me, a guy with this name is awesome.

This is my name! It is the most awesome name ever!

My name is Lucas although I'd rather go by Luke

Why hey,My friends name is Luke:) King of Websites

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48 Brandon

This is my name! At least it is not the lowest rated name out of every single boys name! It would be a miracle if this name was at least in third! It is a really used up name! If you go in stores and search for a key chain the pat says the name Brandon, it would be OUT OF STOCK!

Just hate the name

I love this name!


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49 Jamie

Best boy name out there - Disneyfan2005

Such a cute name, doesn't seem girly on a boy. - Organ

The best boy name, I am called it - jaythomo2

I thought this was a girl's name. - creed99

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50 Max

It's my boyfriend's name, that's why I love it so much!

Oh my God. This name is so overused. And that's because it's good. - Powerfulgirl10

The Name Of A Thomas The Tank Engine Character.

Short and badassw - Organ

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51 Eli

My sons name & he is so loving and smart!

That's my little brothers name

52 Rayan
53 Edward

If I had this name, I would be known as fullmetal. My brother would be named Alphonse, and I would have long hair in a braid. I would be short-actually, never mind, I will be tall. NOT SHORT, TALL. I would be able to do alchemy without a transmutation circle, for I tried to commit Human transmutation to bring back my mother, even though it was a sin.

A beautiful name, which several kings of England (and later the United Kingdom) had - surely it deserves more credit than just a few Thomas the Tank Engine references on here? - Entranced98

I used to love this name, then I hated it, then I liked it, then I loved it again. And I still do! And I LOVE Edward from Thomas The Tank Engine! - FinnsWorld

Beautiful name - Organ

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54 Oliver

It has a handsome sound to it, and as an added plus, it really never goes out of style. It is a timeless classic! Most people have a good connotation with the name as well. Can't go wrong with Oliver!

I love the name Oliver. I'm going to name my son Oliver.

Oliver, a character from thomas and friends.

I love this name - Organ

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55 Darnell

This is my dad's name and I love him

56 Zach

this name just rings to me - browney115

Everyone else I bet is voting on there own name so why can't I

This is a brilliant name my bro is called Zach

Haha using this for a story, I love it

57 Bob

My brother loves this name what too much! I think he wants it to be his name.

My fave thing to watch on T.V. is bob the builder its the best name ever

One of the best one syllable named out there. Can't go wrong with Bob - Organ

BOB I call myself that on everything! Noah is maybe the best name in my opinion bit nothing is better than BOBMAISTER

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58 Donovan

Sounds like the name of a street.

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59 Deacon
60 Toby

Toby is the name of an engine in Thomas & Friends. - FinnsWorld

The Name Of A Thomas The Tank Engine Character.

Toby, a character from thomas and friends.


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