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81 Robert

Not so much now, but up until the 1990's, it seemed like everyone was either Robert, Rob, Robby, Bob or Bobby. In addition, many of the world's best hockey players ever were Canadian and had this name (Bobby Orr, Bobby Hull or Bobby Clarke). Means "fame"!

When I first heard this name, I think of a typical middle-aged suburban dad.

I have a friend named Robert. He goes by Bobby

I love this name and all its nicknames - Organ

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82 Xander

This is my (nick) name so I love it! It is also a name you'll probably never heard of before!

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83 Kentrell
84 Rahul
85 Declan

Declan is a really cool name

Yeuch. reminds me of the most grumpiest elf ever.

86 Jonah

4th time voting for this's - PotatoMan111

Should be higher - Organ

I like turtles - PotatoMan111

Best name evah - PotatoMan111

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87 Lucas

My name, and I wouldn't change it if I would get one million dollars for it.

Paige and Lucas would make adorable twins.

My dreamboyfriends name is lucas

Creative as fire! �"�

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88 Matt

Virgin name - Martinglez

89 Burair
90 Teagan
91 Clark

Superman's identity when he's not superman

I love clark

HAHA! CLARK!?!?! WHY IS CLARK ON THIS LIST!? CLARK IS A TERRIBLE NAME! (No offense to all you Clarks out there, I love you)

92 Ian

This name is fabulous

My First Names Ian And I'm Proud To have It - TundraTopTenners

My crush's name heheheheheh - Magenta_Flame

SSundee refernce anyone?

i was finding freddy (yes, fnaf fan here! :3)...
who cares? I love youtuber names!

93 Starshooter

What? Is this serious? Some idiot celebrity probably chose this name

I named my son Starshooter and I love it!

I think you'd better use this name for some kind of sci-fi movie weapon rather than a kid.

That's a name?

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94 Sincere
95 Isiah

I like that name because my brother name

96 Cashius
97 Ivan

The Name Of A Thomas The Tank Engine Character.

Come on it's a swag Asian name :D

I believe it is Russian

Great russian name
It's also my name - Unharmless

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98 Percy

When I think of percy I think of brown hair and bright blue eyes

Percy is the name of an engine in Thomas & Friends. - FinnsWorld

The Name Of A Thomas The Tank Engine Character.


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99 Drew

Love this name

And no its NOT Andrew. - hy89045

I love this name its Justin biebers middle name


100 Henry

Henry is the name of an engine in Thomas & Friends. - FinnsWorld

It's an amazing name

The Name Of A Thomas The Tank Engine Character.

Henry Baker is of Cheaper by the Dozen

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